6 Interior Design Tips to Make Your Home Look Stylish

Interior Design Tips

Everyone wants a beautiful home that reflects its owners’ good taste and style. Well, that may prove a bit more difficult to achieve if you do not have the proper guidance. Follow our advice that will help you get the hang of the basic approach you should have when decorating your home.

1) Lay down a proper base

Before embarking on your interior designing journey, make sure you have the proper base laid out. This means that, like a painter, you should have a clear canvas before you, ready to take its base coat. Painters choose their first coat of paint based on what they are planning to paint. This means that you should at least have a general idea about what your room is going to look like, in order to choose the right flooring and wall colour. 

If you visualise the furniture pieces arranged around the room, it will be easier to choose the paint colour, or whether you want to have an accent wall, wallpaper, or even a mural. Of course, these things can come later, but just make sure that your flooring is right, like the shade of your bathroom tiles, since that is much more difficult to rectify later.

2) Pay attention to your furniture

Always think quality over quantity. Even with furniture, there are a lot of “fast fashion” manufacturers, and while their pieces may be cheaper, they also look like it. Some homes can take years before they are fully furnished, and many people make the mistake to panic-shop a lot of cheap pieces simply to get a sense of completion. But what happens is that they usually end up renovating within a few years, because the furniture becomes outdated, or even weathered. 

Our advice would be to invest in furniture that will shine on its own, that simply screams quality and uniqueness. Such furniture can be its own focal point, like a luxurious green velvet couch in the living room, or gorgeous solid-wood Amish dining chairs and tables in the dining room. The furniture makes the composition of your home, so choose carefully and take your time.

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3) Add statement pieces

Every room needs an eye-catcher. That special something to bring the whole room together and either set the colour scheme or even break the repetitiveness. This can be achieved by strategically accentuating certain parts of the room with intricate decor. You can add literal pieces of art to increase the value of your home. Think paintings to fill the empty walls, and add colour to the room, or even gorgeous floral arrangements (yes, even artificial ones). 

Additionally, area rugs can achieve the same effect and add warmth as well. There are luxurious silk rugs that are highly fashionable and hand-made, and their value just keeps increasing. Also, you can place unique sculptures from esteemed designers around your home and have them serve as conversation-starters at your next dinner party.

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4) Use different textures for an elegant effect

Many people tend to become so overwhelmed when it comes to choosing colour palettes for different rooms, that they forget the fact that you can mix and match different textures and tones of the same colour to add variety. The truth is, tone-on-tone does give a pleasant unity to the room, without making it seem cluttered. But it can also be monotonous, so mixing different textures and materials into the equation keeps it interesting. 

Mix leather with wool, sheepskin, or lots of different shades of wood and matching metal pieces. Two-toned or even monochrome interiors have become extremely popular, and with numerous materials available today, they are extremely simple to replicate, yet timelessly elegant.

5) Add lighting

Keep in mind that in order for your furniture and decor to shine, your home should be well-lit. Depending on the amount of natural light your home gets, you should think about chic and fashionable solutions to bring additional light into your rooms. 

A beautiful chandelier in the dining room, adjustable lights to set the right atmosphere, and a focus light here and there to enhance the beauty of a particular painting or sculpture. Do not forget that lamps can be their own works of art, so invest in good-quality ones, or maybe even get an antique for added pizazz. 

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6) Don’t forget comfort

At the end of the day, all the glitz and glamour is fine for flexing on your friends, but remember that this is still your home. You are supposed to be able to kick it back and enjoy a drink or a family meal with your loved ones and feel comfortable and cosy. Do not buy a couch you would not want to nap on.

Adding a bit of style to your home has never been so effortless until now. A few quality furniture pieces here, some statement pieces there and a rug to bring it all together, and you have yourself a solid base to build on. Remember, it took you years to develop a fashion sense, so it will take time to fully decorate your home.

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