Can You Take a Foster Child on an International Vacation?

Taking Your Foster Child On Holiday

Whether it's traveling abroad to an exotic location or going on a local staycation, vacation time is a part of being a family. It is a fantastic way for families to spend quality time together and bond. Taking a foster child on vacation can help build trust and make them feel closer to you and your family. Not to mention, going somewhere new can expose your foster child to unique experiences and give them the opportunity to encounter diverse cultures and learn new things. Here are a few things to think about before taking a foster child on an international vacation.

Check Out the Rules and Regulations

Before booking a flight, make sure you consult The Fostering Services: National Minimum Standards document.

This states that children can stay overnight with a friend. They can also go on holiday with their friends and friends and relatives of their foster carer. In addition, foster children don't miss out on school trips, either, as this document also includes trips such as this. Of course, each circumstance must be taken into consideration, and the requirements of each child and their care/placement plan will be looked at carefully as foster carers decide whether it is appropriate. As a standard, it is not expected for any CRB checks to be carried out.

According to the document, you can take your foster child on a vacation if you take their individual circumstances, welfare, and safety into account. Just make sure you get local authority consent and complete the right paperwork beforehand.

Speak to Your Social Worker for Clearance

Your social worker is the top person to talk to when it comes to taking your foster child abroad. They can offer you sound advice about how you can get local authority consent, the paperwork required, and any extra permissions you need, such as approval from a biological parent. Fostering agencies in Leeds, such as the FCA, can advise you further. The FCA is one of the largest fostering agencies in the UK, and if you choose to foster with the FCA, you will receive guidance regarding international vacations.

Book Suitable Accommodation

A private bedroom is always the preferable choice for your foster child. However, vacations abroad are often another story. Many families choose family hotel rooms or shared family apartments. With a foster family, where you stay may differ based on risks and measures needed to be taken. As a result, any vacation will be pre-arranged with the foster agency and local authorities, including the sleeping arrangements and why this is the case, who is going, what measures need to be taken, and procedures for privacy (such as getting changed). A risk assessment will be carried out, and upon this completion, plans can be put in place that the agency and local authorities can approve. 

Those going away for a special reason, such as a birthday, might receive payments to fund part of the vacation. In addition, some organizations provide free vacations for foster families. 

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Vacation Checklist

Before booking a vacation, make sure you can answer the following questions confidently.

●  Do you need or have local authority consent?
●  Do you need permission from a birth parent?
●  Have you received the green light from your social worker, and, if applicable, did they give you a letter of consent for passport control?
●  Does your social worker know exactly where you plan to go, the type of accommodation you plan to reserve, and the dates of your vacation?
●  Does your foster child require any vaccinations, and if so, do you have permission from the relevant people?
●  Does your foster child have travel insurance?

You should also make sure you take down contact numbers for the Emergency Duty Team and your social worker before your vacation. You should also pack any medication your foster child may need.

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