10+ Mistakes to Avoid After Coloring Hair in 2024

What should you not do after dying your hair?

Hair coloring – the latest trend that’s gripping ladies all over the world. In fact, 68% of women believe that they look more attractive after coloring their hair. Coloring your hair strands in contrast to your natural hair is a trend that all teenagers and working women are getting tempted to apply. 

In light of this, many hair salons are satisfying the customers’ interests by bringing in more and more color effects to match every kind of face, hair, and structure. So, whether you have short, long, curly, or thin hair – you will find the color that fits you.

This is the reason many ladies are visiting hair salons to get their hair streaked with color shades that match their personalities. Last year alone, nearly 37% of women have colored their hair permanently. Hairstylists and dressers take the utmost care in coloring your hair so that it lasts for as long as it can.

However, not all women know how to protect their colored hair. It requires special care so that the color doesn’t get dull or fade over time. And some women might make some mistakes that result in fast-fading of the color. Your hair doesn’t appear as new as it may seem a week ago when you newly applied color.

So, to bring you knowledge on colored hair, we’ve crafted this blog to shed light on the mistakes you might be committing on your colored hair and what you can do to avoid them.

Mistakes to Avoid After Coloring Hair in 2024

1. Shampooing immediately

While coloring your hair, the cuticle layer is made open so that the applied color can penetrate deeper into the hair strand. And this cuticle remains open for some time. So, if you immediately wash your hair afterward, there’s a great possibility that the newly applied color gets washed away. 

If you perhaps did this, you may notice the color lightening and may even appear uneven. It stumps the whole reason for getting your hair colored. So, be careful in not taking head baths immediately after shampooing. 

As the cuticle layer takes at least 3 days to close, it’s better to wait for that time before you take a shower. It helps your color to last longer, and you can decrease the visits to the hair salons.

Shampooing immediately

2. Using highly chemical shampoos

By highly chemical shampoos, we mean shampoos loaded with sulfates and parabens. These chemicals are used to get a foamy lather while you shampoo. While every shampoo has these chemicals, using them on your colored hair has a negative effect.

These chemicals not only strip the natural oils and moisture but also the newly applied hair color. It’s not a great feeling as you spend many hours and dollars in the salons to get the effect you want. So, if you’re thinking to get hair color, then go for sulfate-free shampoos. Loreal Paris has every kind of shampoo you need for your hair. Try out one of them next time.

Using highly-chemical shampoos

3. Not adding dye to the conditioner

It’s for the people who fancy colors like bright pink, blue, purple, etc. As these colors are known for fading out fast when compared to other colors like brown and magenta, you can rectify this by adding dye to your conditioner. 

It will re-dye your hair a little bit every time you shampoo your hair, restoring the color and shine to your hair. So, next time when you had bright colors for your hair, don’t forget this tip.

Not adding dye to the conditioner

4. Showering with hot water

Subjecting your colored hair to hot water will result in the fading of the color sooner. This is because the cuticle layer is opened due to the extreme temperature. And if you frequently take hot showers, you may not enjoy your colored hair as long as you expected as excess shampooing and conditioning wash the color away.

Avoiding this mistake is simple. Replace hot water with slightly warm water and then use cold water to rinse your hair after conditioning. It will lock the moisture, oil levels, and of course, the color on your hair strands.

Showering with hot water

5. Frequently washing your colored hair 

Washing your hair too frequently is as bad as washing it with hot water. Doing a head bath daily not only strips away the natural oils and moisture but also a little bit of color is washed away every time. So, if you’re a person who takes a head bath daily, limit it to only 2-3 times a week.

Frequently washing your colored hair

6. Not using dry shampoo at least once

Dry shampoos allow you to lock your hair color and moisture without having to wash your hair. It will refresh your hair and the hair looks as if you have freshly come out of the head bath. You can use color-safe dry shampoos and tinted shampoos to restore the hair color every time you wash your hair.

Not using dry shampoo at least once

7. Exposing your colored hair to UV rays

Extreme heat in any form is not only bad for your natural hair color but also the artificial color. Exposing your hair to UV rays damages the hair by making it dry, frizzy, and breakable. To rectify this, your hair needs lots of hydration and protection to restore the damage caused by sun and UV rays. 

You can also try using leave-in treatments and deep-conditioning masks to lock the moisture, hair color, and natural oils of your colored hair.

Exposing your colored hair to UV rays

8. Not using heat protectant spray

This is one other mistake that most people do with their colored hair. Whenever you want to style the hair, whether to curl or straighten it – don’t forget heat protectant spray. As heat in any form shows a negative impact on your hair, you must take extra care while styling the hair.

The heat-protectant spray reduces the loss of moisture, smoothens the outside of your hair, and will help maintain your hair from humidity and loss of color. 

Not using heat protectant spray

9. Not preparing your hair for the next coloring session

We know what you’re thinking – how can you prepare your hair for the coloring sessions? It’s simple – you have to treat your hair so that it lets as much as color as it can in the next coloring session. For this, you can use a clarifying shampoo that removes unnecessary oils and grease from the hair. Do this the day before your appointment to help your hair absorb as much color as it can.

Not preparing your hair for the next coloring session

10. Too much swimming in chlorine water

Chlorine in swimming pools is used as a bleaching agent. While it’s used to clean the water, it’s not so good for your colored hair as it strips away the color. The effect varies from one color shade to another. For instance, if it’s blonde in color, it could turn to green, and the other colors may get dull, dry, and lose its shine. To avoid this, always have protection for your hair. You can wear a swimming mask, or apply a conditioner and leave it without rinsing. It acts as a barrier and the chlorine doesn’t penetrate it.

Too much swimming in chlorine water

11. Not trimming your hair 

The end of your hair isn’t capable of holding the color as much as the roots or the middle. So the ends seem dull and worn out after a while. Hence, for every few weeks, it’s best to have a short trim to get rid of the dull ends. Doing this makes your hair look more refine and shiny, as the color appears uniform. If you’ve short hair, you can try extensions, but then you clearly have to know about how to care for your hair extensions.

Not trimming your hair

Don’t Be Afraid to Show Off Colorful Streaks

Many women, afraid of taking care of the colored strands, avoid it altogether. But with proper knowledge and the right care, you can show off the colored streaks without any fear. Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes after coloring and choose the best hair salon in your area for quality and efficient service. And you can flaunt your colored hair as much as you want in public.

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Erika Rhein, a professional writer, and blogger by profession. I write on various niches, however, I prioritize writing on hair coloring and styling.

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