Top Trends in Engagement Rings for 2021

What is the most popular style engagement ring?

The tradition of exchanging a ring to seal a relationship goes back to ancient times when people valued it as a lifelong promise. In modern times, the size and value of this ornament reflect your status and personal style.

It is estimated that one-third of Americans spend between $1,000 and $3,000 while selecting a ring for their fiancée, and 10 percent spend less than $1,000.

A simple solitaire engagement ring is a common choice for most of these buyers. But, choosing a timeless piece that grabs eyeballs is a daunting task. Keeping an eye on the latest trends may help. 

A list of trending engagement rings that you can choose from for your loving partner in 2021

1) Solitaire Diamond Rings

Solitaire rings are the most elegant and classic engagement rings. Each ring focuses on the center solitaire stone. You can pick from an extensive variety of diamond solitaires with specific cuts and shapes. The elegant diamond can also be graced by a delicate set of smaller diamonds encrusted around the band.

What style of engagement ring is most popular?
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2) Statement Bands

Statement bands are delicate, plain pieces preferred by many. They are unisex and match different dressing styles. You and your partner can choose to twin at your betrothal ceremony with matching bands. You can select from a variety, including:

A thin diamond or gemstone encrusted ring
Sparkly eternity bands
A wider and broader ring, with double or triple lines and a center gemstone stone shining in the middle.

3) Hidden Halo Rings

Hidden halo rings are currently a hot favorite among millennial couples. They are more visible to the wearer and create a dazzling effect. You can see a halo form over the small diamonds that surround the main solitaire stone at the center. With an added shimmering effect, the ring shines beautifully from all angles when light hits on the perfect spot.

What is the most popular engagement ring in 2021?
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4) Three-stone Rings

A three-stoned design consists of a cluster of different gemstones fixed side by side. The center stone is comparatively larger than the other two. A three-stone engagement ring gives a multi-dimensional effect when exposed to light. 

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5) Platinum Finger Rings

A diamond-studded, elegant platinum ring is called a love band. These rings enhance the beauty of precious stones encrusted in the ornament. Platinum is a silvery metal that uniquely emits radiance and brilliance. Platinum bands are durable and suitable for all skin tones and are worn by both men and women.

6) Yellow Gold Rings

Rings made of yellow gold are a popular choice among many people in the US. It is a versatile metal used in different jewelry designs. Round-cut diamonds are the best option that goes with a yellow gold engagement ring. Pink sapphires also give a fresh, contemporary look to the gold finger rings.

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7) Rings with Precious Gemstones

Many people prefer to buy engagement rings made of precious gemstones like emerald, ruby, and blue sapphire. You get vibrant and appealing choices with precious stones.

Select an emerald ring that matches your skin tone. For fairer skin, you can select a darker emerald hue. For a darker skin tone, you can buy one with a bright, sparkling emerald stone. 

Due to their sheer beauty, blue sapphire rings have been a hot favorite among people for centuries. Sapphires with a velvety blue or violet shade are considered more valuable.

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8) Vintage and Antique Rings

Hand-picked vintage rings are rare and unique. You can select from Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, or Art Deco designs that exhibit classic art styles. Such antique rings can be preserved as the family heirloom. It can be passed proudly to future generations to maintain a family heritage.

Tips to Pick a Unique Engagement Ring in 2021

Here are some tips to make buying a ring for your fiancée an easier process.

Set a Budget 

A classic engagement ring may burn a hole in your pocket. It is prudent to set a budget beforehand and shop for an ornament that you can easily afford. If a diamond is an expensive option, you choose similar styles with cheaper stones like cubic zirconia.

Customize the Stone Cuts and Placements

You can opt for a unique arrangement of the stones and customize the cuts of the diamond. It may make the ornament stand out in the crowd. A fancy, stylish stone can be shaped to suit your needs.

Check the Diamond Basics

It is imperative to check the quality and beauty of the diamond according to the color, cut, clarity, and carat details. You can make a personalized choice depending on your partner's preferences and tastes.

Final Words

It is advisable to compare the prices offered by local jewelers and online jewelry companies to find a reputable and trustworthy dealer. You should check the return and exchange policies of the companies before you make the final choice.


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