How to Choose The Right Jewelry for Your Outfit

Dressing up and showing off your sense of style at holiday get-togethers and parties is a lot of fun. It also demonstrates that you have a flair for fashion. But choosing the appropriate jewelry that complements your outfit requires time and consideration. With this in mind, we have enlisted a few ideas to match jewelry to your clothing. Sticking to the following tips means you will keep fashion police at a safe distance: 

1. Know Your Style 

Jewelry works as the cherry on top of your dressing style. Look more closely at any aesthetic patterns you may have, as doing so may make choosing jewelry much simpler. So, how would you describe your dream style of dress? Are you a plus-size woman with a wardrobe full of clothes? Or are you more of a refined individual who prefers to dress in understated yet classy ways? 

Think of a few words that could best sum up your dressing style. It will simplify the process of narrowing down jewelry that enhances your overall appearance. Those with a more erratic style may choose to wear a lot of metal, such as large earrings or stacked necklaces. In contrast, a sophisticated individual is better off going with antique jewelry designs.

Categorizing your jewelry might be useful if you experiment with various styles. That way, you will always be aware of pieces to wear for a specific occasion. The good news is that you do not have to hop around several stores to find multiple jewelry pieces. All-in-one online stores, such as Irish Jewelry Craft, have various varieties at their disposal. 

2. Keep an Eye on The Necklines

When attempting to achieve a unified and well-balanced appearance, selecting necklaces of the appropriate lengths is an absolute must. If you wear jewelry with a mismatched neckline, your appearance will seem out of place. 

The best way to accessorize a strapless or tube top is with a thick necklace or a hefty choker that cinches your neck. Thick, dangling necklaces with intricate designs go well with off-the-shoulder shirts and one-sleeve dresses. Use a slender chain necklace with a larger pendant with a collared or high-necked shirt. Dresses and shirts with low necklines should be accessorized with shorter chains. 

Image Credit: Pinterest

Image Credit: Pinterest

3. Consider Color 

Gold and silver jewelry go with just about anything. The same applies to neutral colors such as grey, white, and black. To explore additional pairings, leverage the color wheel. Six basic color schemes include complementary, square analogous, split-complementary, triadic, and tetradic. 

Apart from the color scheme, you should also match the hue and saturation. For example, if your dress has subdued tones, jewelry pieces with the same hue and saturation would look better than sharp hue and saturation. 

4. Decide On a Star Piece

When selecting the perfect piece of jewelry to complement your outfit, one more aspect to consider: which piece will serve as the outfit's focal point? To make a strong first impression, wear something that draws attention to itself, like a large necklace or a striking ring on your fingers. 

If you have difficulty figuring it out, choose something basic but bold. For instance, let's say you are wearing an off-the-shoulder dress with silver flats. In that case, you should probably wear one striking earring to keep the attention on the garment. 

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5. Do Not Go Overboard 

Wearing too many pieces of jewelry at once might be overwhelming. When it comes to jewelry, less is more. Choose one of your favorite pieces and pair it with less expensive items to complete the look.
If you wear a long, elaborate gown or other formal attire, you may want to stick to simple, small jewelry. Use diamond stud earrings or other delicate, glittering jewelry to dress up your look without drawing attention away from your formal wear.

6. Be Aware of Your Skin Tone

Even if your skin tone is not a core element of your clothing, it still plays a big role in your overall appearance. You probably already know the colors you dislike wearing or do not believe look well on you. Maybe you do not like pink or orange since they are too harsh. You could apply this knowledge to your jewelry as well. It is because jewelry, like clothing, has the power to enhance your natural beauty. 

White, gold, and silver go nicely with paler complexion tones. Gold looks its best when worn with warmer tones and stands against dark hair. On the other hand, gold and silver, as well as the vast majority of gemstone colors, look great on those with pale or neutral complexion tones. However, this does not rule out the possibility of wearing other colors. 

7. Find The Right Balance 

Keep in mind that your jewelry items should not clash with each other. To avoid looking like a hot mess, you must strive for a coherent look. Consider the finer details of your ensemble. Is there a lot of extra intricacy or busy prints? Or does the outfit mainly consist of simple patterns and solid colors? 

As a rule of thumb, understated jewelry works best with outfits with busy prints and plenty of details. In contrast, statement jewelry complements outfits with fewer details. But this does not imply that a striking outfit needs sensitive jewelry. If the jewelry matches the style of the outfit and does not overpower it, you can go for it. 

8. Do Not Forget to Mix and Match 

Finally, instead of sticking to a single type of jewelry, consider wearing a combination of different pieces. Depending on your dress and personal taste, you might want to wear a choker necklace with stud earrings or a thick-banded watch. Additionally, you can combine various metals or even choose statement pieces with contrasting hues to make them stand out. Forget what others say and concentrate on what looks best on YOU.


Choosing the wrong jewelry can make you appear drab or uninteresting. So make sure your accessories align with the rest of your clothing to turn you into a visual treat. If you do not set a foot wrong in this regard, sticking to the tips above will do good for you!

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