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Best Drink and Dine Combos For Your Wedding Day

Best Drink and Dine Combos For Your Wedding Day

Finally, you have found the right partner and everything is set for your ‘big day’ but one question remains – what to serve at the ceremony? The answer to this question depends on two factors – your budget and the tastes of your guests. The wide variety of choices makes it obvious to get into this dilemma. We shall deal with it here.

What makes a wedding event awesome is food and drinks, along with some interior decoration. So, serving drink and food combos is probably the best idea that you can consider to make your wedding a memorable, grand and satisfying event. A study concludes that the amount and kind of alcohol people consume largely depends on their age, marital status, and other such factors. Make sure you make proper research before going ahead. Before getting into the topic here are a few things that you should know about hosting wedding treats with a glass of Blackcraft.

Tackle Ageism with Style - 7 Unique Ways


Growing old is inevitable, and many people tend to lose their personality and focus because of their looks. But you should not become a defeatist simply because the society esteems youthfulness on top of the experience that comes with age. You can do all you can to avoid what people view or say about your aging.

In this post, you will learn how to defeat ageism without a physical fight or lawsuit. It all revolves around your personality. What you do for yourself defines how you will tackle this issue of ageism with style. The benefits include better moods and psychological stability and much more.

How To Wear Jewelry That Complements Your Everyday Outfits?

How To Wear Jewelry That Complements Your Everyday Outfits

The Jewelry adds a happy and good vibe to your whole look. So many varieties in clothes usually tend to create confusion while deciding the most suitable jewelry. When we talk about the Everyday outfits, the person should always go for the minimalism and sophistication. And if you have to wear jewelry every day, then it becomes hard to change it daily. So pick up some light weighted and sober jewelry pieces and add positivity to your look. Also, it doesn’t mean that you have to wear some unsuited jewelry with any outfit, so in that case simply mix and match accordingly.

Low Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Cause Cavities for Kids


For every woman, pregnancy is an important phase that requires special care and attention to the ladies expecting a child. The care includes the intake of food rich in nutrients. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is important for the health of the mother and her baby. Mothers take all the necessary precaution to make sure that their child is healthy. Deficiency of any nutrient can affect your baby in several ways. One such deficiency is the deficiency of Vitamin D. 

As per a new study in Canada, low vitamin levels during pregnancy can cause a higher risk of cavities in the teeth of their kids. Similarly, earlier studies have also linked vitamin D deficiency in mothers with defects in the enamel of their kids’ teeth. And we know how such defects can have a higher risk of tooth decay over time. Clearly, researches show a link between lack of vitamin D and risk of cavities which can’t be ignored. 

5 Celebrities Who Wore Corset Dresses and Looked Stunning

Corset Dresses for girls worn by celebs

Fashion is an ever-changing dynamic. New trends replace old ones and old ones get recreated every day. A style of any century is accepted by fashion critics if it is pulled off in the right way. One such retro craze that is back in vogue again is the corset.

The tradition of manufacturing and wearing corsets began in the mid-nineteenth century during the reign of Queen Victoria. Advertising campaigns in Britain and the USA further popularised the fad making it a part of the attire of different classes of women. This tight, restrictive item of clothing reflected on the societal expectations from women of that period as they were supposed to view life as strict, orthodox and rigid like the corset itself. The body-hugging lingerie style garment also served the ulterior purpose of reducing women's waist sizes, often to numbers that were harmful to their health.

The age-old trend made its way back into the fashion market when designer Vivienne Westwood reinvented the corset in the 1970s. She revisioned the conventional corsets by flattening them out and raising the bosom, thus adding an innovative touch of glamor and power. Today corsets are loved and adorned by celebs for their sex appeal and the way they compliment every body type. Further, the unique style flatters the waistline giving it a curvy and hourglass shape. Now let us look at some of the most famous corset dresses worn by women in the fashion world that left endless jaws dropping and countless cameras flashing.

Tips To Choose Skincare Products That Won't Damage Your Skin and Budget

Tips To Choose Skincare Products

It’s not the hype surrounding a product that should decide whether you buy it or not. While they may be recommended by your favorite influencers and makeup artists, there’s a lot of marketing involved in why they have suddenly become the talk of the town. You might not be getting unbiased opinions, and your skin suffers if you chose a product that doesn’t work for your particular skin type.