How To Get Salon-like Hair At Home (VIDEO)

How To Get Salon-like Hair At Home

When you splurge big bucks at your salon, you are likely to get bouncy and radiant hair. Also, it's definitely an added advantage that you do not have to wash or run a comb through your tresses for a few days or weeks afterward because the expert has magically left your mane in a flawless condition. But there is no reason you should fear washing your tresses again and risking all the perfection to fade away just like that. 

Hairstylists are highly trained, but they still are no fairy godmothers (or fathers). What it means is that you can still do all of the things that they can all by yourself, right at your own home and re-create the beautiful, salon-worthy locks without shelling out that hard-earned cash. Amazing isn't that? Once you walk through all the tips given below, don't forget to watch the VIDEO available at the end of the post.

Here are 7 Tips for Achieving the Same Salon-like Effect

1. Adjust water temperature carefully before washing hair

If the water is too hot or cold, it could overstimulate your oil-producing sebaceous glands and lead to greasy hair cash need a temperature high enough to deep cleanse dirt and grime in your tresses, but not so high that it causes irritation. The perfect temperature to wash your mane is around 100°F, which is just absolute with normal body temperature.

Adjust water temperature carefully before washing hair

2. Avoid teasing your mane when styling it

While women commonly tease their hair in order to add volume to it, it is best not to overdo the process, since it seriously ruins the texture of your tresses. Teasing (also known as backcombing) goes completely against the direction of the cells of each cuticle, and thus the action can lead to highly damaged hair and even entirely strip these cuticle cells from the healthy hair fiber present.

Avoid teasing your mane when styling it

3. Prepare your hair for the heat before you start styling 

Your hair is most vulnerable to heat when it is wet right after a shower, and it can get seriously damaged as a result of the heat. While wet tresses can withstand temperatures ranging from 40°C to 60°C, dry hair can take higher temperatures of around a whopping 185°C. So before using your straightener, flat irons, tongs or heated rollers, make sure that your mane is 100% dry since it will be more resilient to the heat.

Prepare your hair for heat before you start styling

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4. Condition your locks the right way every time you are washing them 

Using a moisturizing conditioner after every wash is a crucial step that you do not want to skip. Never walk out of the shower without conditioning your tresses properly. Not doing this could very well be the reason why your locks are frizzy after getting dry. Conditioning needs to be done in a certain way to be effective. They are formulated to lock in the required moisture content in each single hair shaft. Not many people know this, but conditioners are not actually meant for your scalp. The most efficient thing to do is to begin conditioning right about 2 inches away from the scalp.

Condition your locks the right way every time you are washing them

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5. Deploy the correct brushing technique

You are better off avoiding using a comb that has plastic bristles and instead uses one that has metal bristles in order to prevent any unnecessary hair breakage resulting from static electricity that is produced in the hair during the process. The best technique to adopt while brushing your mane is to first brush the ends of your locks to do away with the tangled knots and then brush with several long strokes right from the roots of the hair all the way down to the ends. Using this technique will aid in the proper spreading of the natural essential oils and also prevent hair breakage. Needless to say, do not ever brush your tresses while it is still wet, or you could risk them falling out.

correct brushing technique

6. Use a clarifying shampoo once a month 

No matter how clean you think your hair and scalp are every time you wash it, it probably still would not be working its best at times. Washing your locks with the help of a clarifying shampoo cuts right through and eliminates the risk of any grease, grime or product build-up owing to which shampoo or conditioner will tend to be ineffective.

clarifying shampoo

7. Treat your locks with moisturizing masks regularly 

Hair masks that are concocted especially suitable to the type of mane you possess, and which consist of all-natural ingredients, are without a doubt any celebrity hairstylist’s best-kept secret, since not only do they deeply nourish, moisturize and protect each hair fiber present, but also restructure and replenish extremely dry or damaged tresses, while improving its manageability and also restoring the natural sheen and luster to it.

moisturizing hair masks

So there you have it, seven ways that will save your pocket while also providing you with swoon-worthy locks with the least effort. What are you waiting for? Let's splurge on these easy-breezy steps fast.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post. Now, don't forget to steal the tips for getting salon-like hair at home from none other than 'Jawed Habib', the eminent hair expert.


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