Romantic Places in Dubai for Couples: 11 Getaways

best private places for couples in dubai

Mesmeric sunsets, opulent ambiance, extravagant lifestyle…  One thing that Dubai understands better than any other city in the world is how to spoil oneself. And what better way to woo your beloved than an idyllic, plush vacation in this grand emirate! This futuristic city is aplomb with a variety of ideas with which you can pamper your significant other. 

Apart from enjoying nonchalant moments in the serene ambiance of Dubai City, a romantic interlude in Dubai comes with a range of lavish, one-of-the-kind experiences that you may seldom witness in any other destination. A romantic getaway in the emirate gives you a larger-than-life experience along with a host of unparalleled hospitality. There is so much to see here, but we've compiled a complete list of the most romantic places in Dubai for couples to visit in 2024. The following experiences are our hand-picked choices for a memorable romantic getaway in Dubai. 

1) An Evening to Remember at Pierchic

A definite must-visit restaurant on your ‘Dubai’s couple’s getaway’ bucket list. Pierchic by far has the best romantic fine-dining ambiance in the whole of Dubai. Overlooking the alluring vistas of the Arabian Gulf, Pierchic is part of Jumeirah Al Qasr hotel but has succeeded to stand out on its own as one of the best dining experiences in Dubai. 

An evening at Pierchic feels like floating above the serene waters and watching the city ebb down, gradually turn into a shimmering beauty. This multi-award-winning restaurant perched on the edge of Al Qasr pier offers an over-water dining experience with fascinating views of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai coastline, and iconic landmarks of Jumeirah Beach and Burj Al Arab. A sundowner experience followed by an impressive Mediterranean seafood culinary experience is worth every penny spent.

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dubai romantic getaways

2) Unwind with an Overnight Dubai Desert Safari

The desert experience of Dubai is a unique attraction no visitor should miss. However, a desert safari in Dubai is often misinterpreted as a heart-thumping, adrenaline-rushing adventure experience in the middle of the desert. Desert safaris can be a mellow, intimate experience as well. All you need to do is opt for the right kind of desert safari as per your holiday type. 

For honeymooners and couples, a private overnight desert Dubai safari is an ideal way to enjoy solitude away from urban sights and maddening rushes of the hectic life. Imagine soaking in the twilight from a gorgeous desert sunset and spending the quiet night star gazing right in the middle of an endless desert. Time stands still and the mood is accentuated by melodious music, Bedouin ambiances, and a romantic dinner just for two. The private desert camps come equipped with all services and facilities to make the stay a comfortable and memorable one.

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3) View the Gorgeous City Skyline on a Dubai Marina Cruise

Dubai looks amazing at night. The scintillating city skyline is a benchmark of Dubai’s opulence. Get the gist of this gleaming grandiose on a leisurely cruise at Dubai Marina. Sail onboard a Dhow Cruise or on a private luxury cruise and enjoy an evening filled with great ambiance and good food, together with your beloved. Savor some delightful moments over casual conversations and scrumptious culinary treats. The illuminated skyscrapers lined along the harbor and the glittering waters bring out a suave aura to the whole experience. 

best private places for couples in dubai
dubai romantic places

4) Witness the Arabian Desert’s Beauty on a Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Whisk your beloved away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Sweep her away high above the grounds on a magical ride over the Arabian Desert. The only alteration in this Aladdin-style romantic setting is that your magical ride would be in a hot air balloon instead of a magic carpet. Nevertheless, feelings and vibes are similar. 

The morning mellow sunlight illuminating the golden-hued dunes and the soft breeze makes the ambiance perfect for a serene drift above the desert. Catch the dawn break over the horizon while you catch up on a quiet, sumptuous breakfast away from Dubai city.

romantic places in dubai

5) Woo your Love with Millions of Floral Vistas at Dubai Miracle Gardens

Flowers speak romance and Dubai Miracle Garden is the perfect spot to impress your girl. Take her to the most gorgeous floral attraction in the world, right amid millions of aromatic flowers. Dubai Miracle Garden is one sight that will make your jaws drop in awe. This mindboggling horticulture landscape stands proudly against all odds of Dubai’s intense climate and offers a cozy, colorful arena for couples and honeymooners to enjoy some beautiful moments together. 

Get the camera ready for some colorful candid memories of you and your significant other at the world’s largest floral garden. But make sure you check the right season before you book your romantic holiday trip to Dubai because Dubai Miracle Garden stays open only during the cooler months in the emirate.

romantic getaways in dubai
romantic places in dubai

6) Take a Cruise on the Dubai Fountain Lake

Dubai Fountain is a not-to-miss attraction while visiting Dubai. But do you know that you can also take a boat ride on Fountain Lake?  Marvel the magnificence and grandeur of the world’s largest performing fountain up front as you glide over the shimmering Dubai Fountain Lake.  The ride lasts about 30 minutes but offers you breath-taking views of the Dubai Fountain, Burj Khalifa, and the luminous evening illuminations of the surrounding areas. Bookmark this attraction in your list of the most romantic getaways in Dubai for couples to visit in 2024.  

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7) Step into a Wonderland at Dubai Garden Glow

Another scintillating attraction to enjoy a stroll amid vibrant hues is the Dubai Garden Glow. Leave behind reality and step into a world filled with a kaleidoscope of colors and artistic installations. This unique theme park is packed with the imagination of artists from different themes. The art installations are illuminated in neon LED lights that give the whole glow-in-the-dark experience to its visitors. This is also one of the best Dubai romantic getaways for some Insta-worthy photographs. 

romantic places in dubai for couples

8) A Posh Dinner at At.mosphere –Burj Khalifa

Feel on top of the world at the world's tallest restaurant! Plan a romantic dinner or an anniversary evening for your loved one at the world’s tallest towers – Burj Khalifa. Located on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa, At.mosphere is the world’s tallest fine dining restaurant that offers an extraordinary combination of top-notch services along with a delectable assortment of cuisines. 

