Solo Female Travel to Thailand (2022 Guide)

thailand solo female travel alone
Questioning Thailand as a travel spot stands no chance! The best solo female traveling spots include Thailand as a pro. A woman traveling for the first time or revisiting can always make the most of her trip if she lands in this wonderful country.

With leafy green forests, stunning beaches, mouth-savoring cuisine, and thrifty expenses, you have no reason to skip Thailand for a vacation. It can excite solo travelers with fantasies, traditions, and culture. The vibrant places here are worthy of every holidaymaker diva. Most often, people are scared about their first journeys alone.

Nonetheless, things can be safe and memorable here. If you are planning your trip to Asia alone for the first time, Thai spots can satisfy you. Also, first-time travelers can stick to famous travel operators. It is because using travel discount codes from such platforms helps beginners to stay on a budget. Here is a guide for females who want to explore Thailand on a solo journey.

The Ultimate Guide for Female Travelling Solo tThailand in 2022

Traveling to Thailand alone can be a rewarding and tremendous experience. However, solo traveling is something that requires concentration. Therefore, know how you will plan it and have fun.

What to Pack for Thailand?

Traveling to the Thai Kingdom depends majorly on its weather. Your location will predict what you must pack. It is because the season here varies countrywide. Look for the weather forecast before planning to go anywhere. Besides the hot beachwear that you will need, there is more to keep in your bag for your Thailand trip.

The place is full of captivating waterfalls, majestic temples, rooftop cuisines, and picturesque viewpoints. Therefore, you must pack a comfortable pair of shoes and socks for roaming around. Cotton tops and pants will do the best for you if you do not prefer shorts for solo traveling.

what to pack for thailand female

Keep a pretty dress for visiting temples and snapping pictures. Skirts and frocks are preferable for such places. Also, there are ways through which you can rock every outfit while traveling. Don’t forget to keep a pair of sandals or flip-flops in case you have to remove your shoes before entering particular buildings.

Thailand offers several pharmacies and beauty brands that can help you throughout the trip. However, you must bring some necessary staples like solid bars of shampoo or conditioner for preventing leakage. Moreover, sunscreen, wipes, and moisturizers are recommended.

How to Stay Safe When Traveling to Thailand Alone in 2022?

Safety is a major concern in solo traveling. Fortunately, it is not a problem in Thailand. This country offers a comparably low crime rate.

Protective measures here are related to riding and driving. You must reconsider before renting a bike or car. It is because the unfriendly roads here are not an excellent option to learn biking. Moreover, you will suffer more if you meet an accident without a license.

Avoid looking for cheap in everything. You can make traveling affordable but do not compromise on safety. It is okay to spend more money on scuba diving and rock climbing. It’s a solo trip, and you can afford high-quality gear and professional instructors without much effort. 

Skip the idea of swiping drinks with water on a beach. Missing Thai parties is not recommended if you are traveling solo for the first time. 

Not getting drunk is the catch, but make sure you enjoy the clubs and beaches. The country is famous for street food. However, travel experts suggest you have a hepatitis B vaccine before munching any of it. Make sure the tap water here is not potable; therefore, take advantage of free and filtered drinking water from eateries.

Is Thailand safe for solo female travelers?

Meeting and Greeting

A trip goes unnoticed and boring if you are not planning to meet others. Of course, it does not mean sticking around with every stranger. You must make sure not to boast about your solo traveling skills. Instead, find a worthy company by befriending with other tourists.

You can connect with individuals in the same accommodation. Otherwise, if you are planning to learn yoga or book a scuba diving course, you can find people to accompany you. Having good people around will boost up the fun part of your trip.

Moreover, a solo trip is about finding the best in everything around you. Plan it for yourself and enjoy every minute of it. You may be excited to know that Thai locals are enthusiastic about tourists who demonstrate respect towards their culture. Therefore, try to be polite and gentle with the Thais.

Most women are unaware of the dress style of this Buddhist country. You must limit your swimwear to the beaches as it is inappropriate to walk on the streets in such bikinis. Try to look respectful and generous during your journey.

Thais are softhearted and sincere people. They can feel offensive if you cross the line and put your feet on anything while having a conversation. It is better by the universal rule book to put your feet only on the ground and not point it on anyone.

The Best Places in Thailand for Solo Travelers to Visit in 2022

Thailand is a merciful travel destination with beauty at every point. With mouthwatering eateries, picturesque charms, water blues, adventurous jungles, and much more, you can get lost in its map. Rather than trying your luck, look below for a Thailand solo travel itinerary

1) Bangkok 

Thailand solo female travel gets better if you land directly in the capital of this astonishing country. Bangkok is a fast, crowded, and buzzing city of almost eight million people. It is a perfect tourist spot famous for its wonderful temples and royal palaces. You cannot skip the idea of its vibrant street life or miss the late-night fun in its cosmopolitan surroundings.

Also, it is home to plenty of shopping centers along with numerous traditional marts. The waters of Bangkok get intimidating with the sight of its captivating skyscrapers. Women always love the idea of exploring the Chao Phraya River.

solo female travel thailand

2) Phuket (Is It Safe For Female Traveling Alone to Thailand?)

YES, it is. If you are planning to convert your plan of traveling solo in Thailand into a beach holiday, Phuket is your spot. It is one of the best places to visit in Thailand for a lady tourist to relax and walk across the stunning waters. Phuket offers an opportunity to explore Thailand’s most famous and visited beaches. For following the map, you must know its location is off the west coast of the country in the Andaman sea.

You can plan your vacation as per your mood. For enjoying a peaceful weekend, visit the Kata Noi beach or explore the Nai-Harn beach for lovely water blues. Also, you get a chance to enjoy the view of quaint palm trees and rest under their shade. Nonetheless, another option is to stay at Surin beach for making the most of a luxury vacation with resorts and fine dining.

solo travel thailand

3) Krabi 

Visiting Krabi is enticing for water lovelies. The place is home to more than 200 hundred astonishing islands. However, some of its lands are now converted to national parks. Also, the province is popular for holding Asia’s best beaches in its territory. You can visit here to enjoy climbing the adventurous limestone cliffs too.

For a solo trip, think of exploring Railay Beach. It particularly attracts a huge number of visitors to its storytelling caves for a climb. The most famous of all islands here is the Koh Phi Phi. It is beautifully surrounded by crystal waters and offers snorkeling, kayaking, sailing, and much more.

traveling solo in thailand

4) Chiang Mai

This place will add a unique memory to your solo female travel to Thailand. Exploring Chang Mai will allow you to enjoy a different theme of this country. Ancient history lovers adore the view of tropical mountains, stunning rainforests, and hill trekking. For a memorable trip to Thailand, plan your holiday to the Doi Inthanon National Park. It will add villages and exciting sceneries to your bucket list.

Chiang Mai

Additionally, this city offers a lovely vacation to the best Buddhist temples than any other place in the country. Tourists are crazy about the number of hill tribes Chiang Mai offers. Also, female solo travelers can buy unique handicrafts and have fun learning the lifestyle of the Karen tribe and Meo Hill tribe.

Why Should You Travel Solo to Thailand?

You may find the right destination you need among these enticing cities, resorts, and islands. Remember, the attractions in Thailand are inviting. So pack your bags quick for one of these places.

The Thai Kingdom is considered the core of Asian culture for tourism. You can always travel to Thailand for a solo trip. The country is an ideal spot for those who have never been to Asia. So plan your journey now and have fun!

Convert Indian Rupee (INR) To Thai Baht (THB)

Here's a complete guide to help you how to convert 1 INR to Thai Baht. 

a) 1 INR = 0.43 THB 

b) 5 INR = 2.17 THB 

c) 10 INR = 4.35 THB 

d) 100 INR = 43.46 THB

e) 500 INR = 217.30 THB 

f) 1000 INR = 434.53 THB 

g) 5000 INR = 2,172.63 THB

Convert Thai Baht (THB) To Indian Rupee (INR)

Learn how to convert 1 THB to INR with the help of the below details. 

a) 1 THB = 2.26 INR 

b) 5 THB = 11.32 INR 

c) 10 THB = 22.64 INR 

d) 50 THB = 113.21 INR 

e) 100 THB = 226.42 INR 

f) 500 THB = 1,132.10 INR 

g) 1000 THB = 2,264.20 INR 

h) 5000 THB = 11,321.02 INR 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What is the best currency that should you take to Thailand on holidays?

If you are traveling to Thailand from India or any other country, we suggest you take your money in US dollars (USD). That's the only best way to take your currency in this beautiful country. 

2) How do I get the best exchange rate in Thailand?

If you want the best exchange rate on your money, we suggest you exchange your currency in Thailand itself. There are many popular and reliable currency exchange places in Thailand from where you can exchange your money at a low or no fee. You can also exchange your currency from ATM machines, which are present on almost every street corner, shopping malls, airports, in front of seven-eleven stores, and banks. 

3) How much Indian currency INR should I carry to Thailand?

The minimum of cash (money) per person that you should take to visit Thailand is around INR 24 thousand, approx. 10,000 THB.

4) How much amount of money do you need for a week in Thailand?

If you are traveling from India, you can enjoy your 7 days trip to Thailand in around INR 40,000-50,000 inclusive of air-tickets. 

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