Lash Trends For Autumn/Winter 2021

Each season comes with new trends, not only influencing fashion but similarly everything from makeup looks and hairstyles to eyelash extensions. Typically, as we approach spring, we often expect to see the arrivals of pastels and florals as well as light, dewy makeup and sunkissed highlights throughout the hair. On the flip side, when we move into autumn we generally see chunky knitwear, a striking smokey eye look, bolder lip colour choices, and the transition to darker hair colour. 

These are all staple, predictable trends that are guaranteed to appear year on year. However, there are also those unique trends that make an appearance and shake up the fashion and beauty industries. Throughout 2020 and 2021, the 90s/noughties aesthetic has returned with a bang, from low rise bootcut jeans to beaded jewellery and the return of the 90s butterfly clip. Even makeup looks have changed - we’ve seen ‘barely there’ bases meet bold, colourful eyeshadows and clumpy, editorial looking mascara. With this in mind, it’s interesting to note how the demand for certain styles of eyelash extensions can mirror such trends. 

When it comes to lash looks in particular, what can we expect to see throughout autumn/winter 2021?

Well, to begin with, let’s talk coloured lashes. When it comes to coloured lash extensions, it can be easy to automatically think of summer festivals and fancy dress - doesn’t exactly scream autumn/winter, does it?

But this isn’t the only time that coloured lashes can be used. In fact, the likes of Halloween and the festive season are the perfect times to try out coloured lash extensions if you haven’t already. From stunning ombre looks to scattered, bold coloured extensions through a classic black lash look, the options are endless. 

We love seeing the traditional festive colours - red and green - brought into winter lash looks. It’s the perfect way to spread some Christmas spirit!  

cat eye lash extensions
Image Credit: allure

Next, let’s take a look at the beloved cat-eye trend. Not only is winged cat eyeliner a staple, so too have cat eyelash extensions risen in popularity. In recent months, the ‘kitten liner’ trend has become increasingly popular, with the likes of Zendaya rocking this minimalistic, subtle sister of the traditional cat eyeliner. 

Instead of the bold, defiant wing that we’re used to with the cat eyeliner trend, kitten liner is far smaller, offering a more discreet alternative. To complement this beautifully understated eye look, cat eye style lash extensions are perfect. 

To achieve this look, lash artists apply shorter lengths of lashes throughout the inner corners of the eyes, gradually moving to lengthier extensions throughout the outer corners, creating that much-loved almond shaped appearance.  

volume lashes

Finally, a lash look we can always expect during the colder seasons is volume and mega volume lashes. While these are popular all year round, volume lashes are perfect for accompanying those darker, smokey eye looks we tend to see throughout this season. 

Mega volume lashes can be stunning but may look over the top if not done correctly, for this reason, it’s important to go to a trusted, professional lash artist who will ensure that the extensions cause no damage to the natural lashes and can prevent them from looking excessive. 

Volume lashes are ideal for those who aren’t quite ready to go for the mega volume lash look - they still provide a thicker, fuller lash appearance to set off those striking autumn/winter eye looks. 

We can’t wait to see how these trends play out during the festive season! 


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