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Less is More – 5 Décor Pieces For Your Minimal Home

5 Décor Pieces for Your Minimal Home

Envision a home that’s flooded with natural light, heartfully curated with statement furniture and sprinkled with minimalist accessories here and there. Did your heart skip a beat? Do you desire of having a home that’s high on the minimalist side and away from being labeled as cluttered? You will be delighted to know that there is an entire philosophy called neuroarchitecture devoted to brain-boosting design.

“Less is more” is a concept that’s gaining momentum in the home décor circuit. And why not? Science says that those who live in a decluttered space have increased productivity and decreased stress levels.

Let’s make your home a minimalist sanctuary with these five décor pieces that spell class and exude sophistication.

Little-Known Benefits Of Wine For Skin and Heart

Benefits Of Wine For Skin and Heart

When it comes to the selection of a drink that helps us de-stress from our daily hectic life, wine finds itself at the forefront. You may come back home tired after work, there may be an occasion or a get-together planned. For these instances and many more, the wine becomes a go-to drink. Although it already has a great taste and an innate ability to provide calmness, little is it known that wine has a wide number of health benefits. Let us discuss these in detail further in the article.

5 Beverages In Trend For Health Conscious People

5 Beverages in Trend for Health-Conscious Consumers

The last half-decade has seen a constant rise in health awareness among people. With obesity-related diseases like diabetes and other health complications on the rise, there has been a drastic change in the trends of the beverage industry. Nowadays consumers are opting for drinks which are low in sugar content, rich in nutrients, and have added benefits to their consumption. These are popularly known as functional beverages. However, sports beverages and energy drinks remain popular among athletes and sportspersons despite their high sugar content.

Until 2014,  most ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages were available in the form of sweetened carbonated drinks, sweetened juices, etc. which, to this day, use fructose syrup as their base ingredient during their manufacturing process. According to the nutrition label on a can of Coca-Cola, a serving of 100 ml of the beverage has about 11 grams of added sugar. This constitutes almost one-third of your daily added sugar consumption limit. So if you have a can of Coca-Cola during the day (which, by the way, is a whole of 330 ml), you cannot have any food item which contains sugar in it, be it fruits or that bowl of ice-cream you rightfully earned after a grueling session at the gym.

However, with the gradual rise of health awareness among the global population, a ton of alternatives to sugary RTDs have hit the shelves as a response to this phenomenon. Here are 5 beverages that will soothe your taste buds and ensure you don't throw your health goals out of the window.

7 Ways Crossword Puzzle Can Help In Relieving Stress

Crossword Puzzle Can Help In Relieving Stress

The busy modern life of humans has evolved so much in a negative way that people barely make time to look after their health. From indulging into unhealthy habits to getting stressed over millions of things, our actions are making us waste away our precious present. We, humans, have created a hectic lifestyle for ourselves in a way that is now, leading us to a toxic future too. Although many things are affecting our physical and mental being, still one of them remains at the top of this league, STRESS!

Stress is the biggest threat to mankind now, which has its claws over the people despite their age and occupation. It may seem insignificant to other serious ailments, but it is the root cause of those major disorders.

Amid many such methods resides the easiest one which has been your partner and eases your mind for a very long time, a crossword puzzle. Studies have proved it to be one of the finest and easiest ways to prevent stress and related disorders. Here are 7 ways through which crossword puzzles can help you relieve stress.

#1 Strengthens your brain

Brain games are prominently known as brain boosters. Crossword, being the king of brain games strengthens your mind lessening the chance of you, getting stressed over small or huge things. You can feel the surge of confidence and relaxation after solving a crossword puzzle. The easy game is also known to improve your memory robustly. Small kids are suggested to play brain-boosting games such as that of crosswords and Sudoku to improve their memory. People who actively participate in playing games such as crosswords are prone to have a sharper brain in comparison to the people who restrain themselves from brain games.

#2 Keeps stress at bay

As much as crosswords boost your confidence, it helps you to relax. Proper relaxation is important to keep stress levels at bay. Involve yourself more at solving these puzzles when you feel down or stressed. Overcoming intellectual challenges relaxes your mind by shifting attention from the cause of your stress to the crossword trivia. Try it once and feel the difference instantly.

