How To Remove Makeup Before Bed [7 Experts Tips]

Best Makeup Removal Tips every girl should know

Makeup application is a mixture of fun and challenge. Before you get the look you have in mind, a lot of time is consumed and there are times when you keep on repeating because you aren’t satisfied or because you always commit cringe-worthy makeup mistakes.

It’s amazing and gleeful to see a successful look right after creating it, however, at the end of the day, you need to know how to remove the makeup before going to bed. It’s necessary; you shouldn’t sleep with it. With makeup removal, there are a lot of misconceptions out there that you shouldn't pay heed. Below are some easy makeup removal tips that you must remember when it comes to washing off your makeup, and these are not to be ignored:


A very common error in removing makeup is using baby wipes when doing so. Many think that since they are used for a baby’s sensitive skin, then they can also be used on the face. Come to think that the baby’s buttocks aren’t filled with makeup, so the case on your facial skin is different. 

Some chemicals present in baby wipes might also be incompatible with your skin type. It’s the same as the material used to create baby wipes. Some might be too harsh or rough for your skin. Some scents might also not agree with your skin, which might lead to the appearance of rashes and other bothersome skin blemishes. 



If you feel that your skin is still oily, do not just give up even when it’s a bit difficult to discard your makeup. Oil clogs the pores which make breathing hard for your skin. If your skin finds it tough and troublesome to get some air, unwanted visitors may grow on your skin. Some of them are pimples and acne. 

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Steaming your face before washing it can also be a safe and healthy strategy in removing your makeup. Placing your face over a bowl filled with hot water and feeling and catching the steam with your face is the way. Your pores can relax and have time to recover. 

The cleanser can also be easily absorbed by the skin more deeply so it can thoroughly put away makeup and other remains of it. You will feel rested and refreshed too. 


When you are removing makeup, don’t get satisfied just because the makeup already went lighter or because it isn’t very obvious anymore. Don’t. Especially when you’re about to go to bed, make sure that you remove everything and leave nothing on your face. 

If you leave some makeup on and go to sleep happily and unworried, they will hinder your skin from breathing and will cause blockages and blemishes. You will probably wake up with dark-looking eyes (under eyes) and dry or oily skin. Look at yourself in the mirror, and you’ll probably see some haggardness early in the morning unlike the makeup-filled beauty last night.


There are several makeup removal products available in the market. Make sure to use them or those which are medically proven and approved safe, and not just any “alternative” you’ve seen online or invented on your own. 

There may be suggestions from your friends who have worked nicely on them but remember that every person’s skin type is unique. What’s effective for their skin may not be good for yours. If needed, consult a dermatologist to know what’s safe and suitable for your precious skin.

If you have already known what to use, then utilize those proper products the right way. Use them with discipline according to the measurements, the amounts, and the schedules of application. Follow up your facial wash with other beauty products necessary such as moisturizers and toners.


Because you have to completely remove all your makeup, the huge tendency is that you will do it with force. If it doesn’t go off easily, you might think that the way to do it is to exert more force and pressure until it’s finally removed. 

If you’re too hard, you might remove the makeup eventually but your skin gets hurt and damaged. First, use gentle products, and second, use gentle ways. 

Do not rub and scrub like there’s no tomorrow. Be patient with makeup removal because you’ll eventually take it off. 


Keep in mind that the skin is very essential, and it really needs to be taken good care of. Especially the skin on your face, since it’s very much exposed to elements in the environment and it is the part usually covered with makeup, it is prone to get damaged. That’s why putting makeup and removing it must be done really carefully and mindfully. Your skin’s health is the main concern and not just its “beauty”.

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