12 Style Tips for Short Guys (Men) to Look Taller

How to dress to look taller man

If you have come across this article, then the chances are that you are not happy about your natural height. Well, you are not alone. A study completed by Body Logic found that 60% of men wished that they were taller than they are, and those respondents also felt there was a direct correlation between being taller and having a greater level of confidence.

So, if you are hoping to gain more confidence or rid yourself of any self-consciousness by appearing taller than you are, you are in the right place. Listed below, we have 10+ tips on how you can naturally make yourself appear taller.

1. Vertical Lines are Your Best Friend

A good place to start on your journey to appearing to look taller is to ditch as many horizontal lines in your outfits as possible. We are talking about everything from horizontal lines patterned into your clothing choices, to accessories that cross over your body and break up your natural body line, for example, visible belts. So, try to ditch any belts and if you are a fan of strips in your clothing choices, then try to purchase vertical stripes rather than horizontal ones.

How to look taller when you are short

2. Opt for Monochrome Tones

Sticking to a particular shade of clothing will also help you appear taller, mostly by tricking your (and everyone else's) eyes. By minimizing the color palette of your outfits, you will not allow any bright colors to be introduced into your outfit, so they cannot break up the seamless line of your monochrome tones. Imagine putting a bright green top under a dark jacket and pair of pants. It will break up the line of your body by showcasing your torso.

How can a short guy look taller?

3. Fitted Clothes over Baggy Clothes

Sadly, one style of clothing that is incredibly hard for shorter individuals to pull off is baggy clothes. Specific oversized clothes can sometimes give off the vibe that you are wearing someone else's clothes or hand-me-downs. Pants that pool around your ankles, jackets not fitted to your shoulders, and shirts you cannot tuck up because of excess material, they all need to go. Fitted clothes are key here to help make you appear more confident and to ensure that you wear nothing baggy. For example, wear some fitted Levi's jeans, rather than a baggy pair of hand-me-downs. 

4. The Old Trick: Height Boosting Shoes

While we're on the subject of accessories, you can also consider adjusting your shoe style and material. By this, I mean choosing shoes with thicker soles and more padding. This is an old trick favored by shorter men in Hollywood. 

Wearing thick-soled shoes will add volume to the lower half of the body while simultaneously reducing its perceived width, which tricks people into thinking that it's bigger than it really is. You can check out this fun height comparison tool to have an idea of what your new height would be next to your SO and friends.

5. Try to Wear High or Mid-Rise Pants

The following two tips are all about elongating your legs. If you are on the shorter side, then avoiding low-rise pants is an absolute must. The end of your t-shirt or shirt, and the start of your trousers or jeans, show a clear divide within your body that can be hard to avoid if you are not using our monochrome tip above. 

But, by opting for high-rise or mid-rise pants, you are making your waist appear higher than it probably is. Which, in turn, gives the effect that your legs are longer than they are.

6. Avoid Pant Breaks

Another issue that pants can give you, similar to the oversized issue, is if you choose pants with a full break. This is because a fuller break will also have your pant legs bunching at the ankle, which will give off that same effect that you are wearing clothes way too big for you and eliminate any height benefits you have. Instead, opt for either a no break or a cropped finish to the pants. Either of these will have your pants either ending at your ankle or the smallest part of it, which will make your legs appear longer than they are.

7. Why Not Try a V-Neck T-shirt?

This tip will help you elongate another body part - this time, your neck rather than your legs. If you are a faithful crew-neck t-shirt wearer, then why not switch it up? By choosing a v-neck over a crew-neck, you will allow the natural v-shaped neckline to elongate your neck as there is no collar area breaking up the line from your neck to your chest.  

8. Start Wearing Pointed Shoes

Women use this trick to look slimmer, wearing pointed high heels with small-scale patterns. Guys can use the same trick to give themselves a height boost. Just make sure you don't wear too many different patterns, as it could ruin the whole effect, and make people think that you have a Napoleon complex.

Just stick to small patterns or go with plain colors. The pointed tip forces your whole body into good posture and makes you look taller by comparison. Additionally, pointy shoes have been proven to elongate the wearer's silhouette, making them appear longer from head to toe.

9. The Long Topcoat Effect

Many short men feel they can't wear coats because they make them look smaller. But this is not always the case. The key lies in wearing coats that are long enough to reach your knees. This type of coat makes you appear taller by comparison. 

When people see an apparently normal-sized person wearing a knee-long coat, they automatically assume that any other visible parts must also be longer than usual, subconsciously tricking them into thinking you're taller.

How can I look longer in height?

10. Small Scale Patterns Work Magic for Short Guys (Men)

As we've already seen in the case of pointed shoes, wearing smaller patterns can give you a boost. For example, if you want to add a bit of color to your outfit without going overboard, consider choosing a tie with a small-scale pattern. The same goes for shirt patterns.

Just remember that while big prints look messy and unprofessional, too many small prints do the opposite. They make you look shorter due to what scientists call "visual crowding ."

So just choose one or two small-scale prints max! Not only will they help add some "extra" inches to your height, but they also keep other people from being distracted by all the extra visual information on your body!

11. Proportionate Accessories to Give the Illusion of Height

A simple rule applies to accessories: Keep them simple and proportionate. A watch that’s too big or a tie that's too small for your outfit will only make you look shorter by comparison. A discreet watch or bracelet will be a better bet. 

Avoid belts with large buckles as they will both make your hips look tiny and break your natural body line. If you want to take it up a notch, consider getting suspenders instead. They are not only stylish, but they will also keep your pants from sagging and add some extra length to your silhouette!

How do I make myself look taller?

12. Stand Tall with Confidence

Last but not least, having a correct posture can go a long way to making yourself seem taller. You may have heard of the saying, 'stand tall with confidence', but teaching yourself the correct posture will very much make you appear taller. This method works to both maximize the height that you already have, but also eliminate any bad posture habits that break up the natural line of your body. Say goodbye to any hunchbacks or shoulders and say hello to elevating your own natural height.


Although you can't change your height, you can still do a few things to appear taller. Give each of these tips a try, see what works, and try to mix and match them with other essential fashion tips that will make you feel more confident in your appearance in no time. 

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