Dine amid the clouds, overlooking the panoramas of Dubai’s beauty - the feeling is exhilarating! This is one luxurious treat worth doing at least once in your lifetime. The moments spent here would definitely be etched in your memories for a long time.

dubai romantic getaways
romantic getaways in dubai 

9) Luxury Spa Date at ShuiQi Spa at Atlantis the Palm 

 A day spent at Atlantis the Palm Dubai is a heavenly vacation altogether. The resort has some of the most fascinating attractions and services that you would love to enjoy with your loved one. However, a stay at Atlantis the Palm can be an expensive affair. Yet there are ways that you can include part of its luxury and services into your romantic interlude like indulging in a luxury spa date at its famous ShuiQi Spa. 

After a long day, unwind and rejuvenate at this opulent spa where idyllic settings and world-class wellness complement perfectly. Use your time together to cleanse, purify, and soothe your body and soul with dedicated wellness programs such as spa soaks, bathing rituals, and aromatherapy sessions. It is a great way to awaken your senses and relax in an ambiance accentuated with water elements and pastel-toned settings.  

dubai romantic getaways
best private places for couples in dubai

10) Visually Mesmerizing Dinner and Show at La Perle Dubai

Dubai is home to many musical performances and one that stands out among all is La Perle by Dragone. The show is an enigmatic fusion of music, acrobats, choreography, and extravagant theatre techniques that include light and water elements. A dinner at any one of the selected ranges of restaurants near the vicinity, followed by a spectacular performance is a great way to enjoy an exquisite evening together. 

You can choose from a range of opulent restaurants with fantastic settings and delectable menus such as  The City Grill, Zoco, and Le Patio to name a few before proceeding to enjoy a stellar performance that would leave a lasting impression.

places to visit in dubai for couples

11) A Serene Detour to Hatta Mountains

Date nights and romantic endeavors need not be limited to candlelight dinners and floral bouquets. Steer away from the clichéd ideas and head for a mountain adventure at the tranquil settings of the Hatta Mountains. A few hours’ drive away from the city into its outskirts and you will find the urban jungle scenery fade away to be replaced by rugged mountains and low-lying valleys. 

Once you reach here, spend some time taking in the splendors of nature’s beauty before enjoying a hand-in-hand stroll along the breezy enclave. Later, gear up for some mild nature adventures like kayaking and hiking. You can also plan an overnight stay at this beautiful nature reserve at farmhouses and resorts. 

dubai romantic places - hatta mountains

Dubai certainly looks like a futuristic city, but it knows how to allure its discerning guests of all genres. If you feel Dubai is not a destination for couples, these mentioned attractions will state otherwise. Once you get your Dubai visa sorted, the emirate opens up an assortment of offbeat and incredible experiences that you and your significant other will fall in love with. A romantic trip to Dubai in 2024 is all it takes for you to know its charm, and you will desire to come back for more.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1) What are the best romantic hotels for anniversary in Dubai? 

If you are looking for the most romantic hotels for couples in Dubai, here is a complete list for you - 1) Burj Al Arab 2) Park Hyatt Dubai 3) Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort 4) Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf 5) Jumeira Al Qasr 6) Raffles The Palm Dubai 7) Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai 8) Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai 9) Fairmont The Palm 10) Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers 11) Caesars Palace Dubai 12) Jumeirah Beach Hotel

2) What are the most romantic things to do in Dubai

Here are some top romantic things to do in Dubai: 1) hot air balloon ride, 2) desert safari, 3) walk around Burj Plaza and Dubai Marina, 4) ski on Dubai’s indoor mountain, 5) shopping at Dubai mall, 6) visit the Dubai fountains, 7) book an observation deck at Burj khalifa to experience SKY. 

3) How much does the Dubai trip cost for 3 days, 5 days, 7 days?

According to Tripadvisor, $100-150 per day is enough to spend in the UAE and Dubai. Accordingly, a trip for 3 days will cost you $300-450. For 5 days, you have to spend around $500-750 and for a week, it will cost around $700-1050. 

4) Can unmarried couples stay or sleep together in Dubai Hotels?

As per Sharia law, it is not permitted to stay or sleep (sex) with someone if you are not married. However, many hotels in Dubai don't go by the rule that says "only married couples" are allowed. At hotel check-in, you're required to show your passport, and if your partner has a different surname, it won't raise an eyebrow because in many countries women keep their surnames after their marriage. 

5) What is the best currency that I should take to Dubai? 

In Dubai, the US dollar is accepted at many places but we still suggest you carry some local currency of Dubai that is UAE Dirhams along with you. 

6) Where do I get the best exchange rate in Dubai for my currency?

If you are wondering where you can exchange your currency in Dubai and how to get the best exchange rate, we suggest you the best 5 places - 1) Dubai International Airport 2) UAE Exchange @Al Ghubaiba Station @Al Qusais @Bur Dubai @Deira @Al Fahidi Station 3) Sharaf Exchange @Jumeirah @Deira @Mercato Mall @Bur Dubai @Satwa 4) Al Fardan Exchange 5) Al Rostamani International Exchange (ARIE)

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