Handmade Bag Trends for 2021: Spring Collection

Handmade Bag Trends for 2021

The spring days are knocking on your door. Are you feeling the excitement to reinvent your wardrobe? Well! My fashionista ladies are surely gearing up for an excellent adventure to the sea beaches adorning the best spring attires. What should be the best handbags you can carry and pair with your spring attire? This is the era of handcrafted bags to add to your collection and dress like a diva. Let us find out the top trends of handmade bags for spring that will rule in 2021.

Spring 2021 Bag Trends - Stylish and Cute Handmade Bags to Carry Everyday

From wicker to straws, fishnet to neon’s, these trends will go well with your attires and fascinatingly transform your personality.

1. Straw bags

Now is the time to make an eco-friendlier choice and go green. The handbags made of straw will be the best deal this spring. You will find a plethora of designs in this segment. The prime reason for going straw this time is to add some more space to your handbags without making them heavy. The lighter designs will be easy to carry. In fact, the bags are waterproof and extremely durable. The neutral look will deliver immense flexibility for you to choose any attire. 

No matter what dress and design you are opting for; these masterpieces will go hand-in-hand with your elegant choices. Prefer the round ones to comply with your palazzos and frocks. You can also make a bold combination with your blouse-pant attire too! Apart from the natural color, you can go for matte black as well.

Straw bags I What bags are trending now?

2. Plastic bags

This is not what you think. It does not resemble the carry bags we use to shop in the supermarkets. The recyclable plastic material is skillfully transformed into stylish handbags that can be adorned even when you are walking on a red carpet! Whether you want a sling bag or a belt bag, you can get it all in this segment. The versatile prints on the material will also comply with your persona well. The latest styles are transparent plastic bags that look extremely classy in your hands.

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Plastic bags
Image Credit: Amazon

3. Wooden beads

Don’t get astonished as wood can be excellently crafted and used to make handbags. Ok! Hold your horses and let me explain. The wooden beads look like a beautiful piece of jewelry when they are inter-sewn. The natural patterns on the polished beads will add a beautiful aura to your handbag. It is a perfect combination for the ladies who like to wear fringe dresses or jeans shorts. 

You will find beautiful items in this segment. The wooden beads can be of any shape offering elegant designs to this style. Go for colorful or black-white beads to pair with your dresses this spring.

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Wooden beads
Image Credit: Soeurs.co

4. Bright hue bags 

This is the era of bright hues and pop colors. Why not incorporate this 2021 trend in handmade bags? The brilliant and attractive candy color combinations will give the best twist to your attire. For instance, neon orange is the prime choice of all the ladies who like to add a bright colored ring clutch or cross-body handbag to their attire. 

In fact, this new trend is also setting a record in the shoulder backpack section. Go for the brilliant colors after considering the dress you want to wear. Your bright colored dress will not comply with these choices. Remember to wear a dark tone dress to make these accessories more visible and elegant.

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Bright hue bags
Image Credit: Brit.co

5. Netted bags

No. I am not joking! The latest trend of using fishnet bags is becoming ragingly popular among young ladies. It resembles a fruit bag that comes in the form of nets. The prime features are the color of strings and its remarkable finish. 

Believe it or not, these handbags are made to carry your purse, phone, and other bigger things easily. It can also be used as a grocery bag too. Yes. This multipurpose style is a big trend these days. The nets are hand-sewn to give a brilliant look.

Netted bags
Image Credit: Vogue

6. The wicker the better

Wicker is something that never goes out of trend. Adding the best designs in this category will give you the opportunity to use evergreen masterpieces this spring and later. The hand-woven wicker handbags are ideal for a sophisticated look. 

You can add these eclectic masterpieces to your long-skirt attire. The spring colors in your attire will match perfectly with the natural color of wicker handbags. Find the structured wicker handbags that come in circular, rectangular or cylinder shapes.

wicker bag
Image Credit: dsw

7. Embroidery

I think I have your full attention now! The embroidery bags are back in fashion with a bang. Imagine how cool you will look with a Bohemian embroidery tote. These bags offer ample space to pack your essentials and carry them easily. 

The soft handles will jot bruise your fingers. You can also choose a yellow embroidered round handbag with floral prints this spring. The elegant stitched patterns on the bags will make your day and make every onlooker envy your looks.

Embroidery bag
Image Credit: DHgate

8. Pompom addiction

This is not a new style but can rejuvenate the old ones. Adding pompoms to the handles as tassels will be a brilliant idea. The tassel design using pompoms will add new colors to explore. It goes well with any conventional handbag choices. Always go for the neutral bag colors to make your pompom tassels look radiant.

Pompom addiction
Image Credit: ashleysummer.co

9. Bucket bags

The odd designs catch the eyes quicker. What about the bucket handbags? The plush leather colors morphed in the form of buckets will give your style an excellent element to flaunt. From neutral baby pink to flashy yellow, dark tan to brown, you will find remarkable colors to choose from.

Bucket bags
Image Credit: whistles

10. Colorful beads

Colorful beads create a perfect classy handbag for the young ladies. This is a great choice to flaunt bold and beautiful colors with your denim skirts and dark-colored blouses. Make your attire more eye-catchy by adding these bead handmade bags.

Colorful beads bags
Image Credit: Etsy


Why wait then? Jump on the bandwagon and start adding these trending handmade bags to gear up your fashion this spring. Make brilliant choices and let everyone envy you.

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