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5 Ways You Can Lose US Permanent Resident Status

How can I lose my permanent resident status?

Permanent resident status gives an individual the right to live in America for the foreseeable future. Often referred to as green card holders, these individuals must abide by certain requirements to maintain their status. If they engage in certain behaviors, they face deportation and the loss of their permanent resident status. What are some ways a person can lose this status? 

What Makes Japanese Appear Young? Discover 7 Secrets Behind Their Looks

There’s no denying that Japanese women are renowned for looking amazingly young, toned, and beautiful, even in their old age. While we’re given new products to have access to, it may be worth thinking about how these Japanese women can keep themselves looking so young, and perhaps we’re able to learn something from them.

With this in mind, today, we’re going to explore seven daily habits that give you visibly younger-looking skin with ease.

Best Things to Do in Abu Dhabi in 2022

top things to see and do in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital city and largest emirate of the UAE, offers a treasure trove of charming experiences. Although it has a subdued aura, its perseverance to surpass its neighboring emirate Dubai's splendor has resulted in the creation of some jaw-dropping architectural marvels and extravagant recreational experiences. These landmarks and attractions have brought Abu Dhabi's name to the same level as Dubai's attractions. The triumph echoes clearly when Abu Dhabi and Dubai are mentioned specifically when you think about a UAE holiday. Here are some things to see and do in Abu Dhabi in 2022 that you should incorporate into your Abu Dhabi holiday for a splendid experience in this wonderful emirate. 

How to Build Body for a Bodybuilding Competition

bodybuilding tips for competition

A physique or bodybuilding competition is a thrilling experience, and you can find various physique competition prep tips online on how you would build mass muscles and increase your strength. You need to keep your body fat in a range, and you must start your physique competition prep two to three months before the main competition day. 

There are different types of diet plans that you need to follow for your physique competition prep, and here you can find some essential diet plans and bodybuilding tips for your competition: 

Hat Styling Tips 2022: Add Spunk to Your Personality

How do you make hats look good on you?

With multiple categories of hats available in the market, it’s often overwhelming to select the one that goes with your personality. When you see your favorite fashion influencer or celebrity wearing different hats, you may be wondering whether you can create the same effect with your selection of hats? Believe it or not, it is possible. You can wear medium-priced hats and create a similar effect only with confidence. You can complement your outfit with elegant-looking hats that will make you different in the crowd. You will have to consider various options in terms of style and color if you want to create a stylish look in 2022.

One critical area that you will have to look into is your head size. Apart from the head size, the face shape also makes a difference. People with an oval shape, round shape, and long shape faces have different options before them. For example, individuals with long faces will have to go for wide-brimmed hats to cut across the forehead and create an impression of a shorter look. Hence, you can go for fedora hats but not beanies.

On the other hand, your head size also makes a huge difference. You must go for Panama hats, fedora hats, and newsboy caps if you have a big head. Wide-brimmed hats are the best for big heads. While considering hats for big heads, you will have to go with wide-brimmed, lightweight, and breathable hats that create a mysterious look. 

Winter Wardrobe Essentials for 2022 (9 Staples)

Winter Wardrobe Essentials Staples 2022

With the Winter fast approaching, it's time to up your wardrobe game with these simple essentials! From warm layers to stylish elements, this list contains the perfect combination of staying toasty with looking amazing. Plus, the great thing about all of these choices is that there are items out there to suit any budget. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s upgrade your winter wardrobe in 2022 with these essentials!