How to Plan Destination Wedding In Budget: 7 Smart Ways

How do you plan a low budget destination wedding?

A well-planned budget and the right location make the destination wedding the best. 

The fairy-tale dream of having the best destination wedding is something everyone secretly cherishes once in their life. The good news for you all is that fulfilling your fairy-tale dream is no more an impossible or unachievable thing now as most of the tales are. Yes, by planning in advance, implementing some budget-friendly tips to prepare the best destination wedding, you can easily turn your dream into a reality. 

How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Destination Wedding in 7 Steps          
While it’s easy to save your money on hosting a local wedding ceremony, you can also plan the best destination wedding on a limited budget. Here is a complete list of frugal tips to plan the best destination wedding. Let’s get started:

1. Plan the Budget Thoroughly 

Since, the budget is the first thing on which your whole wedding arrangements are based, planning it wisely is crucial. To decide on a budget effectively, sit with your friends or family members, and decide on estimated spending for the whole wedding. Make a rough list of the things and activities such as food, rent, flowers, entertainment, and more to know the approx. spending and plan your budget accordingly. The costs of hotels, travel and other such accommodation costs can fluctuate. Moreover, there will be a lot of one-time items on your list on which spending huge money is a silly thing. By removing such items and spending from your wedding list, you can plan a budget-friendly destination wedding. 

If you still feel difficulty in making the right budget, consider hiring a wedding planner. It may sound like a costly venture initially but can save you money significantly that you can’t even imagine. 

What are the steps to planning a destination wedding?

2. Choose a Meaningful Location

The second thing you should keep in mind while planning the best destination wedding on a budget is choosing a location that ideally suits your budget and needs. Since, you are going to plan a destination wedding, choosing the right venue has the utmost value. The charming beach that you are going to hire will worth nothing if has fewer hotels to accommodate all your guests. 

There are abundant beautiful places in the world popular for tourists as well as couples. However, if you are following a tight budget, choosing the destination that is nearest to your location is the best feasible option to save your money. 

3. Merge Your Destination Wedding with Your Honeymoon 

You want a budget-friendly destination wedding, and also planning a honeymoon right after your wedding, right? Why not combine your destination wedding with the romantic honeymoon week? Though it’s obvious that it’s the best tip to save your money on a wedding, many couples are just unaware of how much they can save by doing so. 

Several wedding companies and online shopping stores offer incredible packages to arrange a frugal wedding and reduce your hard-earned cash. Not to forget, seasons also contribute hugely to increase or decrease your venue charges. Try and search the wedding destination venues where the competition is high but resources are relatively affordable. 


4. Prioritize Important Things 

Spending senselessly on everything is not a good idea if you are planning the best destination wedding on a budget. You need to prioritize all the aspects that are essential and you cannot compromise on them. Cut your spending on certain areas that you can negotiate with, and increase on the important things. 

While food is one of the crucial things you can’t do compromise with, you must make sure that you are not overspending on the food too. Also, include the dishes that your guests will enjoy the most to avoid wasting money on food. Though your wedding decoration would be incomplete without flowers, you can slash your spending where you can and use those savings on some other purpose. 

5. Be an Early Bird 

This tip implies everything related to booking tickets, hotels, and accommodations. The earlier you reserve a seat means cheaper you will get them. So, the best way to reduce your travel charges is to plan and book all your reservations in advance and get all the perks of being an early bird. Not to mention, planning your destination wedding in the off-season can also help you save your money as the hotel rooms are vacant on off-days that make them even more affordable to you. 

Early Bird
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6. Check out the Best Travel deals 

If your chosen wedding destination is too far from your location, you are most likely to end up spending a lot of your money on paying travel fares. So, before booking your tickets to the required destination, find out whether the booking charges are likely to drop or rise? Moreover, you can also browse the best destination wedding packages that offer you great deals and the best discount codes to reduce your travel costs remarkably. 

7. Choose a Weekday 

When it comes to planning the best destination wedding on a pocket-friendly budget, days also matter. Yes, you cut a noticeable amount of your money by planning your wedding on weekdays. While it may prevent some of your guests to attend your event, a weekday party can significantly reduce not only your venue charges but also your travel costs too. Choosing a working day will help you get some amazing deals on a venue, vendors, and airfare. 

Choose a Weekday

Final thoughts 

Following the above-listed frugal tips to plan the best destination wedding is a sure-fire way to plan a realistic and affordable budget in a hassle-free manner. We hope this blog will help you make your fairy-take wedding come true!

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Frequently Asked Question

1) What is the total cost of a destination wedding in India? 

If you are planning for a destination wedding in India but wondering how much does it cost to you, you must check this out. We are going to give you a ballpark estimate. For a destination wedding in Udaipur, you'll have to pay around INR 50-70 lakhs if you are inviting 150 people. For a destination wedding in Goa, you'll have to pay around INR 30-50 lakhs. For a guest list of 150 people, you'll have to pay around INR 30-70 lakhs for a destination wedding in Jaipur. However, the cheapest option for a destination wedding is Uttarakhand, it will cost you around 15-25 lakhs. 

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