List of Basic Makeup Essentials for Beginners (2022)

basic makeup items for beginners

Many individuals are turned off by makeup because they are under the illusion that they need a lot of cosmetics and that applying them perfectly takes an age. Then comes the question of what products do you need to buy? Is there a makeup kit available online for you to buy? And how is it that you apply them? 

But in fact, in your daily makeup routine, you only need a few basic makeup products. These daily makeup essentials for beginners are super easy to apply and carry in your bag. In much less than 5 minutes, you will be able to perfect them. Plus, they can automatically make you look and feel completely fabulous. But, are you ready to learn about the imperative basic makeup essentials you need in 2022?

Coming Down To The Basics

Makeup is meant to make you look like the best version of yourself, just much more stunning. This strengthens the naturally attractive qualities, without altering or covering them up. Think of a beautiful piece of clothing you own that you want to wear. You wear it because a specific part of your body is enhanced by it, and it makes you look and feel incredible. 

Maybe it infuses you with a tremendous amount of confidence as well, or perhaps it brings out the color of your eyes. It helps you look and feel fantastic either way and yet, you're looking just like you. Makeup does exactly the same thing. 

So now that you are assured that makeup always makes you look like yourself, and you can apply it in a few minutes. You need only a few items to perfect your look. Oh, by the way, you can find a reasonable makeup kit box price in India with all the products in place. So, let's get started on those simple makeup basics.

1) Prime Up With a Primer 

We are probably the first to say this, but we're always told there are so many beauty and cosmetics products that we desperately need. Yet they're utterly pointless half the time. However, a face primer is not one of those products. And for excellent reasons, it makes our list of the only six must-have makeup products you really need in 2022.

For one reason, it's merely an extension of your skincare. And it's the foundation for a smooth, even layer of makeup. Although you may think it's just another needless phase in your makeup routine to add a face primer. It's going to save you time and money over the long term. 

Primer I What are the must have makeup items?

2) Conceal & Wink

Aside from Mascara, one of our must-have makeup products for 2022 has to be a concealer. In fact, we take into account both of the top two simple makeup essentials as well. A concealer is a little work of miracle for every woman. And it does a fantastic job by instantly making us look and feel better. 

A lot of people get puzzled between a concealer and a foundation and what each one really does. So for you now, we will break this down for you. It's a concealer that can actually do all the difficult graft for you, not your foundation.

What Can A Concealer Do?

A Concealer is basically a Colour Corrector. It aims to mitigate or neutralize discoloration, such as marks of redness or pigmentation. It brightens shadowed areas under the eye region or around the mouth, such as dark circles. Also, it can camouflage blemishes as well. Concealer is usually thicker in quality than a Foundation since it lays the base for your Foundation, much like a face primer. 

daily makeup essentials for beginners

3) Foundation, Maybe?

Many women complain that they're scared to wear Foundation because they don't want to look like they're wearing a mask. Let us assure you that wearing a Foundation would not make you look like you're wearing a mask, like ever. Throughout the past decade, Foundations have come a very long way, and it'll look and feel great when you select the best Foundation for your skin type.

Let’s Talk Foundation

The first product in a makeup box online or offline is always a Foundation. While the Concealer's objective is to conceal appropriately, the Foundation's purpose is to equalize your skin tone. Your base is like a second skin. It should look like you don't wear makeup and offer the impression of a skin tone that is completely even.

Always keep in mind, when it is about applying a Foundation, less is more. You don't need a lot of it to perfect your look. In fact, many women prefer to apply Concealer first, then the Foundation. That way, with your Concealer, you won't need to add as much makeup, as your skin tone would have already started to balance out.
What are the basic makeup items for beginners?

Often, using less Foundation offers a much more natural finish to the skin. It's easier to build up the product slowly. You can always add a little more if you find you need a bit of coverage. A base is expected to look like a second skin. 

The fact that you're wearing makeup should not be visible. It's supposed to make you look much more awake and refreshed, just like you look right now. It is necessary to choose the correct foundation shade. However, it's not the most critical aspect of a Foundation's decision. Your skin type needs to be considered first.

4) Blush Please!

Another of those products people sometimes shy away from is a Blusher. One of the most crucial reasons is that they don't know how to put it into effect. However, the Blusher is an incredible little product. It can make you go from looking exhausted and pale to new and radiant within seconds. For this reason, Blusher makes it into our product list of makeup basics.

You may be someone who gets turned off by a blusher. You might be worried that the Blusher shade is going to start looking too dark on you. Or worse, that this would make you look like a clown. Don't be afraid. It absolutely doesn't need to be that way.

The trick to accurately applying a Blusher is the quantity that you apply and where you apply it. You'll question why you haven't been using a Blush all your life until you learn how to use those two things. 

Now that we've discussed how to choose the right Blusher for your face, we hope you find your perfect match. And if you really need support determining if a powder or cream blusher is suitable for you or which shade to pick, be sure to read this guide.

Blush I What are the basic makeup items?

5) Mascara 

Without Mascara, no list of basic makeup items for beginners could ever be complete. Our absolute favorite beauty product of all time has to be Mascara. You look instantly alert and fresh by merely adding one coat of Mascara. It can enhance your eyes even without adding any other eye makeup products, such as eyeshadow. It can immediately offer a more fresh-faced look.

There are several different types of Mascara that can seem daunting to choose from, especially if you are a novice at makeup. Really, the type of Mascara you select depends only on the kind of look you want to accomplish.

makeup essentials for beginners

6) Of Course, a Lipstick 

Lip products go without saying in the makeup bag. Applying a lip product in a beautiful, attractive shade really finishes off the look. Pick your favorite lipstick or lipgloss in whatever hue you feel like wearing for the day. You might also play around a little and go for more of a bolder or lighter hue as the look is very natural.

If you don't like lipstick or lipgloss, why not use a tinted lip balm instead? These can do the same work as a lip balm, except for the fact that they have just a touch of color. They always look genuinely beautiful and subtle. But, the hint of color can really give your face an extra touch of radiance. And if you just don't want to wear any of these, it'll do just fine with a simple lip balm.

women makeup essentials

Start slowly by adding 1 or 2 of the must-have makeup products at a time, if you're totally new to makeup. For example, you might start off with a Concealer and Foundation. Then in your regimen, you should add Mascara and a Primer. And eventually, your favorite Lipstick and Blusher. Use this process if it feels less daunting to you.

If you don't really have much time at all, applying even just a little bit of a Concealer and Mascara will help you look fresher and more alert instantly. Using these few essential makeup items would not only make you look better, but they will also make you feel better which will really encourage your natural beauty to shine even more in turn.

As you can see these simple makeup basics are extremely easy to apply. And it literally takes only a couple of minutes to use them. Of course, there are other items that are a great complement to them. But to get you started, these simple makeup basics are fantastic, or for those days when you have no time. A makeup kit box price in India is pretty reasonable if you want to get it online.

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