How To Do Makeup In Under 10 Minutes (VIDEO)

How To Do Makeup In Under 10 Minutes

Not every woman is blessed with some extra time early in the morning. Unfortunately, plenty of us run on coffee & dry shampoo, and we don't have time to make ourselves look like an Instagram baddie. On the other hand, not that many women crave that sculpted and attention-seeking look. Either way, if you are looking for just the right in-between option which will make you look presentable, you've come to the right place! Here is how to do your makeup in under 10 minutes. Also, don't forget to watch the VIDEO available at the end of this amazing post.

Top 5 Must-Do Steps

1. Multi-Task With A Tinted Moisturizer

Who doesn't love to multi-task with their products? Luckily, a tinted moisturizer is an amazing makeup item that can give you both: color & moisture. It is an ideal go-to item if you are a mom on the go, or simply someone who doesn't prefer a heavy amount of coverage. A tinted moisturizer looks skin-like, is very easy to apply since it will take you less than a minute to dab in with your fingers, and is very shiny! This means that you will look radiant & youthful no matter where you go.

2. Use Liquid Blush On The Go

Liquid blush looks very innocent & feminine. It also gives you dimension and & cute sultry look. You should use either a coral or a pinky shade all over your cheeks. A liquid blush (unfortunately) fades quick & easy, which is why you should bring this item with you when you're out the house. Reach for it whenever in need of some additional shimmer, shine & flushed cheeks. Try to reapply it every 3-4 hours.

PS: You can also use your liquid or tinted blush all over your lips. This is a great multi-purpose item that can be used on top of your lips to give you some moisture & pigment if and when needed.

Liquid Blush

3. Ditch Eyeliners, Strip Lashes, and Mascaras

This is the right step that you could take! Not only money-wise, but definitely if you want to save some time early in the morning. Eyeliners, mascaras & glue-on lashes take forever to apply & dry down. Let's not forget that you can always end up looking uneven &  with a set of sad puppy eyes if applied in a rush or incorrectly.

However, what you can & should do is get yourself a pair of classic lash extensions. These lashes are super sturdy, high-quality, and waterproof! You can wake up every morning and look like a true goddess without even investing time in doing your eye makeup.

PS: Lash extensions last for 2-3 weeks. This means that you will have a flawless outcome for quite some time.


4. Apply Bronzer On The Bus

You ran out of time? No reason to panic. That is, as long as you are taking public transportation. If you are off to your location and you are using a bus, train, tram, metro or trolley, you will have some time to play around with makeup.

One of the easiest things to apply when you're in public transportation is bronzer. You should bring a small round brush and a compact bronzer which also has a mirror. Dab the brush in and apply some bronzer to the perimeters of your face.

PS: In case you end up forgetting your brush you can also use blotting papers or your fingers. Just make sure everything is clean before you apply it on top of your skin.

5. Set Your Makeup In Place

This step is a must-have, no matter your skin type. A setting spray or a setting mist will keep all of your oils intact and will keep your makeup in place throughout the day.

Women with dry skin should use something hydrating, radiant & glowy on top.
Women with oily skin should use something matte.
Women with normal or combo skin can choose their preferred outcome.

You can also carry this item with you and reach for it whenever in need of some additional hydration & moisture.

Hope you liked it. Now, let's quickly watch a VIDEO on everyday makeup tutorial in under 10 minutes by 'Carli Bybel'. 


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