5 Engagement Ring Trends for 2023

Engagement Ring Trends

When you can choose your engagement ring, why wouldn’t you? Styles can change, but your engagement ring should reflect your personality. Thankfully, jewelers are usually on top of the latest trends. There are more new styles than you’ll need to properly express yourself with your engagement ring. That said, here are some of the popular trends for engagement rings in 2023. 

1. Oval-Cut Diamonds

Square and round diamonds have been the go-to for engagement rings forever. However, oval cuts are gaining on them fast. This trend has been especially popular among celebrities, who can be credited with starting the trend. Whatever color or carat you get your diamond, an oval cut is a perfect way to show off the way it sparkles. 

You can get a host of different styles, bands, and motifs. Choose a halo of smaller square diamonds to really get the sparkle going, or go for a yellow or rose diamond to get a unique spin on this trend.

Oval-Cut Diamonds
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2. Emerald Rings

Diamonds are the usual choice for engagement rings. However, emeralds are stealing the spotlight this year. These colorful rings feature vibrant green stones in a variety of cuts and styles. Emeralds match nearly every skin tone, and you can get them styled exactly how you want. However, they are less durable than diamonds. You’ll have to be careful when wearing an emerald ring to really preserve it. 

Even so, you can get emerald pieces in nearly every design that comes with a diamond. The choices are endless. Choose a mix of emeralds and diamonds to get a beautifully glittery effect. Pair emeralds with gold or silver – it depends entirely on your preference.

Emerald Rings
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3. Vintage Style Rings

Like all fashion trends in the last few years, vintage is in. The great thing about vintage engagement rings being in style again is that you can repurpose your favorite sentimental family pieces. If you have older engagement or wedding rings from relatives, you can use them as a nice tribute. 

If you’re looking for vintage styles to match your look, look for pieces with elaborate diamond halos. Filigree and milgrain textures and designs are very vintage as well and often make a piece look older than it is. In this instance, that’s a good thing! Even if you don’t have an heirloom piece, you can certainly choose one that looks timeless. 

4. Rose Cut Diamonds

The rose cut was popular a long time ago. Instead of vintage rings from a few decades ago, try a few centuries! Nobility in the 1500s loved rose-cut diamonds, and they are finally coming back into style. These diamonds have a very old-fashioned, antique look for them. They have fewer facets than other cuts, and they tend to have a glassy look. 

However, they often look more expensive than they are! These diamonds are flat, so they look like they have a higher carat weight than similar diamonds in other cuts. That’s worth it, in our opinion!

5. Multi-Stone Rings

Rings with multiple stones are extremely popular now. Two-stone engagement rings are shiny, unique, and could represent a deeper, more touching look at what your engagement means. Choose two different cuts to really up the stakes. Choose a larger stone and a smaller one, or equal stones set side by side (or stacked). You really can’t go wrong with any style of the double stone ring. You get twice the shine and an intricate design, too. 

Of course, three-stone engagement rings are just as popular. Choosing a large central diamond set next to two smaller, symmetrical stones makes for an interesting piece. Choose the same cut, or go with a central oval stone and two pear-cut options on the sides. You can choose from a variety of amazing options to get the style and feel that is perfect for your personality. When it comes to symbolism, meaning, and choice, multi-stone rings are the leaders of the pack.

Multi-Stone Rings
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Women’s rings are in a really good place right now. There are options to support every personality and style. You can go for a simple engagement ring or go all out – the choice is yours! The great thing is that you have the freedom to choose the ones that work best for your personality.

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