How to Dress Well: 6 Tips for Men to Style Better

how to dress better men

Believe it or not, men also like to dress well and feel good about themselves. As they should. But oftentimes, guys simply do not have where to go to, in terms of fashion advice. If you are a guy who wants to up your styling game, look no further. With our advice, you will surely be on the right path of becoming a better version of yourself.

1) Identify your style

You can see a lot of guys that are interested in fashion, but unfortunately, they often end up wearing what is “trendy” instead of what flatters them and their personality. You should never compromise who you are for the sake of others, after all, there is nothing more elegant on a man than his confidence. So, before you throw out every graphic tee you own or get rid of those cargo pants you love, stop and ask yourself – “What do I like?” You can find a way to still look stylish and wear the clothes you like. Even a metalhead can look classy when the occasion calls for it. Go to different men’s stores and try to find as many items as possible that you like, or browse the Internet for ideas. Then think about how you could style those items to look good. It takes time to develop your style, but that is the fun of it.

2) Embrace colour

Most men are afraid to wear colour, they usually stick to navy or grey. Well, we are here to tell you that wearing colours that suit your complexion will make you look like a million bucks. Even if you are used to only wearing black or blue, adding one single piece of clothing that is a different colour will make your outfit pop. Colours like mustard, pinks, greens, different shades of blue are both versatile and look good. Go to the store and try on different colours. Eventually, you will find those that you like. And remember, less is more – you only need one garment to lift an outfit.

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3) Invest in a tailor

One thing is for sure, ill-fitting clothes are never in style. This does not mean that skinny jeans or baggy hoodies cannot look good, it is just how they suit your body. Your pants should never sag so much that everyone can see your underwear, nor should your dress shirt be so tight that it is a sneeze away from popping a button in someone’s eye. Invest in well-tailored clothes, especially when it comes to suits and blazers. Even jeans that have an outdated fit can suit you well if you have them taken in. Well-fitting clothes can make you appear taller, more confident and even slimmer, and to top it off, they are made for your body, so they are extremely comfortable.
4) Accessorize

Make a point by wearing stylish accessories. Sometimes a few smart accessories are all you need to pull an outfit together. Accessories can introduce colour to your outfit – like a royal blue scarf paired with a camel coat, some jeans and a white sweater. You can even juxtapose the colours to make the outfit interesting, like a mustard blazer with a burgundy pocket square. Even details catch the eye, like an elegant carbon fiber wallet. Minimalist and stylish, it is surely more fitting for a suit than that old bulky leather wallet you have had since college, and it does not take up space in your pocket. And, of course, no outfit is complete without a classy watch. Every man should have one watch that fits every occasion. 

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5) Look after your clothes

Whatever you decide to wear will not matter if it is a wrinkled mess. Teach yourself to take care of your clothing items, it will only make you appreciate them more. Organize your closet, make sure your shirts and pants are ironed and folded neatly, that they are clean and fresh. Additionally, polish your shoes regularly, so that they do not become dull. This will not only make you look neat and tidy, but the clothes will last much longer. Also, do not put your outfit together five minutes before you get out the door. Make it a habit to put out clothes and plan your outfit the night before. Make some effort to look stylish.
6) Take care of yourself

Dressing well goes hand in hand with taking care of oneself. Just like wearing clean clothes, a man never truly looks good unless he takes care of his skin, hair and body. By looking after yourself, you say to the world “Hey, I am responsible, reliable, organized, meticulous and my life is in order.” Wash and moisturize your face daily, and always maintain a fresh clean-cut hairstyle, even if you have hair to your waist, it should be clean and combed. Wear deodorant, be clean-shaven or have a groomed beard, and clean your nails. This way you will always look your best, even in simpler clothing.

While stepping out of your comfort zone is never going to be easy, becoming a better version of yourself is definitely possible. Dressing well is a good beginning, since it is a real confidence boost, especially once you start receiving compliments. Just like women, you guys deserve to look and feel beautiful and attractive, and with these few pieces of advice, you definitely can.

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