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Pillow Challenge – Have You Tried the Latest Quarantine Look Yet?

Pillow Challenge Latest Quarantine Look

When stay-at-home orders first entered into force, the initial days were spend in apprehending about the future and contemplating the next few phases of uncertainty. 

But let’s face the truth, this lockdown has provided us with the much-needed break from the daily humdrum (especially for those, like me, who are fastened to a demanding corporate job!). With the absence of domestic help, doing the household chores has become inevitable. While some people are finding this never-ending lockdown exhausting, but for others, stay-at-home has certainly turned them to a trendsetter!

Ok. So, you’ve cleaned all your closets, mastered the art of making Dalgona coffee and banana bread, tried the various TikTok workout and dance challenges and there’s nothing more to do. What’s next? Wear a pillow as a dress! The Pillow Challenge is the new fashion trend that is creating waves on social media. The question is, should you choose to accept it? Well, you should because thousands of people are trying this out and trust me, this is way more fun! But first, let’s explore what is this latest fashion trend all about and how it came into play. Ready? Let’s dive in! 

5 Ways To Get The Perfect Sun-kissed Skin

5 Ways To Get The Perfect Sun-kissed Skin

It is always a blessing to wake up to a healthy, beautiful, and clear skin regardless of the weather. A sun-kissed look makes the skin appear even-toned and lustrous, which encourages the latest fashion trend, the "no-makeup look." For some people, the sun-kissed look comes naturally because of their glowy and dusky complexion. In contrast, for others, a tanned look comes from spending hours taking a sunbath or by strategically using cosmetics. No matter how enticing it may sound, sitting under the sun for hours or spending hours inside a tanning bed to get exposed to harmful radiation, is not healthy. 

Therefore, we have curated five simple ways to get the perfect sun-kissed skin without compromising your health and wellness.

How to Design Amazing Bedroom for Kids

Design an Amazing Bedroom for Kids

As a parent, you might not think much about the décor of the children’s room but just remember the time you were a child. The room is an entire cosmos for a kid, so everything from the color of the walls to the furniture needs to stimulate the child’s creative side. 

If you design the nursery with the utmost care, then you should make the effort to beautify the children’s room as they grow up. If you apply the following 7 interior design tips, you will create an amazing bedroom for your kids that they’ll spend hours playing in.

5 Budget Makeup Products Every Girl Needs

Budget Makeup Products For Girls

Ladies, if you’re a beauty junkie who at times feels intimidating when it comes to buying makeup products online, you’ve come to the right place. With the plethora of beauty products available in the market, finding the best faces products on a budget can be a nightmare. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We’ve curated a list of top makeup products that every girl should have in her kit. So, let’s look at them without further delay:- 

5 Little-Known Benefits of Regular Exercise

Benefits of Regular Exercise

The internet is awash with thousands of scientific reviews, studies, and publications stressing the significance of regular exercise. Indeed, there are numerous benefits that you can enjoy from having a regular exercise plan. 

Regardless of your age, lifestyle habits, or the nature of your work, incorporating a robust workout plan into your life is one of the best health decisions you’ll ever make. In this post, we shall explore the five top benefits of regular exercise.

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A Guide to the Best Everyday Makeup Routine You Need

A Guide to the Best Everyday Makeup Routine You Need

Women carry piles of makeup products in their bag. However, it is not possible to utilize each one of them regularly. During the busy mornings, you hardly get time to win the diva look you want. Life is a roller coaster nowadays, and working ladies know the difficulty of maintaining their elegant ensemble with work.

Therefore, look through some of the best tips and find how to set your everyday makeup routine correctly. All you need to do is get basic cosmetics from your favorite brand. You can prefer the Beauty Flash voucher codes and stick to high quality beautifying essentials effortlessly.