Hairstyle Guide for Women in 30s: Dos and Don'ts

Hairstyle Guide for Women

It’s a dreadful feeling to leave your twenties behind, the number “30” is a milestone age that gives you the perfect excuse for a great celebration and probably a new haircut. There are so many hairstyles that suit women in their thirties and plenty of options to choose from (lob, bob, short, pixie, wob, or long).

The key here remains the same, it’s just finding the right look for your face shape, hair type, and preferred style. So if you’re planning to change your look, then all you need is the right hairdresser and to read this guide so you can help your stylist with what look will flatter you the most. You don’t need to be an expert on hairdressing courses, because these are just the basic rules you need to follow. Take a look through this selection of beautiful hairstyles (we suggest that you try something new).

Yes To: Longer Cuts

Although women with longer faces should keep their hair shorter, the rest of us should feel absolutely free to wear longer hairstyles. While you still can, you may want to opt for longer, versatile cut in your 30s, straight, curly, up, down, because it will give you a more youthful vibe.

No To: Bold and Crazy Hair Colors

Yes, you are in the middle! You’re not a baby anymore yet you are not that mature either. Going red or candy pink might not help you to enhance your natural beauty. You may want to stick to a classier hair color found in nature (we are emphasizing on real and natural colors). It may sound like a good idea to go from black to platinum blonde in your 20s but not so much when you’re 30.

Yes To: Natural Hair Colors 

This is the right one. You can still try other hair colors but you want to pick something that looks natural and matches your skin tone. You can try deep blonde hair. As we get older, our skin can look tired. So it’s advisable that you pick a shade that will complement your skin, a color that will make you fresh and more awake. Going for extreme shades will just make your skin dull and tired.

No To: Mom Cut

Yes! Don’t ever try that “mom” cut! Most of you are probably mothers already but it doesn’t imply that you need to look like one. You still got plenty of time to go a little shorter sooner, but in your 30s, it’s better to look a hot mom. So avoid this.

Mom Cut hairstyle

No To: Librarian Buns 

Please, you don’t to be that serious in your 30s. Librarian buns is a style that’s hard to pull off. This trend may be easy for the 20s to follow, regardless if it’s flattering or not. But for the 30s, your age is all about trying to look your best all the time.

Trying this hairstyle will just make you look older! We can’t deny that those fine lines start to show up and it’s not a good idea to do this type of updo and put your wrinkles on display.

Librarian Buns

Yes To: Framing Updos 

Instead of those librarian buns, you might want to stick to framing updos. Messy buns are the trick to soften those fine less and more proper than those slicked-back buns. To do this style, use your finger instead of a brush to pull back your hair whenever you put it up. This will make it a bit messier (in a good way) and less harsh.

No To: Sleek Braids

Pulling off a braid or a fishtail in your 30s can be quite tricky. However, if you style them in a loose and messy manner, then you can definitely make them work. Just avoid the tight ones, this is just the same rule like the librarian buns.

Yes To: Fun Beachy Waves 

Beachy waves are a style that combines your carefree soul of your 20s with your newly-established pride in your 30s. This is perfect if you have great glowy skin and you are wearing loose waves, it will make you look younger and fresh. Plus, pulling off these sexy, tousled waves can be dressed easily.

Fun Beachy Waves Hairstyle

No To: Damage Your Hair 

Aside from avoiding those crazy colors, you want to take care of your hair as much as you can. You don’t want to have fried ends and looking like a person who hasn’t visited a salon. Avoid ironing or blow drying your hair every day. But if you can’t, use a heat protectant spray or product to protect your hair or use deep conditioning treatments regularly.

Yes To: Healthy Shiny Hair 

This is the time that you want to look as young as possible. Having a shiny, healthy, and flowy hair is the best style ever. It doesn’t matter what your cut or style is, having a shiny hair is what you want to aim for.

Jessica Alba Healthy Shiny Hair

Avoid too much coloring, heat styling, and shampooing too often. One tip is when you wash your hair, you must rinse off the conditioner with cool water to seal your hair cuticle.

Image Credits: Allure, hairfindermintarrow, and byrdie


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