7 Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Natural Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Half of the men's population goes through Erectile Dysfunction as testosterone levels get lower due to age or other reasons. But did you know that natural remedies and therapy can resolve ED? 

Men struggle with ED for many reasons, such as being overweight, smoking, sleep apnea or stress. There are great natural remedies for erection dysfunction without any side effects. However, you need to change your lifestyle by adding a healthy diet, physical activity, and many more. And you can take light therapy for faster results to prevent ED.

Therefore, we have mentioned natural remedies that can prevent erectile dysfunction and improve your sexual drive with your partner. Binge till the end. 

Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Most men suffer from ED, especially between the forties and eighties, as blood flow diminishes from a sexual organ. But it can also be found in younger men, as an unhealthy lifestyle can contribute to the risk of ED.  

Moreover, adding some natural remedies and therapies can resolve this health issue. Here we have mentioned some top-notch remedies and therapy that are beneficial to prevent erectile dysfunction.  

1) A Light Therapy

You experience ED due to insufficient blood flow to the sexual organ. Red light therapy aids in many ways to prevent the risk of ED as it improves three major aspects; hormonal, mental, and physical. It increases the testosterone level naturally in your body and prevents the prominent aspect of low sex drive. 

Lower self-esteem or confidence can contribute to stress and other psychological health issues, including ED. Red light therapy to treat erectile dysfunction improves your phycological health and boosts your sexual desire. It is barely twenty to forty minutes of therapy, making it an extra approachable option.  

●  Red light therapy can also aid in weight loss 
●  It increases your testosterone level by gaining muscle mass. 
●  Fight against stress and anxiety as it can cure phycological problems.
●  This therapy promotes the energy in the cells vital for adequate blood flow.

2) A Healthy Diet

Unhealthy eating habits can be the core of ED. You must begin to consume healthy foods containing protein, vitamins, fiber, and many more. Junk foods hold poisonous fat; however, your body needs nutrients and micronutrients for a healthy body.

Adding protein means something other than consuming processed and red food. Meat contains sodium content, cholesterol, fat, and ED. So, it is appropriate to eat healthy and green foods. Moreover, flavonoids can lower the risk of ED in men around eighteen to forty. 

●  You must include salmon, tuna, and trout for better blood flow and omega-3 acids.
●  Add black beans, pinto beans, soybeans, and other legumes to increase nitric acid.
●  Vegetables and fruits increase levels of folic acid for a healthy body. 
●  Nuts are the best food with fiber, vitamin E, folic acid, and other benefits to prevent ED. 

Healthy Diet
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3) Physical Activity

Physical health is one of the important things that can fight against ED. If you are inactive and obese, this might be a game-changer for your sexual drive. Physical activity can improve blood vessels and levels of testosterone to prevent ED. 

Moreover, research from 2018 declares that aerobic exercise has shown brilliant results in improving testosterone levels. You must include aerobic exercise for forty minutes around six months; you must include mentioned exercise for faster results. 

●  Running
●  Skiing
●  Bicycling
●  Swimming
●  Brisk walking

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4) Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea can cause low testosterone levels as it creates cardiovascular problems connected to vascular problems resulting in the incapability of a firm erection. Vascular health is a major reason for ED that can affect many men working late night shifts.

However, most men with obstructive sleep apnea have breathing issues while sleeping, resulting in lower testosterone levels at night. This directly affects sexual organs because the accelerating blood flow oxygen levels result in erectile dysfunction. 

●  Sleep apnea can decrease testosterone levels.
●  No interest in intimidation because of the low libido 
●  An unhealthy sleep cycle can lead to infertility in men.

5) Weight Loss 

Being overweight and having a larger waist circumference can be the cause of Erectile dysfunction. Metabolic syndrome, also known as excessive midsection fat around the belly area, interferes with hormones. And cause blockages in arteries preventing blood flow from traveling the key vein. 

So, a slim waistline can prevent the risk of diabetes and vascular disease, the two major reasons for ED. According to the research, a man must have a 32-inch waist to avoid the risk of ED, as 42-inch waist men are at higher risk of 50% having ED. 

●  Crunch and Curl are the best slimming waist exercises
●  Trunk twists can give effective results in reducing the waistline in less time. 
●  The bicycle crunch is challenging but compelling for decreasing belly fat. 

Weight Loss

6) Stress Deduction

Your body interacts with these emotions with mental and physical responses. Stress and anxiety can increase the heart rate to accelerate oxygenated blood to the muscles. And it distracts the signals that the brain sends to your physical response resulting in extra blood flow to the sexual organ.

Stress is often linked to ED as it adds anxiety and depression. It can lower the level of testosterone and cause sleep apnea. You must reduce the stress level from your daily life to improve your sexual drive and overall health. Here, we have mentioned some therapies that can aid in reducing stress. 

●  Relaxation techniques that can keep your nervous system relaxed
●  Doing yoga to ease your mind and body
●  Acupuncture treatment for stimulating the central nervous system

7) Quit Smoking 

Smoking can contribute to ED symptoms as it can damage the blood vessels. However, prevent the blood from reaching the sexual organ for an erection, and reduce the level of nitric oxide in the body. As it is vital for muscle relaxation and blood flow increase for erection.

Smokers are at higher of developing ED compared to nonsmokers. It can damage and circulate the effect in your body, including your genitals. It injures the bloodline of vessels that interrupts erections and other body parts to function. Arteries can expand with blood, as cigarette chemicals can affect unhealthy blood vessels. 

●  Join a support group for quitting smoking
●  Spending extra time in non-smoking places
●  Keep low-calorie snacks convenient for distraction.

Quit Smoking

Bottom Line

Overall, light therapy is one of the best natural therapy for Erectile Dysfunction that leads you to perform better in your sex life. Moreover, in some cases, couple counseling or sex therapy might show significant results in preventing ED. You must exclude smoking and alcohol from your life as your body can produce testosterone levels to boost sexual drive

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