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So, now you are here at the contact section. We are hoping you have something to say about Tashiara, your favorite fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger in Delhi, India. We would love to hear all about Tashiara-good, bad or ugly. We would really want to know what you think about Tashiara. But, what would really make us happy if you could go a step forward and say more than just “Good Job”, “You Guyz rocked” Or “I expected more than that”. So, don’t wait and go for it! You can give your feedback or suggestions  or even contact us for promotionsponsored post or guest blog post at 

Content Submission Guidelines For Guest Blogging – Write For Us
  • 1.  Content should be unique and original. It should not be published anywhere on the internet.
  • 2. The title of the post should be engaging and must be around 7-10 words long. 
  • 3. Content length should be minimum of 850 words. Below that, we won’t publish any blog post on our site. 
  • 4. There should be no spelling or grammatical errors in the content 
  • 5. Promotional articles won’t be accepted for guest blogging.
  • 6. You must include 2 links of our site in your guest post. 
  • 7. Add 4-5 high quality and relevant images in your post.
  • 8. You should also share a banner image of dimension 564x380
  • 9. NO affiliate links 
  • 10. You are allowed to include one backlink to your original website 
Types of content that we love:
  • 1. Latest fashion trends, fashion hacks, fashion tips, and fashion tutorials
  • 2. Beauty tips, beauty trends, makeup tips, makeup tutorials, and skincare tips
  • 3. Nutrition, fitness, and travel 
  • 4. Haircare, and hairstyling 

In case of any issue, write us anytime at We will resolve the problem within 4-5 days.  

Note: We reserve the right to change or remove any link, or delete any post at any point of time. 

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