5+ Benefits to Add Face Serum to Your Skincare Regimen

face serum benefits

Implementing a solid skincare regimen is essential for having healthy skin. And it seems that a lot of people are aware of this fact. According to Statista, skincare products generated over 150 billion USD in revenue in 2020 alone!

Yet, some people have a misconception regarding skincare products. They often think that it’s a luxury you can choose to omit from your life.

However, this is not true. While technically under the “cosmetic” category (which can sometimes be seen as nonessential), a lot of skincare products, like sunscreens and moisturizers, are recommended by medical professionals as well. So, if you have been hesitant about getting serious regarding your regimen, now is the time to buckle up and give your skin the attention it requires!

There is a high probability that you are already aware of the basic skincare commandments. This may include daily cleansing, exfoliating your skin, as well as removing makeup thoroughly every evening. However, there is one step that people often underestimate (and, therefore, skip) – applying a serum.

A face serum is a type of moisturizer that contains a comparatively higher concentration of ingredients like glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, or vitamin C, etc., than conventional moisturizers. Here is why you must add a serum to your skincare routine to reap several benefits. 

1. Avoid Wrinkles with Facial Serum

Fine lines and wrinkles are inevitable. They are the signs of aging that everyone must embrace at one point during their life. However, there is nothing wrong with delaying their onset, right?

Serums are considered to be best friends for those wishing to slow down the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Skin serums, which include collagen, beneficial in preventing wrinkles. This is because fine lines appear when the skin starts losing collagen. By providing the skin with the required element, such serums help in slowing down the aging process.

There are various serums out there that perform this function, such as the popular iS Clinical Active Serum. In 2021, as most of us have found ourselves stuck in our homes, going out for makeup runs is also quite inconvenient. Thankfully, you can buy IS clinical active serum online to be delivered straight to your door along with other similar products.

What does a serum do?

2. Using Facial Serum to Hydrate Your Skin

Regardless of whether you ask health professionals or beauty experts, there is one standard piece of advice that everyone will give you – hydrate yourself for healthy skin. It’s unbelievable just how important water is for our overall health!

Apart from drinking plenty of water, skin hydration can also be achieved by introducing the right products in your skincare routine. You guessed it correctly; we are referring to serums.

While most moisturizers merely sit on top of the skin, serums tend to penetrate beneath it and give a much deeper level of hydration. Hence, the product helps in keeping skin soft and moisturized. Note that this does not translate to you abandoning moisturizers. Both products have their own role in keeping your skin feeling fresh and healthy.

benefits of using serum on face

3. Reduce Dark Spots with Serums

Hyperpigmentation can make even the best of skins look unhealthy. Sometimes, even following the best diet cannot help with reducing dark spots. This is because most of us are constantly exposed to the sun, making our skin dull and discolored.

If chosen currently, serums can help with reducing dark spots as well. As a protip, make sure to use sunscreen as well as a face serum to get the maximum benefits. One potential product that you can use to prevent the discoloration of the skin is SkinMedicaLytera 2.0 Pigment Correcting Serum.

Can serum remove dark spots?

4. Replenishing Skin Plumpness with Facial Serums

With age, skin loses its natural moisture as well as volume. This holds true regardless of the amount of water you drink to keep your skin hydrated (not that you should stop doing so!). 

There are certain areas of the face that are specifically vulnerable. This includes under eyes and cheekbones. You might have noticed that these areas are the first to begin sagging with age. 

Serums that contain hyaluronic acid and retinol tend to work wonders in replenishing volume in these delicate areas. They do so by improving the skin’s ability to retain moisture. Use serums containing the ingredient and focus on any areas you feel are losing volume. 

5. Using Facial Serums to Protect Skin from UV

Many facial serums provide some level of protection against the sun. This is because serums generally include antioxidants that help in strengthening the skin against UV rays. Therefore, they provide your skin with an additional layer of protection against the sun.

Does this mean serums can replace SPF moisturizers?

No, serums are not a substitute for sunscreens! We cannot stress enough the importance of using sunscreen. In fact, make it a habit to apply it every time you leave your house. Don’t just do so when you feel that the sun is out. Remember, UV rays are always out there, even on less sunny days.

A lot of dermatologists and beauty gurus have recommended using La Roche-PosayToleriane Double Repair Face Moisturizer. Combine such a moisturizer with a quality serum for the best results. 

benefits of using serum on your face
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6. Facial Serums Can Decrease Oily Skin

For those of you who have oily skin, finding the perfect skincare regimen is a constant battle. After all, making sure all products you use are oil-free or suitable for your skin is quite a time-consuming task.

Sometimes, even after using such products, the skin just doesn’t take the hint. Instead, it begins to overproduce oil to overcome what the body may diagnose as chronic dryness. So, you end up in this never-ending cycle of using oil-free products only for your body to produce more oil.

Here, serums can come in handy. Since they tend to be absorbed faster and are lighter on the skin, they keep the skin hydrated, hence cueing the body to stop trying to combat dryness. At the same time, they don’t feel greasy because they are absorbed quickly. 

benefits of serum on face

Facial Serums - The Hidden Gem of Skin Care!

It is totally up to you to decide which serum is the best for your skin. Regardless of which brand you choose for your serum, just make sure to include the product in your skincare routine daily to get the best results. Decide on the type of serum you want and invest in it. You will surely see the results soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1) What is the right age to use face serum?

If you are wondering from what age you should start using a face serum, we recommend you use it in your late 20s and early 30s. This is the period when your skin starts showing the signs of aging due to pregnancy, child stress, hormonal changes, family stress, workplace stress, and many other factors. You can add serum to your daily skincare regimen in your 30s and continue it till your late 50s and early 60s to replenish skin plumpness, remove dark spots, wrinkles, etc. We don't recommend using serum in your early 20s or teenage period.

2) Can we use face serum daily? 

If you are wondering how often you should use serums or whether you should use serums every day, we've got you covered. Yes, you can use it every day but you must know when you should apply it. The best time to apply a serum is once in the morning on a washed face before you wear your regular makeup. Besides morning, you can also use it in the evening or before bed. The catch here is if you are using it before bed, you should not overdo it. Keep the layer minimal and let your skin breathe. If you are a regular user of wearing a night cream or moisturizer before bed, you should avoid using the serum. In a nutshell, you should either use a night cream or a serum, not both. 

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