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5 Evergreen Fashion Trends That Are Worth Your Money

Evergreen Fashion Trends

Fashion is important whether we accept this or not. It is unnecessary to spend a fortune on every new style, but ensuring you’re moving with the fashion world has its perks. If you belong from a country such as South Korea, knowing fashion trends and integrating them in your life will get you your desirable employment. However, this is not the case everywhere – being fashionable or trendy, boosts your confidence, and that is what fashion is all about.

Coupon and discount codes play an important role in upgrading your wardrobe as it ensures you can buy more in less, as numerous labels offer discounts on collections for off and on seasons. If you really want to know what is fashion, it is about individuality and not obeying what is believed to be 'trendy' or 'fashionable'. It has the ability to bring around a diverse group of people together to enjoy their uniqueness. Furthermore, fashion is all about being comfortable in your skin, to wear what you adore and shine through that outfit!

Handmade Bag Trends for 2020: Spring Collection

Handmade Bag Trends for 2020

The spring days are knocking on your door. Are you feeling the excitement to reinvent your wardrobe? Well! My fashionista ladies are surely gearing up for an excellent adventure to the sea beaches adorning the best spring attires. What should be the best handbags you can carry and pair with your spring attire? This is the era of handmade bags to add to your collection and dress like a diva. Let us find out the top trends of handmade bags for spring 2020.

Little Known Benefits of Matcha Green Tea for Skin

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea for Skin

When you think of matcha, the first thing that comes to mind is the tasty green tea that has taken the world by storm because of its health benefits. It works wonders in boosting your metabolism and an ideal solution to make you feel energetic when you feel midday slump. However, its benefits far transcend your gut! You can use this potent organic mix for your skincare too.

In this article, we will learn all there is to know about matcha green tea and why you must include it in your everyday beauty routine.

How To Get Salon-like Hair At Home (VIDEO)

How To Get Salon-like Hair At Home

When you splurge big bucks at your salon, you are likely to get bouncy and radiant hair. Also, it's definitely an added advantage that you do not have to wash or run a comb through your tresses for a few days or weeks afterward because the expert has magically left your mane in a flawless condition. But there is no reason you should fear washing your tresses again and risking all the perfection to fade away just like that. Hairstylists are highly trained, but they still are no fairy godmothers (or fathers). What it means is that you can still do all of the things that they can all by yourself, right at your own home and re-create the beautiful, salon-worthy locks without shelling out that hard-earned cash. Amazing isn't that? Once you walk through all the tips given below, don't forget to watch the VIDEO available at the end of the post.

How To Do Makeup In Under 10 Minutes (VIDEO)

How To Do Makeup In Under 10 Minutes

Not every woman is blessed with some extra time early in the morning. Unfortunately, plenty of us run on coffee & dry shampoo, and we don't have time to make ourselves look like an Instagram baddie. On the other hand, not that many women crave that sculpted and attention-seeking look. Either way, if you are looking for just the right in-between option which will make you look presentable, you've come to the right place! Here is how to do your makeup in under 10 minutes. Also, don't forget to watch the VIDEO available at the end of this amazing post.

What are Western dresses? Latest Western Trends to Follow


With the advent of social media, it’s getting easier and easier for Indian women to keep themselves updated with the latest fashion trends in fashion and choose the type of dresses they like to wear. Whether it is following the new and popular fashion trend influencers on Instagram, or checking out their favorite celebrity’s designer outfits, staying on top of the fashion game has never been easier! Every outing is an occasion for a new snap-on Snapchat, a new display picture or an interesting social media story. You never know when the next brunch or party or travel story becomes a hit online, so it is important to stay ahead of the fashion police and look your best at all times! Thus a myriad of popular fashion bloggers, fashion pages, and trend-setters have set the path for fashion-conscious women to document their hits and misses online.

This has led to an amazing amalgamation of the Indian and Western fashion trend i.e. Indo-western wear that appeals to the contemporary Indian woman. As our taste in western fashion trend has peaked, so have the options for types of western dresses in the market. From palazzos to off-shoulder tops, if you’re a top western brand in India, chances are that you are stocked with these type of dresses.

Unlike traditional Indian wear like cotton kurtis, which is known for its extravagance, western dresses are the type of dresses that have a more moderate and modern appearance with its sharp cuts and edgy appeal. Western dress wear has always been associated more with working women as it is seen as a practical and efficient style of dressing.  Luckily though, this distinction between the type of dresses has receded as more and more women are embracing western dress wear into their wardrobes. It has also birthed a hybrid dressing style with Indo-western wear at its center, like Kaftan and cape dresses.

Although most corporate dressing codes forbid women from wearing any types of western dresses other than formal suits and skirts, few companies are heralding a new age of informal workwear that encourages women to adopt a more comfortable and trendy attire. At such times, a western dress design like culottes and formal shirts help combine comfort with fashion. Similarly, the new type of dresses for young girls have blossomed like modern western dress wear. Cute maxi gowns, floral bow dresses or denim dungarees are all new adorable little girls western wear trends for kids.

Every changing season brings a new trend into the market for Indian, western or Indo-western wear, so let us take a look at the best western wear trends riding the wave of admiration of fashion-lovers.