7 Clever Ways to Declutter Your Home in 1 Day - Checklist

How to Declutter Your Home in a Day - Clever Ways

If you want to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own home, cleaning should be the first thing you should do. However, sometimes, no matter how much we clean, we can't seem to tidy things up the best because of all the clutter. Clutters are items that we usually see in our homes just lying around and making us feel overwhelmed. Most of these are no longer used, so most people resort to getting rid of them. 

According to a study, one can eliminate 40% of household work by organizing the home and getting rid of clutter. Although this works for some people, many more think that clearing seems not enough. So, we have compiled a checklist comprising 7 foolproof ways that will help you how to organize and declutter your house in a day. 

1) Pick up clutter on the floor
If you're like me, objects scattered on the floor can be very uncomfortable to look at. It makes the house look so messy. So, although this is fundamental and common sense, you should start picking up clutter on the floor. 

Grab a basket, a cleaning caddy, or whatever item you have in your house that can hold the clutter you're about to pick. Then, start at one end of your house and work towards the other end. When you work in each room, it is best to plan where you should place each of your items. And then clear out whatever is left. 

Check the clutter you gathered and try to figure out which room they belong to. Do this every day to achieve the tidiness you're aiming for. By eliminating the clutter of your home, you can reduce the stress in your life, which contributes to 80% of medical expenses. 

2) Create a breathing room
Sometimes, too many things we don't need can be overwhelming. So, allow yourself to breathe again by assessing your items. Let's start with clothes. Try to open your closet and see if everything inside is clothes you always wear, occasionally, rarely, or never. Sort it out, then decide which of those clothes bring you joy or something that might have any significant value. 

For clothes that may not be that valuable, you can try selling them or donate to those who need it. For the clothes left, organize your closet again by color and see the big difference from before. You can do this with any other items in your home. Do this little by little if you have to. After all, it's not easy to let go of things. 

Create a breathing room

3) Clear some tables
Tables are easy to access, which is why it's one of the areas in our home that is full of clutter. From mails to assignments to baby toys and laundry, tables are where we put them first. So, if you're tired of clearing things up the top of your table, you should try these decluttering tricks: 

If it's your place to sort email, then perhaps you can move that activity somewhere near the door. 
If you love stacking magazines, maybe it's time to put those on a bookshelf. 
If it's the usual place to do homework, perhaps then designate a separate work area for your children to do that. 

In other words, make sure your home has an alternative space where you can place things that you usually put on top of the tables. This will help in making your area more clutter-free. 

Clear some tables

4) Close the drawers and closet
Next, keep your drawers and closets shut. Why? Because you don't want people from seeing what's inside it, no matter how organized the insides are. It just makes the room seem full. 

If your closets and drawers keep on opening, you can use a magnet and binder clip to keep them closed. However, this is only a temporary solution. You might need to get those drawer doors fixed so you won't worry about them anymore. 

Close the drawers and closet

5) Straighten the dining chairs
Next, you would want to straighten the dining chairs, which may look much like clutter instead of being part of your home. Things you might need to check are loose rungs, wobbly chairs, loose legs, and pieces coming apart. 

There are lots of DIYs on the internet that can teach you how to fix these problems. But, if you can't do it yourself, you can always go to an expert. 

Straighten the dining chairs

6) Clean the kitchen sink
Last on our list is cleaning up your kitchen sink. As much as possible, don't let dishes pile up for hours before washing them. And after you've washed the dishes, wipe down your sink to prevent grease and other bacteria from staying. 

Aside from health benefits, cleaning out your kitchen sink would make your house much more of a home if guests stop by. You would also be able to prepare and cook food much faster with everything in place. 

Clean the kitchen sink

7) Get rid of the open storage

An open shelf is ideal if you want to make a part of your home spacious. But too much open storage is not good. For one, it exposes everything you own. And this is not helpful if your stuff is cluttered. Imagine the kind of impression it will make when someone visits you.

That said, it would be best to install closed cabinets. Doing so allows you to keep non-personal items out of sight. Some examples of non-personal things are tape and lightbulbs. On the other hand, you can opt for baskets and boxes to store items that you might need eventually but do not necessarily have to look at daily. It is up to you whether you would like to stack your boxes in a closet or make it part of your interior decorations. What's important is that you can keep some of your stuff out of sight.


A clutter-free home is a relaxing home. If you value cleanliness and peace of mind, it advisable to get rid of clutter whenever you see it. It will also help if you develop habits that can help maintain your home's cleanliness. And you can start by following the foolproof tips listed above. Do these consistently, and you'll surely achieve a tidier place you'd be happy to live in. If you also know some smart ways to clean, organize, and declutter your house in a day, do let us know. 

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