7 Fun Travel Inspired Home Decor Design Ideas For 2020

Fun Travel-inspired Home Decor Design Ideas

Traveling the world is one thing, but collecting tangible memories is another. You can capture your personality as a travel enthusiast through your home's decor using souvenirs you've collected or available travel-inspired accessories. There are numerous ways to incorporate travel-themed decor pieces, whether you’ve traveled the world or not. Below are some amazing travel-inspired home decor design ideas that you can consider in 2020;

Sailing ship sculpture

Traveling the world by sea may not be very popular today but any travel fanatic can understand the thrill behind a sailing ship. The thought of ships sailing through strong currents sparks excitement and their rich historical significance will fill your home with sentimental value. If you are onboard with the idea of traveling by ship, you may consider getting a sailing ship sculpture for your home. It could be a small desk sculpture or a large masterpiece for the foyer.

Compass wall clock

Exploring the world starts with direction - knowing where you want to go and why. There’s no better way to capture the importance of direction than through a vintage compass wall clock. This wall décor is a constant reminder that there are more paths to explore through travel and time is ticking.

Compass wall clock
Image Credit: society6

Currency art

Change in currency is one of those things you first encounter every time you land in a new country. Different currencies represent different economies and cultures. You can show off your travel adventures across the world by bringing different currencies back home and turning them into art. 

You could either frame and hang them on a wall or keep a coin jar for different currencies. Another way to make use of currency décor (especially coins) entails gluing them to a lampshade. Ensure you cover the entire lampshade with coins to give it a sparkly appearance. Such an artistic lampshade would be well suited for dining room lighting where it sparks a romantic ballroom mood, perfect for special dinners.

Flag throw pillows

One thing that stands out in flags is their varied use of colors in a way that captures a country’s most essential values or historical significance. Whether you relate to the sentimental value of flags or you just love colors, flags can make outstanding throw pillows. Having throw pillows made from flags in your living room seats helps you communicate your love for the world. 

You could have flags representing a particular continent on each seat, mix them up randomly according to their colors or focus on the countries you’ve been to or you’d love to visit. If you’re yet to travel, seeing these travel inspired home decor ideas (throw pillows) every day will motivate you to work harder and create time to visit the countries represented in your living room. 

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Flag throw pillows
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Thanks to Google maps, we don’t need physical maps anymore, which means maps are officially vintage tools. There are so many ways to decorate your home with maps. From wooden wall art mimicking maps to tabletops depicting different locations and map-inspired bedding. Luckily, maps representing different countries, continents, and even states can be found on the internet. Therefore, if you want to customize your map décor, all you need to do is download and take the image to your artisan or carpenter.

Travel destinations wall gallery

If you’ve been to different travel destinations, you know the importance of pictures. Today, people (especially celebrities) will go out of their way to prove to the world that they’re well-traveled. It is not strange for a travel enthusiast to hire camera crews just to capture their wonderful moments in different countries. You could also capture your moments and turn them into wall décor by maintaining a wall gallery of framed images showcasing your travels in different parts of the country, continent, or the world. 

Wall galleries are very popular but they normally feature family photos. Keeping a travel wall gallery is, therefore, a creative way of exercising this timeless tradition. If you’re yet to travel to your dream destinations, you could still download images of your dream destinations, frame them, and add them to your gallery.

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Vintage suitcase chest of drawers 

A suitcase is the ultimate symbol of travel. Interestingly, these functional tools have evolved immensely through time. From boldly patterned trunks to colorful varieties and designer suitcases; different designs represent different eras. If you can find different suitcases or trunks from different eras, you could come up with the most unique chest of drawers. Suitcases have handles that can also serve as drawer handles. Incorporating them to the front part of your drawers will create a timeline of rich history in the form of drawers.

Vintage suitcase chest of drawers
Image Credit: Homedit

Conclusively, if you want to uplift your home decor with travel-themed accessories, focus on what you love when it comes to traveling. Is it the thrill of being in a plane, or the beauty of taking pictures? You could also be a collector of currencies or an ordinary person with travel dreams. Turn your passions, experiences, and memories into décor. Another important aspect to consider is where you position your accessories. If you want your guests to see them, the living room, your office, and the foyer would be the perfect locations. However, if you want them to spark a certain mood, areas such as the dining room and bedroom will help you achieve that.

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