How to Increase Instagram Followers Fast in 2024

How to gain followers on Instagram fast

Instagram is among the most popular social media sites having 2 billion monthly active users as of December 2021 (Source: Statista). Around 500 million people from all over the world browse Instagram daily, which makes it an ideal place for brands to market themselves.

Nowadays brands are extensively seen promoting themselves all over Instagram. Many businesses have found Instagram marketing tactics really beneficial. Instagram marketing gives your brand an opportunity to reach out to the general audience in an advanced way and to build a loyal customer base for your brand.

As a brand, it can be a little tricky for you to use Instagram for marketing. Do many businesses think about where should they start? The answer is simple. Gain more followers organically on Instagram. The number of followers you have on Instagram plays a key role in the success of your business. More followers simply mean that your brand’s message reaches out to more people. 

If you are also wondering how can your brand get more followers organically, here we have a few beneficial tips to help you gain your brand followers on Instagram in 2024.

8 Sureshot Ways to Gain Instagram Followers Organically in 2024 

1) Enhance Your Brand’s Profile 

Your profile on Instagram represents your brand. Therefore, you need to set up your brand’s profile really nicely in order to attract more followers.

More than two-thirds of the people who visit your profile are not your followers. They don’t know what this account is about. Your profile should be appealing enough to make them follow your brand.

You may start by adding a decent profile picture of your brand. Instagram also provides you an option to add a bio to your profile. Use this bio to explain what your brand is about and what it does. Make your bio interesting enough to give your visitors a reason to follow you.

2) Set Up a Consistent Theme For Your Profile

Your Instagram grid gives a general overview of what you post on your Instagram. Having an Instagram grid with a consistent theme looks much more appealing and visitors find it a lot impressive.

Make sure all the posts on your Instagram feed have a consistent theme. This gives your profile a decent touch. 

For instance, you may add similar borders to all the pictures and videos you post to get them into the theme.

3) Create Impressive Content

The audience on Instagram craves eye-catching content. Therefore, make sure you post content that excites the audience. The type of content you post on your Instagram account plays a vital role in getting you more followers. It is more beneficial for your brand if you leverage all the features provided by Instagram and use all the multimedia such as photos and videos.

You may create amazing content for your brand using the wide range of features provided by these Instagram video editors. These editors also provide pre-set templates to give your content a professional touch.

Keep in mind what your audience demands from your brand, then make your content in accordance with those demands and needs.

Create Impressive Content

4) Optimize Your Story Highlights

Your Instagram stories remain on your account for only a day but you can save these stories on your profile as story highlights.

Whenever a visitor comes to your profile, these story highlights are visible to the right beneath the bio section. These story highlights can be organized well to give your profile a nice look.

These story highlights can be used as a trailer to give an insight into your brand’s profile. You may post details about your brands and also explain your products in these story highlights.

Use these Instagram video editors to create exciting and appealing videos for your story highlights.

5) Remain Consistent in Posting

The audience on Instagram demands more and more content from you. Therefore, you need to be consistent in posting content on your brand’s profile.

Instagram users love accounts that publish impressive content consistently. You may use these Instagram video editors to help you design lovely content for your audience which you may post on a daily basis. 

You may also frequently add Instagram stories, to keep your followers engaged with you. Posting consistently keeps your followers updated with the ongoing activities of your brand and ensures its social media presence.

6) Get Creative with Hashtags, Captions, and Comments

Adding creative captions to your posts can attract more people to look into your posts. Your captions should be much more unique and impressive in order to attract more audiences.

Also, frequently use hashtags while posting your content on Instagram. These hashtags increase the reach of your posts. Also, use hashtags in your Instagram stories as it makes your story looks more engaging and cool.

Followers love it when you interact with them in a lovely way. Therefore, reply to your followers’ comments on your posts nicely. Also, add catchy comments on the posts of others which will help you increase your visibility.

7) Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Collaborating with social media influencers can be really helpful in getting your brand more followers. These influencers already have many followers which see their posts on a daily basis.

Having a social media influencer tell people about your brand can significantly help you in gaining followers. You may ask these influencers to use your products and give reviews about your brand to the general audience. 

This will make more people visit your brand’s profile and follow you.

Social Media Influencers

8) Run a Shout-Out Campaign

Another great idea to increase your followers fast is to start a shout-out campaign for your brand. Ask your followers to give you shout-outs on their Instagram stories.

The more people give you a shout-out, the more your brand gets well known among people. This ultimately leads to an addition to your follower's list. 

You may offer certain rewards to your followers in return for giving you shout-outs. 


Having a large Instagram following can help your brand reach out to a greater audience which in turn helps your brand become successful as these followers can then be converted into a loyal customer base for your brand. 

The tips provided above can significantly help you in increasing your Instagram followers organically in 2024. Make the best use of them and see the results for yourself. 

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