#3 A distraction from stress-related anxiety

An overthinking mind is a home to anxiety. People tend to go over and over their troubles in their mind losing their rationality and understanding of how much adverse effect it can have on their health. Crosswords, in simple words, distract people from their troubles and negative thoughts, leaving them fresh and stress-free. A person supposedly getting involved in brain strengthening activities will manage to dodge the thoughts that are making them anxious, while unoccupied people will think their problems through and get irrelevantly anxious.

#4 Lowers the effect of stress-causing mental illness

Do you know stress is one of the root causes of major mental ailments such as severe depression, schizophrenia and anxiety disorders? It is our necessity to keep an eye on the prevention of such extreme health conditions. Crosswords might not fully benefit, but they help a lot in preventing the root cause of it that is stress. Fortunately, experts have found crosswords to be preventing mental disorders such as Dementia and Alzheimer's too.

#5 Increases your work efficiency

Solving crosswords have a profound effect on your mental health. A quick game of crossword can leave you feeling happy and energetic, which is enough to trigger your work efficiency. We all know that brain booster puzzles demand unwavering attention. Solving a simple trivia will efficiently help your mind to enhance its concentration power. Improved problem-solving ability and the boost of confidence is all one needs to put all their focus into their work. So do not forget to carry a copy of crossword trivia to your office.

#6 Growth in productivity and creativity

Solving crossword puzzles over and over boosts your mind and at the same time, it also has the ability to increase your creativity. Crosswords are known to strengthen your vocabulary, and problem-solving abilities but the hidden fact about it is that it can teach you new facts every day. Crossword relieves stress, increases your confidence and trains regarding new stuff, which results in increasing your productivity and participation in creative aspects. Allow a game of crossword to trigger your creativity and let you enjoy the bliss of productivity.

#7 Improves mood

Winning challenges make you happy, correct? Then challenge yourself for a game of crossword and improve your mood. A scintillating game of efficiency will result in only the increase in your various capabilities. Winning a game of crosswords can leave you with a feeling of satisfaction and success. This resultant optimism is the key to your proficiency in professional life. So make yourself happy with a little game of crossword in our free time.

It is safe to say that good health and stress-free life is just a puzzle away. Involve yourself more in crosswords and brain games to encourage as well as motivate yourself with the time. It is the best stress-relieving medicine that you can provide to yourself with just a little effort. So set back comfortably and pick up your crossword puzzle to solve it with full efficiency. Also, don't forget to keep your hands on the universal clue lists, you might need a clue or two to get your way easily through extra tricky crosswords!

Top Secrets To Find The Right Jewelry For Your Dress

How To Find The Right Jewelry For Your Dress

Jewelry and gemstones are a universal form of adornment dating from prehistoric times. Jewelry made from stones, bones, and shells has been around for as long as humankind existence. Unlike today, jewelry was a sign of status in the by-gone ages and although made for entirely different reasons and in very different ways, there is no denying that jewelry has always been part of humankind.

Many types of jewelry such as buckles and brooches originated as functional items but evolved into decorative items as their functional role diminished. The Celtic cross popularly used as an accessory today dates back to the pagan days. The cross, carved into the rock, memorialized famous people and places. The cross has over time signified various elements to today where it is worn for decorative purposes. Amber, emerald, amethyst, bracelets, necklaces, turquoise are some examples of jewelry that has existed since prehistoric times.

In modern days, jewelry is used to amp up the formality of an outfit, bring out focal points to a plain outfit, or add color and shine to any outfit. However, choosing the right jewelry to pair with an outfit can be somewhat daunting.  This article provides all the guidelines for picking the right jewelry for different outfits.

Necklines and AccessoriesNecklines and Accessories
Image Credit: celinenoex

#1 V-shaped Necklines
V-shaped necklines always give the wow factor. While wearing simple earrings and a choker necklace is a good option, a longer necklace is a better option. V-shaped stringed jewelry in the shape of an inverted triangle or complicated constructions made of intertwined elements works well too. Also, any layered chain would be a perfect choice because it fills up the space left by the open neckline. Lariat necklaces or any long necklace is an ideal choice.

# 2 Square Necklines 
The square neckline can be hard to accessorize because of its angular shape. Such necklines are common in strappy cardigans and tops. One option is to emphasize the angular shape with an angular necklace. This can be either a pendant such as the Celtic cross, or chain.
Another alternative is to use contrast. For example, a round shaped pendant can bring harmony to the open neckline.

