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The Ultimate Guide on Anklet Etiquettes

Anklet Guide

Anklets, often referred to as ankle bracelets, remain popular with women today. Women, and some men, wear them during the summer months when their legs are bare and the anklet can easily be seen. They love how they look and enjoy drawing attention to this part of the body. People wear the anklet with traditional clothing or casual wear, depending on the outfit and their mood.  However, certain things need to be avoided when a person is wearing an ankle bracelet. 

How To Make Your Thin Hair Look 3x Thicker (7 Tricks)

How To Make Your Thin Hair Look Thicker

Thick, bouncy, and luscious hair appear to live up to the term “crowning glory,” but not everyone is privileged to have this glory. Some people are born with thin hair, and there’s not much they can do about it. In addition, as people grow old, their bodies change, which includes the thinning of hair. 

Thin hair appears flat and limp without proper care and styling. Fine hair is also more prone to damage and breakage. People with thin hair have to be careful when using heated equipment because of their delicate hair. Because of this, they doubt or opt not to rely heavily on hair products, as they can cause damage. 

All these are part of biology and life. But that doesn’t mean people with thin hair have to live with flat and limp hair. Here are seven hair care tips to add volume to hair to make it appear three times thicker:

Winter Outfit Ideas 2021 - Up Your Fashion Game

What should I wear for winter 2021?

So, the winter season is coming. 

Well, cheers to that! Not only is winter an enjoyable season, but it also comes with a chance to style up your winter outfit! 

Most people find it challenging to develop an outfit that makes them look nice in the winter. Although it is essential to protect yourself against the cold weather, it is also necessary to keep up with fashion. 

Having said that, we have decided to bring forth some excellent fashion tips you can follow to rock your winter outfits in 2021! 

What To Wear For a Maternity Photo Shoot In 2021

What should I wear for a maternity photo shoot?

We all know that as blissful as pregnancy is, it can be equally hard too. And an expecting mother goes through all kinds of emotional swings throughout this period. At the same time, it is also a phase when a lady becomes the creator of a new life, carrying it within her body.

Pregnancy brings both physical and emotional transformation to the woman. Inevitably, she’d want to capture the moments and cherish them for a lifetime and more. In the modern world, a maternity photoshoot is the best way to capture these precious moments of life. 

Over the years, maternity photoshoots have progressed from taking informal images at homes to going out and having them photographed in a studio. Either way, the challenge that every expecting mother faces is, “what to wear for a maternity photoshoot?”

Choosing the correct outfit for an occasion has always been a tough choice especially when it’s about pregnancy shoots. And this further complicates the decisions to be made. At the same time, it is also important that the mother feels comfortable in whatever she chooses to wear throughout the shoot. 

In this article, we will share a few tips and suggestions for outfits for maternity photoshoots in 2021. 

Perfume Buying Guide To Choose The Best Cologne

Beginner Perfume Buying Guide

Perfume has an ancient history, dating back to the Egyptians. They even invented the first perfume bottles in 1000 BC. It enjoyed a popularity boom in 16th-century France, and it's been with us ever since. Yet there are so many available fragrances that it can seem daunting to choose a new one. Read on to our beginner's buying guide if you're about to go perfume shopping!

10+ Bohemian Style Women Outfit Ideas For 2021

boho style outfit ideas

As time passes, more and more people are embracing the bohemian style as part of their wardrobe. Boho style is not only unique and chic but also keeps your style statement on point. Boho outerwear is the perfect styling opportunity for those who want the liberty of adding their own personal touches to their fashion. Listed below are 10+ bohemian outfit ideas for you to draw inspiration from: