How to Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup [Tips]

How To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup 10+ Tips

No one will deny that there is nothing more beautiful than a beautiful face, which does not have lipstick, eyeshadow, pencil, mascara, and foundation! But what to do to look beautiful every day and attractive without makeup? It is not as difficult as it might seem to someone. Naturalness has always been in vogue, and many girls spend a lot of time and energy looking with makeup as if without makeup. But if you follow some personal care rules, you can look great without a drop of makeup. 

How To Look Beautiful Naturally Every day Without Makeup (Best Ways)

#1 Use a self-tanner

How to look good without makeup? Many will answer: a rested and tanned skin, like after a vacation, does not need make-up. Why not put on an artificial tone while waiting for the rest? For girls with very light skin and redheads, it is better to choose products marked light, dark is suitable for dark-skinned women with dark hair, medium is for everyone else. 

Typically, oily textures give a lighter shade, while creamy textures are more intense. Do not apply auto bronzer on damp skin; it will stain. If you are afraid of too intense shade; thoroughly moisturize with a cream or serum 15 minutes your face before applying makeup. Use twice a week to maintain tone.

#2 Regular exfoliation of facial skin

You can cleanse your skin every day using a delicate, fat-free scrub such as rice powder, an ingredient that is used to lighten skin for centuries. And, if you do not have an exfoliator, then add just some granules of the sugar to the cleaner. Then, scrub gently to smooth the skin. Another option is to use the scrub less often that is 1 to 3 times a week, depending on your skin type and needs. But, remember not to scrub much hard as it makes the skin irritated.  

Regular exfoliation of facial skin

#3 Apply Coconut oil to your lips

Coconut oil regularly appears on the lists of favorite beauty products of all celebrities. It is used to moisturize the skin, remove makeup, and as a natural replacement for chapstick. Even pharmacy cosmetics often contain fragrances and chemicals that make lips look dull and lifeless, for which they are regularly boycotted by advocates of organic products. A completely different situation with oils - a little coconut essence will help keep your lips moisturized, get rid of dryness and cracks, and at the same time add natural shine. The effect will be even more impressive if you do a light exfoliation in the morning with a scrub with olive oil or sugar and wipe your lips with a damp cloth.

Apply Coconut oil to your lips

#4 The Golden Rule

Whenever you wash your face, apply sunscreen and moisturizer before leaving your home. Here, we recommend that if you have some marks on the skin, then it is better to blend the sunscreen with Lacto calamine lotion. In addition to fading away from the blemishes, this even heals the dry skin and acne. 

Also, if your skin is likely to have pimples, then use only the non-oily moisturizer. Also, if you have dry skin then, get the heavier moisturizer with shea butter or coconut.

#5 Wear Complimentary colors

Knowing complementary colors in clothes can always help you out. This is such an optical illusion: the skin visually looks uniform, minor flaws become invisible. The type is determined by the ratio of your hair color to your skin tone. If your skin and hair tone is naturally very light, pastel colors will brighten your face. 

If your skin is creamy, pale yellowish, and your hair is yellowish-blond or wheaten, a combination of any bright color with white will look great on you. Your skin is dark or olive, and your hair is dark blond - pay attention to noble gray, purple, dark blue. If the skin is milky white, and the hair is dark at the same time, choose bright colors, catchy combinations, black and dazzling white.

#6 Use the proofreader

It visibly improves facial skin and visually smooths uneven skin tone. It also contains ingredients that work well on the skin, such as squalane, magnesium, zinc, and oil. Choose a concealer that suits your problem: green reduces redness, yellow reduces age spots, and purple gives shine to a gray, tired complexion.

#7 Tidy up your eyebrows

How to look beautiful and attractive everyday without makeup? If you decide on a nude look, your eyebrows will inevitably be in the spotlight. Don't pluck them too hard. Vegetation should of course be kept under control, but make sure you don't overdo it. Get rid of the obviously "stray" hairs above and below the growth line without changing the natural shape. 

An eye-catching touch is a clear brow gel that separates and smooths hair for the desired shape and shine. Do not overdo it so that your eyebrows don't look greasy.

Tidy up your eyebrows

#8 Refresh yourself

If you "invigorate" the skin in the morning, then, you will not need any foundation or blush. Collagen patches will save you from swelling under the eyes that appear after tears, total lack of sleep, or a couple of cocktails. 

To enhance the effect, you can put them in the refrigerator, literally, for 2-3 minutes. Light cooling can also be used with gel masks; get a drainage effect and rosy cheeks. Do not underestimate a cold shower and rubbing your face with ice cubes; you will put your blood vessels in order and make your skin elastic. And a lightening eye cream and morning run sometimes work better than an expensive concealer.

#9 Watch your hair

Against the background of dull hair color and a haircut that has lost its shape, a face without makeup will be lost. Choose simple shapes and natural colors, as more radical solutions, can discord with the natural look. Trim split ends regularly, use protective filter products, do not overdo it with styling products. 

Coconut oil can help give shine to your hair, which also helps fight dandruff, dryness, and other problems. Regular rinsing with herbal decoctions (sage, oak bark for brunettes, chamomile, and linden for blondes) also contributes to the appearance of shine.

#10 Take care of your skin

Cosmetologists suggest that you should wash your face with water no more than two times a day. It is even better to do it only before bedtime, and in the morning, you should limit yourself to a cleansing milk, lotion, or a piece of toning ice. 

The main thing is not to rub the skin too much, because such procedures injure it. Once a week, masks, for example, based on white clay, are useful, and if the skin is not very sensitive, you can do a delicate peeling.

Take care of your skin

#11 Observe your sleep schedule

Adequate sleep of at least 7 to 9 hours is a prerequisite for keeping the skin in excellent condition and for overall well-being. Go to bed by 11:00 pm, because after midnight, your body begins to produce one of the main "beauty hormones" - melatonin. Sleep on your back to reduce the chances of swelling and premature wrinkles.

#12 Accentuate your eyes

For a more "open" look, curl your lashes with a curler and then coat with a clear gel. You can also use heavier artillery by building up. Get rid of dark circles under the eyes. First, reconsider the diet; they may be the result of a deficiency of iron or B vitamins (these elements are present in sufficient quantities in the liver of animals, red meat). 

For the skin around the eyes, choose creams with a whitening effect or those that contain retinol. Cold compresses based on mint and green tea help well.

Accentuate your eyes

Wrapping Up

Beauty defines personality. One must take care of it!! Relying only on the makeup all the time and the harsh products can hurt it. Hence, it is essential to give it the right care and let it remain natural as much as possible. 

Here, in this article, we have given you the best ways of how to look beautiful naturally without makeup everyday. Follow them and remain beautiful!!

Thanks for reading!!

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