10+ Best Hill Stations Near Delhi (Weekend Getaways)

Best Hill Stations Near Delhi Weekend Getaways

2020 has not been a very promising year for all of us. To think of it, we are tired of lockdowns and staying home. Plus we have been working from our homes like zombies, it is about time for us to get out and explore. So, what is a better place than Delhi, our capital? We often set out to look at the beautiful places in India, well this is the best time for our expeditions. 

And if you are looking forward to a place that is breathtakingly beautiful but located remotely and can match the wonders, then this informative blog post is for you. There are umpteen hill stations that you can visit near New Delhi on your long weekend holiday. These places will help you connect with yourself all over again, the bliss in the silence and the serenity in the air will make you feel alive yet again. So, let’s explore the best long weekend getaways through words first, and then you can plan out accordingly. 

1) Dhanaulti (276.2 km from Delhi via NH307)

In Garhwal, Uttarakhand Dhanaulti resides as the peaceful hill station far from the daily crowd. It is located at an altitude of 2286m, hence it caters to soothing weather throughout the year. With the rhododendrons of deodars, and old oak forests you have landed right amidst nature’s lap. The trekking trails such as to Badrinath, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Yamunotri, Kempty Falls, is a pleasant feast to trekkers as well. If you are traveling through the road you will take 6 hours 44 minutes to reach Dhanaulti from Delhi, a total distance of 276.2 km. 

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2) Auli (381.2 km from Delhi via NH 44)

Auli is another enchanting location in Uttarakhand located in Joshimath. The thick oak and deodar forests are a constant while you also get to enjoy the snow-clad peaks and spectacular lakes. If you are a photographer or just a person who likes to explore every corner of the earth, you will find the meaning of natural beauty here. Its distance is around 381.2 km from Delhi and will take approximately 9 hours 23 minutes to reach there. However, the delights of this place suffice for the time of travel. Plus, long drives are fun, won’t you agree?

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3) Tabo (703.7 km via from Delhi NH 44 and NH5) 

Tabo is located in the most beautiful Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. This place is a must-visit due to its splendid landscapes, rugged lands, and breathtaking monasteries. You will get an astounding view from Tabo, i.e. located at 10,000ft. Also known for being the Himalayan Ajanta Tabo monasteries are spread over 6300 sqm. It comprises nine gompas and temples within the complex. The easiest way to Tabo is by getting to Kullu by flight and then a 287 km drive. 

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4) Lansdowne (260 km via Meerut - Pauri National Highway) 

Another Uttarakhand located hill station, Lansdowne is located in Pauri Garhwal district and has many relaxing things. This place will treat you with the stunning Himalayas view. And it can take you on an adventure with the thick pine and oak trees growing in this region. The peaceful ambiance and the exquisite view makes it a place best suited for people looking for some quiet. It is only 260 km from Delhi, so it can turn into a pleasant long-drive of 6 hours 20 minutes. 

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5) Ranikhet (354.3 km from Delhi via NH9) 

Ranikhet is located in Kumaon, Uttarakhand serving as one of the best places to visit to find serenity and tranquility. The nature lovers and photographers are welcome here, with the unparalleled Himalayan view. Well, not only that the honeymooners can find this place ideal for the scenic backdrop and the quiet nature. Ranikhet is only 354.3 km from Delhi, and you can drive there. It will take you 8 hours 05 minutes, but, won’t it be amazing to finally find this place?

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6) Kausani (413.1 km from Delhi via NH9) 

Kausani is situated at Uttarakhand, in Nainital district and is encircled with lush green valleys. The snowfall is heavy in Kausani during winters but the summer now is mystic. If you want to escape the daily urban life Kausani being a slow-paced set up will help in your escape to nature. The tea here is famous, and you must try it. You can reach Kausani by road i.e. a 9 hours 53 minutes drive, and a total of 413.1 km.

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7) Tirthan Valley (483.9 km from Delhi via NH 44) 

Tirthan Valley is hidden among the serenity of Himachal Pradesh. For those who are searching for peace and quiet will have the best times of their lives once they visit. The blissful landscapes, pleasant weather, and smooth flowing river together fit as a perfect holiday spot. There are many activities that you and your family can enjoy here and have a fun time. A long drive to Tirthan valley is not a bad idea, as the road that leads here is mesmerizing. 

Get the opportunity to capture the most beautiful pictures, in the long 483.9 km drive from Delhi. This journey will take you 10 hours and 49 minutes, to finally reach Tirthan Valley. Or to avoid a tiresome car journey, you can fly to Kullu and take a shorter 50 km drive to reach. There are beautiful resorts where you can stay with your family and look at the sun rising from behind the mountains. Another amazing thing you can do here tastes the native food, that has equally distributed spices and perfect for a cool day. Tea in the hills is undoubtedly tasty, so why not try it first as you land there and relax in the resort. 

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Tirthan Valley

8) Mussoorie (292.8 km from Delhi via NH334)


9) Kufri (356.6 km from Delhi via NH 44 and NH5)


10) Rishikesh (243.5 km from Delhi via NH334)


11) Chail (335.3 km from Delhi via NH 44)


12) Nahan (248.2 km from Delhi via NH 44)



The lockdown has finally ended and now you can go on vacation and explore the breathtakingly beautiful wonders of India. The transport companies like the airlines are following a rigid safety process that will protect them and the passengers. But your safety is in your hands. If you are going out on vacation, do not forget to purchase relevant gear to guard you against corona. It is good news that you will finally be able to go out, but it is also important to be safe. If you may, you can, for now, stick to the places where you can visit using your personal cars.  

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