#3 The Sweetheart Neckline 
Sweetheart necklines make a bold statement. They are a romantic variation on the straight strapless dresses. For this neckline, you have a choice to experiment with statement necklaces. You can go for a large, chunky necklace to attract all possible attention.
Alternatively, go for subtle options. A collar or a short necklace works well with this type of neckline.

#4 The Scoop Neckline 
The scoop neckline leaves quite a large exposed area of the body. The best jewelry option is voluminous necklace composed of stones. The lines of the necklace and shape of stones should be smooth and rounded to complement the neckline.

#5 Cowl Neck 
This kind of neckline makes a statement on its own. It is then advisable to limit your jewelry to a pair of earrings and a beautiful celtic ring. Chandelier earrings go well with this kind of neckline.  Alternatively, you can opt for a short rounded necklace above the neckline or an elongated pendant right below it.

#6 Boat Neck
This neckline ends up at the shoulders. A tight choker is classy while low hanging pendants and stacked necklaces give a sensual edge to your look. Long chain necklaces, pendants, and beads also complement the neckline.

Image Credit: Prettydesigns

For shirts, use tight, neck-hugging jewelry with small hanging details or elaborate necklaces that go below the collar. This is applicable too for a blouse without additional decorations.

Image Credit: happinessboutique

A necklace for a strapless dress
Strapless highlight your neck and collarbone, and you want your accessory to enhance and not steal attention from those features. Go for a tight, thin, neck-hugging chain bracelet. Alternatively, pair a large necklace with small earrings to contrast.

Off-the-shoulder dresses 
The purpose of this style is to show off your shoulders. However, with so much bare skin, it can be hard to find the right accessories.  You do not want the jewelry to be a distraction, and the attention should be upwards. For this reason, opt for asymmetrical necklaces. Alternatively, try earrings, collar necklaces, or chokers to achieve a sophisticated look.

Print Shapes 
The shape of your necklace or earrings should match the design of your dress, especially so for shirts or dresses that have bold print or pattern. Wear these with necklaces and earrings that have pendants in the shape of the outfit’s print.

Bracelets with Sleeves
The rule of thumb when pairing these two is; the longer the sleeves, the less the bracelets you should wear, and the thinner those bracelets should be and vice-versa.

Choose One Focal Piece
Never pair large and bold jewelry. For example, never wear long dangly earrings with a bold tribal necklace. Consider ditching other accessories when you wear long earrings to avoid an overwhelming look. A statement celtic ring or a pendant is more than enough to amp your outfit.

Choosing the right jewelry for an outfit does not have to be an overwhelming moment with the right fashion knowledge. You can accessorize any dress in your wardrobe for a stylish and sophisticated look with the above pointers.  Basic knowledge on accessorizing based on your outfit and face shape can go a long way into saving you from a wardrobe malfunction. 

Fat Will Disappear In 4 Weeks! Take These Super Foods In Breakfast

Super Foods that will burn fat in 4 weeks

Burning fat does not solely depend on hitting the gym. It does not matter how much you sweat out on a regular basis if your calorie intake is high nothing is going to change. According to the rule of thumb, 75% of the diet and 25% of exercise is required if you are willing to lose weight. But that does not mean you should start eating less!

Most of the people skip breakfast in the name of dieting but unfortunately, it does the opposite of it. Forget about losing, you will gain more weight.

There are various drawbacks to skipping breakfast. Have a look at some of them below:

The increased gap till lunch-time leads to overeating of the food.
As you are starving for food it is likely that you will end up on eating unhealthy junk food.
Your body will feel exhausted until the time of lunch.
You will not be able to become productive in your work.
Hunger will make you decrease your concentration level as well.
A decrease in blood-sugar levels.

On the contrary, the following benefits you will get after eating healthy foods at breakfast:

Eating right breakfast fuels up the energy required by your body through the day.
You will tend to eat less in lunch and dinner since you have already filled up your body with the essential nutrient breakfast which greatly helps you in losing weight.
It helps in lowering the risks of heart diseases and diabetes.
It lowers down the stress level.
Leads to better functioning of the brain.
Strengthen the muscles.

Eating super foods in breakfast makes you feel full until lunch-time. As a result, you will not crave anymore for unhealthy junk food which makes you counting less on calories hence easy weight loss.

