Less is More – 5 Décor Pieces For Your Minimal Home

5 Décor Pieces for Your Minimal Home

Envision a home that’s flooded with natural light, heartfully curated with statement furniture and sprinkled with minimalist accessories here and there. Did your heart skip a beat? Do you desire of having a home that’s high on the minimalist side and away from being labeled as cluttered? You will be delighted to know that there is an entire philosophy called neuroarchitecture devoted to brain-boosting design.

“Less is more” is a concept that’s gaining momentum in the home décor circuit. And why not? Science says that those who live in a decluttered space have increased productivity and decreased stress levels.

Let’s make your home a minimalist sanctuary with these five décor pieces that spell class and exude sophistication.

Pieces Crafted in Wood 

Bring in nature by adding pieces crafted in wood to your décor. Tuck them in corners or place them on the center table to bring out their beauty. Lifestyle brands like Nicobar have a wide collection of home décor pieces that are minimalist and work well in giving any space the required personal touch. Their home décor pieces can be easily bought online.

Beaufort Airplane – Small by Nicobar
A Touch of Antique

A touch of vintage is always in style. Look at simple ways to give your minimal home a touch of antique and recreate the old-world charm. Incorporate elements of the past like vintage telephone, gramophone or mirror. Keep these elements as standalone pieces and try not to keep anything around to highlight them to perfection.

Statement Pieces

Every home should have a focal point that attracts all the beauty of the particular room. Bring home a few statement pieces to create a vignette that not just describes your taste but also serves as a conversation starter. Keep the arrangement airy with a maximum three to four décor elements arranged in a single space.

Brass Ananas by Nicobar
Slim Furniture

The idea of creating a minimal home starts with furniture. Pick pieces that are sleek, slim, and don’t take much space. Paint the wall in neutral and hang a few painting with minimal art. A simple one dangle chandelier will serve well to the whole look while finishing the aesthetics. Ensure that the room receives ample natural light to keep the appeal factor intact.

Think About the Tableware

Table settings are the hardest to design in a minimal manner. However, with careful planning and little research, you can easily set the table with minimum yet important things. Apart from the crockery, assemble a few tea light candles and keep the napkins on their place using curios finished in metal. The careful setting will surely make you win accolades for your taste in décor.

Nickel Crab
Choose Quality Over Quantity

The rule of thumb when buying home décor online or from the market is to choose quality over quantity. Instead of having a lot of stuff in the house, pick a few items that you really love. Infuse a décor that speaks your personality and brings about a positive change in the ambiance. 


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