15+ Beautiful & Easy Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs (2020)

Beautiful simple Arabic bridal Mehndi designs for hands.

Be it friend’s wedding, engagement, party, festival or any other special occasion, girls love to adorn their hands and feet with artistic mehndi designs and patterns that look extremely beautiful. It comes with no surprise that mehndi is the most priceless body decoration art. This intricate temporary body art can be infused with both traditional & contemporary styles, depending on the theme of the occasion like Raksha Bandhan, Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, Teej, Eid and more. 

With the festive and wedding season around the corner, who wouldn’t love to get their hands covered with striking mehndi designs. Keeping this in mind, we've come up with the latest 15+ beautiful, simple, and easy Arabic bridal mehndi designs for all lovely ladies out there along with a short VIDEO on 'how to make a stylish mehendi design in under 3 minutes'. The video is available at the end of this post.

Grab The Attention Of Everyone With These Gorgeous Arabic Mehndi Designs 2020

Mango Madness

This is the most classic and evergreen mehndi design. Mango shaped patters are designed intricately. Several other mehendi designs within the mango make the design look extremely beautiful. This bridal mehndi design looks gorgeous on the arms or on the nape of the neck.

Mango madness Mehndi designs I Beautiful & easy bridal Mehndi Designs

Mango Madness mehndi I Beautiful, easy and simple bridal mehendi/mehandi design for hands.

Classic Peacock Tail

Undoubtedly, peacock is the most beautiful bird which is acclaimed for its pretty long tail having vibrant colors. A peacock tail mehndi design imitates the colors, shapes and patterns of an original peacock tail. This mehndi design looks very beautiful on the hands, arms, neck or even on the legs.

Peacock Tail mehndi/mehendi designs for brides, wedding, parties, festivals

Classic Peacock Tail beautiful mehndi designs for brides, weddings, parties, festivals

Ornate Circle

Mehendi designs in round shapes look very exquisite and attractive. It looks gorgeous on the navel of the stomach and the ankles.

ornate circle beautiful mehndi designs for Piche Wale Hath Ki/Ka/Ke Side

Ornate Circle I Beautiful, easy and simple bridal mehendi/mehandi designs for hands.

Animal Motifs

You can get animal faced mehandi designs like birds, dolphin, butterflies or a tiger on your neck, arms, hands and even legs.

Animal Motifs mehndi design


Traditional mehndi designs are generally ornate. They have many curves and vines with flowers and leaves. Sometimes, these mehandi patterns are designed as long strips to depict a vine growing over your leg or hand. They look gorgeous on the length of your leg or hand.

Beautiful, easy, simple bridal mehndi designs for piche wala side ka

Paisley Design

This is one of the most popular mehndi designs. Over thousands of years, paisley design has been incorporated into mehndi designs.

Paisley Design I Beautiful, easy and simple bridal mehendi/mehandi designs for hands.

Tashiara Favorite

This one is our favorite. If you want to become the center of attraction, just give this beautiful design a try.

Tashiara FavoriteOrnate Circle I Beautiful, easy and simple bridal mehendi/mehandi designs for hands.

Some More Beautiful, Easy, and Simple Arabic Bridal Mehndi Designs For Piche Wale Hath Ki/Ka/Ke Side 

If you want to decorate the back side of your hand, quickly explore the latest, easy, simple full bel mehndi designs for your piche wala haath ki/ka/ke liye. 

Beautiful & easy bridal Mehndi Designs

Beautiful & easy bridal Mehndi Designs

Simple Bridal Mehndi Designs piche ki bel

Beautiful, easy bridal Mehndi Designs piche side ka



Here is the VIDEO by 'Amrita Henna'

Hope you enjoyed this post! Try these beautiful, simple, and easy Arabic bridal mehndi designs and become the attention grabber at any occasion. Also, plz leave your valuable feedback.  We love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

#1 How to make your mehndi darker?

Apply a mixture of lemon and sugar a couple of times to make your mehndi darker. 

#2 Does vicks balm make mehndi darker?

Yes, it does. After removing the crust of dried henna, you can use vicks balm to make it darker. 

#3 How long does mehndi last?

Generally, it is seen that henna can last for up to 4 or 5 weeks. 

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