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3 Pool Party Outfit Ideas to Splash

Pool Party Outfit Ideas

Summers are around the corner and what better way to celebrate the summer spirit than an enthusiastic and booze-filled pool party! Sitting on the poolside bench while relishing a fruity drink and soaking in the sun’s rays seem like paradise on earth with your gang. The biggest question when preparing for any party remains constant, that is, what do you wear? Fret no more! Read on for some tips and outfits which will definitely add more class to your summer wardrobe.

Remember that a pool party does not only require you to be in your best swimwear, but you’re expected to have complementing spares and extras. A floaty caftan, cute flat sandals, and signature sunglasses make for a strong fashion statement. Here are 3 stylish outfit ideas that will make you want to head out to the pool with your gals immediately.

Latest Fashion Tips For Women

Latest Fashion Tips For Women

The fashion industry has left women spoilt for choice. From fancy sari to frocks and gowns, there are several options for women. For every occasion, there are various options for men and women; however, variety in the women’s section is increasingly at a rapid speed.

With the advent of e-commerce, it has become simpler than ever to purchase long frocks for girls or stylish tops for women. Everything can be bought from the comfort of your home. In fact, today’s e-commerce retailers allow easy exchange and return; luring more customers to shop for clothes online.

Social media has brought world fashion on our fingertips. Today, most women rely on Instagram, Pinterest, and other social platforms to get fashion inspiration and trends. Fashion is the third-most followed category on Instagram by followers worldwide. In a survey, it was found that 60% of respondents discover new fashion products through Instagram and 70% of them are likely to purchase through mobile. Looking at this trend, Instagram even changed their application, and added a Shop Now feature.

7 Fun Travel Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Fun Travel-inspired Home Decor Ideas

Traveling the world is one thing, but collecting tangible memories is another. You can capture your personality as a travel enthusiast through your home's decor using souvenirs you've collected or available travel-inspired accessories. There are numerous ways to incorporate travel-themed decor pieces, whether you’ve traveled the world or not. Below are 7 simple ideas to consider;

10 Engagement Rings Designs You'll Want To Wear Forever

Engagement Rings Designs Ideas For 2019 2020

Are you looking for a proposal soon or to purchase an engagement ring? You have found your partner to spend the rest of your life with. So, this guide helps you to buy one and the most magical ring for your perfect engagement. What you need to know to purchase, and how to find the perfect ring.

Before you head out to the Jewellery store to buy an engagement ring, you should know that you have the best choice in mind. A decision like this can be overwhelming, especially when you feel lost in all options. You always desire that the ring you choose, your future spouse should love it forever. It needs to be something timeless that will be stylish years. We have a collection of hottest engagement ring trends, all timeless pieces.

Best Drink and Dine Combos For Your Wedding Day

Best Drink and Dine Combos For Your Wedding Day

Finally, you have found the right partner and everything is set for your ‘big day’ but one question remains – what to serve at the ceremony? The answer to this question depends on two factors – your budget and the tastes of your guests. The wide variety of choices makes it obvious to get into this dilemma. We shall deal with it here.

What makes a wedding event awesome is food and drinks, along with some interior decoration. So, serving drink and food combos is probably the best idea that you can consider to make your wedding a memorable, grand and satisfying event. A study concludes that the amount and kind of alcohol people consume largely depends on their age, marital status, and other such factors. Make sure you make proper research before going ahead. Before getting into the topic here are a few things that you should know about hosting wedding treats with a glass of Blackcraft.

Tackle Ageism with Style - 7 Unique Ways


Growing old is inevitable, and many people tend to lose their personality and focus because of their looks. But you should not become a defeatist simply because the society esteems youthfulness on top of the experience that comes with age. You can do all you can to avoid what people view or say about your aging.

In this post, you will learn how to defeat ageism without a physical fight or lawsuit. It all revolves around your personality. What you do for yourself defines how you will tackle this issue of ageism with style. The benefits include better moods and psychological stability and much more.