Top Secrets To Find The Right Jewelry For Your Dress

How To Find The Right Jewelry For Your Dress

Jewelry and gemstones are a universal form of adornment dating from prehistoric times. Jewelry made from stones, bones, and shells has been around for as long as humankind existence. Unlike today, jewelry was a sign of status in the by-gone ages and although made for entirely different reasons and in very different ways, there is no denying that jewelry has always been part of humankind.

Many types of jewelry such as buckles and brooches originated as functional items but evolved into decorative items as their functional role diminished. The Celtic cross popularly used as an accessory today dates back to the pagan days. The cross, carved into the rock, memorialized famous people and places. The cross has over time signified various elements to today where it is worn for decorative purposes. Amber, emerald, amethyst, bracelets, necklaces, turquoise are some examples of jewelry that has existed since prehistoric times.

In modern days, jewelry is used to amp up the formality of an outfit, bring out focal points to a plain outfit, or add color and shine to any outfit. However, choosing the right jewelry to pair with an outfit can be somewhat daunting.  This article provides all the guidelines for picking the right jewelry for different outfits.

Necklines and AccessoriesNecklines and Accessories
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#1 V-shaped Necklines

V-shaped necklines always give the wow factor. While wearing simple earrings and a choker necklace is a good option, a longer necklace is a better option. V-shaped stringed jewelry in the shape of an inverted triangle or complicated constructions made of intertwined elements works well too. Also, any layered chain would be a perfect choice because it fills up the space left by the open neckline. Lariat necklaces or any long necklace is an ideal choice.

# 2 Square Necklines 

The square neckline can be hard to accessorize because of its angular shape. Such necklines are common in strappy cardigans and tops. One option is to emphasize the angular shape with an angular necklace. This can be either a pendant such as the Celtic cross, or chain. Another alternative is to use contrast. For example, a round-shaped pendant can bring harmony to the open neckline.

#3 The Sweetheart Neckline 

Sweetheart necklines make a bold statement. They are a romantic variation on the straight strapless dresses. For this neckline, you have a choice to experiment with statement necklaces. You can go for a large, chunky necklace to attract all possible attention.
Alternatively, go for subtle options. A collar or a short necklace works well with this type of neckline.

#4 The Scoop Neckline 

The scoop neckline leaves quite a large exposed area of the body. The best jewelry option is voluminous necklace composed of stones. The lines of the necklace and shape of stones should be smooth and rounded to complement the neckline.

#5 Cowl Neck 

This kind of neckline makes a statement on its own. It is then advisable to limit your jewelry to a pair of earrings and a beautiful celtic ring. Chandelier earrings go well with this kind of neckline.  Alternatively, you can opt for a short rounded necklace above the neckline or an elongated pendant right below it.

#6 Boat Neck

This neckline ends up at the shoulders. A tight choker is classy while low hanging pendants and stacked necklaces give a sensual edge to your look. Long chain necklaces, pendants, and beads also complement the neckline.

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For shirts, use tight, neck-hugging jewelry with small hanging details or elaborate necklaces that go below the collar. This is applicable too for a blouse without additional decorations.

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A necklace for a strapless dress

Strapless highlight your neck and collarbone, and you want your accessory to enhance and not steal attention from those features. Go for a tight, thin, neck-hugging chain bracelet. Alternatively, pair a large necklace with small earrings to contrast.

Off-the-shoulder dresses 

The purpose of this style is to show off your shoulders. However, with so much bare skin, it can be hard to find the right accessories.  You do not want the jewelry to be a distraction, and the attention should be upwards. For this reason, opt for asymmetrical necklaces. Alternatively, try earrings, collar necklaces, or chokers to achieve a sophisticated look.

Print Shapes 

The shape of your necklace or earrings should match the design of your dress, especially so for shirts or dresses that have bold print or pattern. Wear these with necklaces and earrings that have pendants in the shape of the outfit’s print.

Bracelets with Sleeves

The rule of thumb when pairing these two is; the longer the sleeves, the less the bracelets you should wear, and the thinner those bracelets should be and vice-versa.

Choose One Focal Piece

Never pair large and bold jewelry. For example, never wear long dangly earrings with a bold tribal necklace. Consider ditching other accessories when you wear long earrings to avoid an overwhelming look. A statement celtic ring or a pendant is more than enough to amp your outfit.


Choosing the right jewelry for an outfit does not have to be an overwhelming moment with the right fashion knowledge. You can accessorize any dress in your wardrobe for a stylish and sophisticated look with the above pointers.  Basic knowledge on accessorizing based on your outfit and face shape can go a long way into saving you from a wardrobe malfunction. 

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