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The Hottest Celebrity Jewelry Brands and Trends

Celebrity Jewelry Brands and Trends

When you see them strutting down the red carpet, posing for the camera, and on those magazine covers, all you see is the personification of luxury and wealth. Our favorite famous divas are known for their taste in fashion, and all of them have a uniquely developed style you could recognize from miles away. One key ingredient that adds to that authenticity of their self-expression is their choice of baubles. However, you’d expect them to wear nothing but pure precious metals, gems, and pearls, right?

Wrong! Well, to an extent, at least. They do adorn their lovely necks, ears, hair, and fingers with priceless items we could only dream of, but they also cherish some of the more affordable brands all of us, mere mortals, can actually add to our own collections. Here are a few to keep your eye on and enrich your own bauble box with celeb-approved jewelry for those special nights out!

How To Create A Spa-Like Experience at Home (DIY Tips)

Create the Perfect Spa experience at Home

Although self-care plays a crucial part in people’s overall health and wellbeing, it often gets neglected. It’s easy for life to get in the way of your personal time but it’s your job to make sure you put aside time for self-care. Believe it or not, you don’t always have to spend a large amount of money when you decide to pamper yourself.

Going to the spa can cost you anywhere from a hundred dollars or more. Why do that when creating the spa experience inside your own home can be just as fun as going and paying for the real thing. With some small additions, your ordinary household items can turn into luxurious spa essentials.

7 Finger Ring Combinations That Will Make You Look Great

Finger Ring Combinations

You might often hear the phrase, less is more. However, whoever coined this phrase has never set eyes on the beautiful and masterful ring stackers. If you love being bold and you are interested in making your fingers look heavy and beautiful, it is a must that you consider stacking several finger rings. When you stack finger rings, you are not only going to look but also feel like a boss. Given below is a list of the things that you need to consider when you are stacking your finger rings.

Here's How You Can Enrich Your Interior With Artificial Flowers

Enrich Your Interior With Artificial Flowers

Florals, whether they are natural or artificial, brings soothing and refreshing vibes to our homes. Home decked up with artificial flowers not only enrich the interiors but also makes us feel good. A special festive occasion or just another normal day, these small nuggets are secret of decorating and modernizing the place in an enriching way.

When we peep into the benefits of using faux blossoms, there are many to talk about. In this article, we will have a glimpse at how to enrich the interior design using silk flowers. This is one of the most budget-friendly and zero-maintenance tricks to upscale your property.

Best Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her for Christmas 2019

Jewellery Gift Ideas for Her for Christmas

Christmas is around the corner, if you are planning to gift her something, then it’s the perfect occasion. As when it comes to memorable gifts, festivals like Christmas is perfect to make her feel special. There is no better time to make your loved ones happy and loved by giving them special gifts. But the question is what to give? Especially when it comes to women, it’s a bit difficult to select gifts for them. As there so many options available is natural you will get confused. Don’t worry, we’ll make it simple for you.

When it comes to gifting women then nothing can be better than Jewelry. No women have ever said they have enough jewelry piece, there is always a place for more. Jewelry has always been an eternal love for women. Giving jewelry is a very thoughtful way to make her feel special. There are a variety of accessories, styles, and designs available in jewelry to adorn her. From Engagement Rings, Earrings to beautiful pendants and bracelets. To make your shopping easier we have gathered the latest trendsetter jewelry pieces for your mother, wife, daughter or girlfriend. Below we have listed some creative suggestion for you, please have a look.

Best Party Wear Dresses To Check Out This Season

Best Party Wear Dresses

Going out for a party tonight? Then it is quite natural to be lost in the myriad of options for that perfect party dress. When you opt for the best party wear dresses online shopping in India, you will realize the variety that abounds. But can you wear every outfit on every occasion? Well, bringing on the best look at parties is not dependent on your dress alone. Your body shape and accessories also come into play. So, it can be overwhelming to tackle all choices by yourself. Here is a narrowed down list of the best party wear dresses to try.