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Here's Everything A Girl Needs To Know About Anklets


India is a country which is known for its rich traditions and cultures. These age-old traditions adhere to the men and women of our country. And ornaments and jewelry have been a massive part of it and they still are. One of many traditions especially for women is to wear anklets. Well, most people often think that is merely for beauty purposes but they are far from that. 

According to Vedic sciences, anklets have a very important significance on women’s health and their overall well-being. Mostly crafted in silver and some other metals like brass, anklets from thousands of years have hold roots that are deeply embedded in our culture. From the Indus Valley Civilization to the Rajputanas, to the Mughals, anklets have been worn by women every decade.

Anklets, as the name suggests, are like a bracelet that is worn around the ankle. They are often called ankle bracelets in the modern lingo. 

Casual Dress For Women - Summer Trends 2021

What are casual dresses for women?

Summer is ahead and my feed has started popping up with the posts for the latest trends to look out for. Stylists have begun creating looks that would be trending this summer. This past year, during the lockdown we all have spent our days and nights in pajamas and nightwear. Some of you might still prefer slouchy clothes with light fabrics for work from home, most of us are pretty tired of it and want to hop on the latest trend bandwagon and try some new styles. To be honest, even my Insta needs some cheering up! 

It is being said that, as the previous year, 2021 will also be the year of comebacks. Like tie-dye, which is still going strong, matching separates and oversized clothing has also made a banging comeback. Sadly, we aren’t still able to go out on a regular basis but that does not mean we can’t dress up a little for dinner at home, a zoom call to family and friends, or sizzle up a boring day. Here we have gathered some casual fashion trends and styles that are easy to achieve at home. These styles will give an edge to your everyday clothing. Give the list below a quick look.

4 Exciting Careers In The Makeup Industry In 2021

Careers in makeup industry

Why pursue makeup, you'd ask? Just look at actors like Richard Blake and Vladimir Furdik as the character Night King in the TV series Game of Thrones. Clearly, makeup artists or MUAs are not mere mortals but magicians who can transform anyone with the power of makeup. 

So, it's no surprise that the art of makeup finds application in a variety of fields. Be it a birthday party or a fashion show – makeup artists are sought after everywhere. In this article, we will discuss the various career paths you can take in the makeup industry in 2021. 

How To Slay In Leather Jackets This Spring 2021

Leather Jackets For Spring 2021

Spring is here, and we are ready to come out of hibernation. It is time to ditch the bulky sweaters and coats and bring out the dresses and skirts. One garment people often question wearing in the springtime is a leather jacket. Who said leather jackets are only meant for the fall and winter seasons? Leather jackets can be worn all year, so make sure not to stack them away after the last snowfall. 

However, you must be mindful of a couple of things before wearing leather jackets in the warmer months. First, opt for a lightweight leather jacket with a thin lining so it is airy and breathable. Second, avoid darker tones as they intensify high temperatures. Play with lighter tones instead. 

The following is a list of our top 4 picks for springtime. Let us get started. 

Fashion Essentials For Destination Wedding In 2021

Destination Wedding Fashion Essentials

Destination weddings are extremely special, as you get to spend your wedding day in a beautiful location surrounded by the people you love. Aside from the day itself, you will want to look your best in the days before and days after the wedding. So, we have put together must-have fashion essentials to help you look amazing and feel even better during your time away! From simple brown heeled sandals and beautiful swimwear to statement sunglasses and necklaces, these beautiful pieces will make sure you turn heads for all the right reasons.

8 Vitamin E Rich Food Items To Consume Daily

Vitamin E Rich Food

Over the past year or so, the importance of proper attention toward taking care of ourselves has been heavily stressed. Your health, immune system, and in turn, your body's ability to prevent diseases relies on your daily nutritional intake. A balanced diet including enough proteins, vitamins, fiber, carbs, etc., is an absolute must. Vitamin E counts as one of the essential vitamins our body requires to strengthen its immune system, natural defense against any infections, improve skin and hair health.

As this is just what we all need in these trying times, efforts should be applied towards ensuring your body gets the recommended amount of vitamin E. Since there are many sources of vitamin E you can consume to up your intake, keeping your vitamin E levels at a balanced level is not a difficult task to achieve. Here are eight rich sources of vitamin E you can add to your diet: