How to Design Bedroom for Kids in 2024

What are the best ways to decorate a kids room?

As a parent, you might not think much about the décor of the children’s room but just remember the time you were a child. The room is an entire cosmos for a kid, so everything from the color of the walls to the furniture needs to stimulate the child’s creative side. 

If you design the nursery with the utmost care, then you should make the effort to beautify the children’s room as they grow up. If you apply the following 7 interior design tips, you will create an amazing bedroom for your kids that they’ll spend hours playing in.  

1) Hang a Drawing Board on the Wall

Every teacher will tell you that children are amazed by blackboards. It is as if some magic power draws them toward the board as children adore picking up a piece of chalk or a marker to draw on it.

You can make good use of this drive-in children by hanging up their very own drawing board on one of the walls in the bedroom.

Not only will the kids get a canvas to express their artistic side but you will effectively prevent them from drawing on other walls in the house, which is something they also, enjoy a lot.

2) Wall Decals

Apart from the drawing board, you can get at any office supplies store, the walls should be adorned with colorful decals. Once upon a time, these decals featured Mickey Mouse or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, while today their heroes are Frozen characters or the Avengers.

Luckily, decals can be designed online and shipped to your home address so you can surprise your children with their favorite superheroes. These decals can cover an entire wall or they can be small in size but span all fours wall, such as a gulp of swallows “flying” across the entire room.

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How do you design a room for kids?

3) Playing With Colors

When it comes to the walls, their color is the last order of business you need to take care of. Firstly, the color of the walls in the children’s bedroom should differ from the rest of the house or apartment. The hues have to be light: blue, green, orange, yellow, etc. Furthermore, the color of the ceiling should be dark and differ from the rest of the room to create a contrast.

Moving on from the walls, the color of the furniture should also be cheerful, sort to say. Order beds, tables, and cupboards that are colorful so the effect of the walls is amplified. Ideally, you can ask the child what their favorite color is and create a themed room.

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4) Bed Blankets and Sheets

The focal point of the bedroom is the bed, of course. That’s why you should invest extra effort (and money) to make the bed as colorful and comfortable as possible. Like with wall decals, it is possible to order kids blankets online, thus ensuring you get the linen sheets your child will like. You might be the one paying for the bedroom’s overhaul but children are the end-user that just like the product, to put it in economic terms. Whatever color pattern you decide on, make sure the blankets, sheets, and pillows are super soft.

5) The Importance of a Toy Box

Parents are constantly telling off children for toys that are left on the floor of the bedroom once playtime is over. However, it might not be entirely your child’s fault; especially if you haven’t provided them with a toy box.

This box doesn’t have to be a dull-looking crate, as you can decorate it together with your kid. This will be a great bonding activity and the child will actually want to lift the lid of the box to put the toys away. 

How do I make my kids room special?

6) A Corner for Collectibles

Children are curious by nature and you should do your best to stimulate this love for knowledge. Whether they enjoy collecting toys, napkins, or drawings, you should create a separate corner in the room where their collectibles would be displayed.

If your child likes to paint, then this corner would have cork-board for hanging their artwork. If they are into toys or magazines, then build a special shelf for storing and displaying such collectibles.

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The Next Level Growth Chart

We all like to record how much our kids have grown during the past months or year but growth charts are an old-fashioned way of doing this. A more modern way to do this and have fun in the process is to use water-based paint to mark their height on the wall.

What is more, you can use this paint to record the shape and size of their hands and feet. Because of the paint’s non-toxic properties, it will be easy to remove later on.

Designing and decorating a children’s bedroom is no easy task, as interior designers specialize in children’s rooms. However, using the 7 interior design tips listed above, you have the power to overturn the décor of your child’s bedroom. However, your kid(s) will have the final say since it is their universe, i.e. room.

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