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10+ Statement Earrings To Match All Your Festive Outfits

10+ Statement Earrings

It is so tough sometimes to plan your whole outfit. Isn’t it? Even if you select a charming outfit, it is a headache to find jewelry that goes with it. After all, an outfit without any jewelry looks pretty plain. If you are someone who doesn’t like wearing too much jewelry and believe in a minimalist approach, then it’s always best to wear just a pair of statement earrings. But how to find the right statement earrings that go with every outfit?

Don’t worry! With the availability of literally hundreds of design options available online, it is easier to find gorgeous statement earrings. You can shop for ravishing as well as affordable designs at any online jewelry store nowadays. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a list of elegant yet affordable statement earrings that you can easily find in online jewelry stores.  

10+ Best Hill Stations Near Delhi (Weekend Getaways)

Best Hill Stations Near Delhi Weekend Getaways

2020 has not been a very promising year for all of us. To think of it, we are tired of lockdowns and staying home. Plus we have been working from our homes like zombies, it is about time for us to get out and explore. So, what is a better place than Delhi, our capital? We often set out to look at the beautiful places in India, well this is the best time for our expeditions. 

And if you are looking forward to a place that is breathtakingly beautiful but located remotely and can match the wonders, then this informative blog post is for you. There are umpteen hill stations that you can visit near New Delhi on your long weekend holiday. These places will help you connect with yourself all over again, the bliss in the silence and the serenity in the air will make you feel alive yet again. So, let’s explore the best long weekend getaways through words first, and then you can plan out accordingly. 

Raiding (10 Celebrities) Wardrobe To Steal Style Cues

Raiding (10 Celebrities) Wardrobe

Raiding a celebrity wardrobe is a fun activity as well as known as a sign that someone has extraordinary dressing sense and outfits in his/her closet. There are many celebrities who have been inspiring fashion lovers with their panache. Let’s have a look at some of the best Indian and foreign celebrities, whose wardrobe is worth raiding or stealing. First, we'll start raiding Indian celebrities wardrobe then will move to Hollywood celebs. 

Best Hairstyles For Every Face Shape (2020 Guide)

Best Hairstyles For Every Face Shape (2020 Guide)

Ladies, your hair is the crown you never take off, so invest wisely in it. Many of you go to the salon, show your favorite celebrity’s picture to your hairdresser, and ask them to get you the exact haircut. After that, you wonder why you’re unable to get that supermodel vibe. Right? The reason might be that the hairstyle doesn’t suit your face cut.

No doubt that the only thing you need to have with any hairstyle is confidence. But there’s no harm in advising your face angles to make sure that the new hairstyle which you want suits you. So, instead of going with the trend, try choosing a haircut that fits well for your face shape. For that, you need to identify the shape of your face.

Hence, scroll down the blog, and learn the sage advice for the best hairstyles for different face shapes.

15+ Best TV Shows (Web Series) on Netflix To Binge Watch

Best TV Shows (Web Series) on Netflix

Streaming sites (OTT platforms) have become a new trend in today's world. You will find that most of the people are investing their leisure time in streaming movies and popular TV shows (web series). Among all the popular streaming sites, Netflix stands at the top.

Netflix is the treasure trove of some of the best movies and web series that you can get. Also, you will find this intriguing platform also caters to some of the best TV shows. Netflix has recently gone through an update, so if you are still left with the update, you can update the account information here.

If you love to watch movies in your leisure time then Netflix might be the best platform to do so. With one account you can operate it on several devices. That means even if you are out there traveling, you can use your smartphone to watch your favorite shows. However, if you don't have a Netflix subscription, you can still watch TV shows and movies by downloading for free from ╬╝Torrent. In this article, I have handpicked some of the best (addictive) Netflix TV shows and web series to binge-watch right now. 

How To Trim A Beard (6 Simple Steps) Best Grooming Tips

How To Trim A Beard (6 Simple Steps) Best Grooming Tips

If you are planning to get a perfect beard, you need to trim it. Whether you like to keep a long beard or a short one, you need to trim it to perfection. You cannot get a perfect looking beard unless you trim it properly and that too often. That is why it is important for you to have the best beard trimmer, to achieve a perfect look. Most of the people are in lockdown due to Covid-19 for a considerable period of time. It doesn’t seem like people will be able to go out on a regular basis anytime soon, so they try and experiment with their looks. 

Some people try to grow out their beard while others try to perfect their stubble beard at home using a trimmer. Even if you are growing your beard, you need to trim so that it grows in shape and doesn’t spread out unevenly. It is the best thing a person can do while staying at home and learning to trim can benefit in the future as well. You will surely be able to save a couple of bucks as you won’t have to visit the barbershop often. By religiously following our tips along with the top 5 essential fashion tips for men will make you look wonderful. 

Most of the time guys ignore facial hair grooming thinking that they need to let the beard grow completely first, but that is wrong. It is best to practice the DIY skills of trimming and add some style and class to it. DIY takes time to perfect and you need to have the right equipment for it to get the best results. It is similar to a girl styling her hair, which takes a long time and proper care. If you just want to maintain the beard, doing touch-ups is much easier compared to styling the beard. In order to keep the beard in particular, you need to trim it every couple of days. Keeping the facial hair in check will ensure that you feel confident and your personality oozes charisma. 

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to get a perfect beard using your DIY skills at home.