Now that you get it why eating breakfast is a wise idea, you must also know different breakfast foods for weight loss to add in your diet regularly which will help you to quickly burn the excess fat.

All you need to add those superfoods in breakfast which are high in protein and healthy source of carbs because protein enriched food reduces the hunger and improve your metabolism while carbs will boost your energy as they are a good source of many vitamins and minerals.

Here is a list of best breakfast foods for weight loss. Hurry! make notes.

1) Yogurt
  • • Lack of calcium in the body increases your intake of food. Yogurt being a good source of calcium effectively help you by reducing the hunger and hence easy weight loss. 
  • • It also helps in trimming the belly fat because it is easy to digest thus considered one of the most effective superfoods in breakfast.  
  • • Presence of protein in yogurt makes sure to provide you with a sufficient amount of energy required to get through the entire day. If you consume one cup of yogurt, you are in taking 8.5grams of protein. 

2) Nuts
  • • Nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts are considered the superfoods in breakfast for a valid reason. Know why? Here is the answer
  • • Nuts are rich in proteins, high in healthy fat and fiber thus help in reducing the waistline and the body fat.
  • • Cashews are rich in magnesium which help in increasing the energy levels and reduce insulin resistance.
  • • Almonds make you feel full due to the presence of unsaturated fats in it.
  • • Walnuts help in cutting down the hunger and gives the sensation of the full stomach as it consists of healthy unsaturated fat.

3) Fruits 

Although there are many superfoods in breakfast to add on still nothing can suppress the benefits of eating various fruits. In some way or another, eating different fresh fruits is the best way to shed pounds of weight. The reasons are as follows:
  • • No need to depend on desserts as fruits can be used as an alternative to satisfy the sweet tooth.
  • • Fruits are low in fat and calories.
  • • Fruits are high in fiber which gives the feeling of fullness which stays much longer.
  • • Helps in enhancing metabolism.
  • • Other than the weight loss it also helps in lowering the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, a certain type of cancer and maintains blood pressure.

If you don’t want to eat fruits regularly start consuming cold-pressed juices. I can assure you that cold-pressed juices are the best substitute for fruits. This is mainly due to the quality of these juices as they are totally chemical free with no addition of external preservatives.

A cup of cold-pressed juices is equal to eating 6-7 fruits altogether. Now imagine how beneficial it is going to be cutting down the body fat. Try pomegranate, watermelon, carrot, pineapple, etc. cold-pressed juices to see the quick changes in your weight loss journey. If juicing at home, choose a cold-pressed juicer over centrifugal juicer as the juice produced through the cold-pressed juicer intact the enzymes, vitamins, minerals and all the other nutrient will help you in getting your desired shape by reducing belly fat, burning the entire body fat and maintaining the metabolism.

4) Whole-grain food

Whole-grain food like whole-grain bread, oatmeal, brown rice, popcorn, etc. is enriched with carbs, essential for providing energy and fiber, essential for weight loss which will make your stomach full for a longer period of time. Make sure to check the ingredient carefully used in the whole grain product. A whole-grain product package will consist of “whole” word. Do check this before purchasing any product.

5) Low-fat milk

The list of breakfast foods for weight loss is incomplete without the addition of low-fat milk. Being low in calories and high in proteins, it can be an effective choice to add along with other superfoods in breakfast.
To conclude, it is necessary to consult with the doctor first then reaching on to the consequences. It is not necessary that you are gaining weight because of skipping breakfast. There could be other reasons too for e.g. obesity, addiction to junk food, disturbed sleeping pattern, stress, PCOS, etc.

Final Thoughts

Eating these superfoods in breakfast will aid to cut down the calorie count. All of these breakfast foods for weight loss curb your craving for junk food and help you to stick on your fitness goal.
Stay hydrated to reduce hunger. If not water, then drink cold-pressed juices which have the same impact. Sleep well and do not take any kind of stress as it increases the chances of depression hence weight gain.

Follow this regime and shed your extra kilos effectively.

About The Author (Guest Author)

I am Tanya, a graduate from Delhi University and working for OMJOOS, a brand of More Orgo Private Limited. I have expertise in the health and fitness industry. I absolutely love to interact with people and provide them industry knowledge of organic food and cold-pressed juices. I always look forward to learning different ways through which people are keeping themselves fit and healthy.