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Hat Styling Tips 2021: Add Spunk To Your Personality

How do you make hats look good on you?

With multiple categories of hats available in the market, it’s often overwhelming to select the one that goes with your personality. When you see your favorite fashion influencer or celebrity wearing different hats, you may be wondering whether you can create the same effect with your selection of hats? Believe it or not, it is possible. You can wear medium-priced hats and create a similar effect only with confidence. You can complement your outfit with elegant-looking hats that will make you different in the crowd. You will have to consider various options in terms of style and color if you want to create a stylish look in 2021.

One critical area that you will have to look into is your head size. Apart from the head size, the face shape also makes a difference. People with an oval shape, round shape, and long shape faces have different options before them. For example, individuals with long faces will have to go for wide-brimmed hats to cut across the forehead and create an impression of a shorter look. Hence, you can go for fedora hats but not beanies.

On the other hand, your head size also makes a huge difference. You must go for Panama hats, fedora hats, and newsboy caps if you have a big head. Wide-brimmed hats are the best for big heads. While considering hats for big heads, you will have to go with wide-brimmed, lightweight, and breathable hats that create a mysterious look. 

Winter Wardrobe Essentials for 2021 (9 Staples)

Winter Wardrobe Essentials Staples 2021

With the Winter fast approaching, it's time to up your wardrobe game with these simple essentials! From warm layers to stylish elements, this list contains the perfect combination of staying toasty with looking amazing. Plus, the great thing about all of these choices is that there are items out there to suit any budget. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s upgrade your winter wardrobe with these essentials! 

How To Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly - 8 Ideas

How can I make my wedding environmentally friendly?

Your wedding is going to be one of the happiest days of your life, but sadly, often that comes at the expense of the environment. Weddings produce a huge amount of waste in all areas, so we should all be responsible for making choices that are more considerate of the planet. Here we have 8 simple ways that you can make your wedding more eco-friendly! 

Best Reasons to Consider Getting a Flexible Job

What are good reasons for flexible working?

While getting a flexible job seemed like it was something that was impossible just a few short years ago, it now appears to be the case that a greater and greater percentage of people are considering getting one for themselves. There are plenty of different industries that now offer a greater level of control for yourself when it comes to setting your own hours etc. So, if you are thinking about getting a job with a higher level of flexibility yourself, here are a few of the main advantages you should consider.

How to Use Amla to Strengthen Hair

Using Amla for hair

Indian Gooseberry, also called Amla Berry, Amla, and Amalaki is one of the most significant medicinal plants in Indian traditional medicine. It is a rich source of Vitamin E, a nutrient that has been proven to preserve the protective lipid layer and provide your hair a strong base to grow by reducing oxidative stress resulting in promoting hair growth. It also contains Vitamin C, iron, antioxidants, and vital fatty acids, which help to strengthen the hair. You can use Amla to address just about any hair condition you can think of.

Applying Amla oil, such as Mamaearth bhringraj hair oil that comes enriched with Amla, can help prevent premature greying by stimulating melanin synthesis and restoring your hair's natural color. Juicy Chemistry also offers shampoo bars infused with Amla Extract to improve the health of your scalp.

To fully benefit from all that Amla has to offer, the first step is to understand the signs of weak hair and learn how to manage them. Hair that is excessively thin, frizzy, lacks shine, and is easily tangled is also an indication of weakened hair. Here’s a look at the various ways Amla can be used to overcome these signs of weak hair and restore strength and vitality to your luscious locks. 

8 Biggest Bathroom Blunders to Avoid in 2021

common bathroom mistakes to avoid

The bathroom is one of the most underrated rooms in any household. We unknowingly spend up to 92 days of our lifetime on toilet seats. Also, the average person will start and finish their day in a bathroom. 

Whether you are building your house or renovating your old bathroom there are certain things to consider. These vary from seemingly obvious stuff to some complex things that need to be researched. 

However, it is crucial to remember that it is costly and tiring to rebuild a bathroom. Therefore, one should be keen on doing it right. Things that you should avoid when constructing your bathroom are: