5 Styling Tips Men can Consider for Formal Wear

Styling Tips for Men

The formal appearance of men has evolved dramatically during the past few decades, from being monotonously single-colored to adopting several styles; it has definitely worked better in the style game. Today, we see men adopting several new types of formal shirts for men and looking for various options in trousers and pants, and even considering footwear variants while dressing for work. So, let’s think of some excellent styling tips for men to uplift their formal appearance a bit more.

1. Adapting new colors and styles 

Earlier, only the relaxed fit or lose formal shirts for men were most suitable for work. Nowadays, men go for slim-fit formal shirts that cling to their bodies and show off their physique in an impressive way. Also, even the fabric for the same has changed from cotton to various other materials like poly-cotton, rayon, lycra, and so on. The formal shirts can look more impressive if you opt for different new colors, like pastels or cream or whatever your HR department permits you to offer. You can also opt for simple and light prints if these are allowed at your workstation.

2. Matching trousers or cargo pants with shirts
Another new style you can adapt for your workwear is wearing trousers and cargo pants in unique styles. Especially cargo pants, which are incredibly loosely fitted and trending nowadays and can be worn with different stylish shirts and t-shirts even for work. For your trousers, you can go for dark shades of blue, black, and brown so they suitably match other accessories. With a friendly, primary belt over these trousers, you will look perfectly work ready and comfortable.

3. Overlaying of clothes

Another styling idea that you can definitely try for your work is overlapping your apparel. For example, when you are wearing a formal shirt and pants, go for a neutral-colored jacket or blazer over it. You can also opt for a Nehru jacket if you want to want. This overlaying will emphasize your style game even more and prepare you for special meetings and appearances at work.

4. Choose statement ties 

Your choice of ties can add a lot of weight to your formal attire. Instead of opting for monotonous and solid-colored relations, you can go for the printed and available in different pastel shades and match them with the darker colors of your pants and shirts.

5. Accessories and footwear

 The following styling tip for formal wear is pairing your accessories and footwear wisely. Consider the basic ones over your formal shirts and trousers if you love metal watches. For those preferring belted eyes, the ones in neutral shades of black and brown would be ideal for your formal dresses. Finally, look at the right colors in Oxford shoes and loafers for the ultimate impressive appearance for work. 

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