Fashion Essentials for Destination Wedding 2023

Destination Wedding Fashion Essentials

Destination weddings are extremely special, as you get to spend your wedding day in a beautiful location surrounded by the people you love. Aside from the day itself, you will want to look your best in the days before and days after the wedding. So, we have put together must-have fashion essentials to help you look amazing and feel even better during your time away! From simple brown heeled sandals and beautiful swimwear to statement sunglasses and necklaces, these beautiful pieces will make sure you turn heads for all the right reasons.

1) Brown Heeled Sandals

When you are packing for your destination wedding, it is best to pack diverse items that you can wear over and over to save space. Believe us, you can’t go wrong with the brown heeled sandals!  This shoe is perfect as it is very neutral, so will accompany any evening outfit beautifully. Also, it is nice and cool so if you were heading for a fancy lunch or dress fitting appointment and wanted to feel your best, you can! 

Invest in a good pair of brown sandals, as you will find yourself wearing them year after year. Plus, knowing they were bought for your wedding vacation will bring back happy memories every time you wear them. Just one quick tip, make sure the heel isn’t too high as you don't want your feet to ache on your big day! 

Brown Heeled Sandals
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2) Beautiful Swimwear

If your destination wedding is near the beach or has access to the pool, beautiful swimwear is a must. This is the perfect opportunity to go all out with your swimwear and make a statement. In the days running up to the wedding, make sure you have a strapless bikini or costume to avoid unwanted tan marks! Once you have had your wedding day, you can go wild with all sorts of crazy designs if that’s your thing. 

Go for something blingy like a jewel bikini, or keep things more simple with a subtle black swimsuit. Don’t forget to take a beach coverup like a fancy sarong or comfy beach pants, and of course a glam beach bag! Make the most of your stunning destination and soak up the sun in your beautiful swimwear. 
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3) Lightweight Evening Jacket

Depending on your location, the temperature could dip in the evenings, so packing a lightweight evening jacket is a must. Something like a lightweight cardigan or denim jacket would work well and will go with most outfit choices, especially gorgeous cocktail dresses

You don’t want your precious time away with your loved ones to be cut short because it’s too cold, so be prepared and you will have nothing to worry about. Roll up your jacket tightly at the bottom of your bag and it won’t be any bother. 

Lightweight Evening Jacket
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4) Statement Sunglasses

You’re likely to be taking lots of pictures when you are away, so if you don’t want to risk squinting too much on your special photos, make sure to take some statement sunglasses with you. You will look effortlessly stylish and you will have a great new accessory in your lovely photos! 

Everyone suits different sunglasses, however, a firm favorite for many people are oversized frames. This is a great way to make a statement without any crazy colors or patterns. Just make sure you occasionally take them off to prevent unwanted tan lines, especially before the wedding. 

Statement Sunglasses
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5) Statement Necklace

You want to look as glam as possible during your special trip, and one way to add glamour to any outfit is with a statement necklace. Pick a more simple outfit and pair it with a statement necklace to take it to another level. A white dress with a bright, colorful necklace works amazingly, especially when paired with a more simple bag and shoes. Whilst they aren’t necessarily for everyday wear, you will look and feel amazing as soon as you put it on. 

Statement necklaces have been in style for years, and it looks like that isn’t going to change anytime soon, so invest in a few different pieces so you always have different options. Experiment with a range of colors and textures to find your own unique style. Any vacation outfit isn’t complete with a few accessories, yet a statement necklace will make you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons!

Statement Necklace
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6) Raffia Handbag

The most on-trend vacation accessory you can find is a raffia handbag. These gorgeous, neutral bags look beautiful but they are also more sustainable than other bags thanks to their natural material. Just try to avoid ones with plastic linings and you’ll be good to go! Best of all, they go with everything so you will save plenty of packing space for more important things. The subtle color of the bag works especially well with beautiful bright outfits!

You can get miniature sizes if you only need to take a few bits on the go, or larger over-the-shoulder bags which are perfect for the evening as you can easily carry your lightweight jacket. Whether you decide to get a designer raffia bag or a highstreet version, there are plenty of options on the market, so you will find something perfect for you. 

Raffia Handbag
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Final Thoughts

Of course, your wedding day is the focus of the trip, however, putting some thought into your fashion essentials for before and after the big day will help to make the entire experience all the more special. You want to look and feel better than ever and with these bits and pieces, you will have all the confidence in the world to be yourself and enjoy the time away! Plus, these items are timeless, so you can continue to enjoy them after the wedding. 

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