10+ Tips to Manage Anxiety at Work (How To Deal With It)

Tips to Manage Anxiety at Work (How To Deal With It)

Anxiety at work can come with a bunch of negatives that can be frustrating. Unfortunately, most people fall victim. According to a study, 68% of Americans experience a lot of stress in their workplace. As cited by a recent survey, people suffering from anxiety disorders find it difficult to maintain and manage personal relationships, staff, meetings, and presentations.

Work anxiety is often as a result of work-related stress—for instance, the struggle to meet deadlines and conflicts. Factors outside work could also cause work-related anxiety, for example, setting unrealistic goals, toxic relationships, or even depression. In such a case, it is wise to seek the services of a specialist. 

Such professionals will provide you with the right medical care to help you come out of that stress, anxiety, or depression. But if the causes of your anxiety at work are work-related, the following tips will help you cope with the situation.

#1 Know Your Co-workers

When you know the name and responsibility of every workmate, it becomes easier to relate to them. In case of a problem, you know the right person to go to. It doesn't make sense requesting a day off from a junior supervisor. Doing so will leave you disappointed because you won't get any help. But if dealing with the manager, things become easier.

When you call someone by name, they feel recognized and respected. In return, they pay attention to you, and the face to face communication becomes easier. The outcome of such conversations is always positive.

Know Your Co-workers

#2 Dress for the Job

You don't expect to wear your casuals in your office job and expect people to treat you normally. Certain jobs require specific attires. Ensure you wear the right clothes for your type of job. People accept and respect you when you are up-to-date with fashion and style. Your workmates may not take you seriously if you always wear old fashioned clothes. If not sure of what to wear in your workplace, consult fashion and design experts. You may get stressed up if your workmates are always making fun of what you wear!

Dress for the Job

#3 Express How You Feel

Sometimes work may be more than you can handle. Instead of stressing your mind and body doing it for many hours, it's advisable to seek help. Let the persons in charge know the situation at hand, and relieve you of some work. If not so, you should get allocated enough time to finish the job. You may feel uncomfortable telling your seniors that the work is too much, leading you to keep quiet and suffer the ordeal. The results will be you struggling with anxiety. Therefore, ensure that you’re able to express yourself in your workplace.

Express How You Feel

#4 Groom Yourself Neatly

It is essential that you appear to your job place when neatly groomed. Take a bath and groom up well. For example, combing your hair, having your nails done, putting on the right makeup, shaving your beards, and ensuring your shoe races are well tied up. For men, ensure your hair is well cut and your beards well maintained. Women should put on makeup that blends with their color and suits their skin tone.

Groom Yourself Neatly for job

#5 Avoid Gossips and Criticism

Gossiping in the workplace may be entertaining and a way of relieving stress, but it can also be very dangerous. The relief may be short-lived and cause more stress and tension after criticizing and gossiping people. Besides, an office full of gossip comes with a lot of negativity. 

Unfortunately, you can sense when someone is talking about you behind your back, and you may not take it lightly. Likewise, when your workmate catches you gossiping or backbiting them, you may not like their reaction. As a result, you will end up experiencing anxiety.

Instead of telling everyone about a conflict you're having with a colleague, try keeping it between you and your rival. Then try sorting it out between yourselves. If need be, seek assistance from the relevant authorities. That way, you will reduce so much anxiety and tension caused by such situations.

Avoid Gossips at work

#6 Be Honest

Always tell the truth about yourself and your qualifications. If you cannot handle something as expected, let it be known. Don't take on tasks to showcase or intimidate others. Avoid accepting deadlines you cannot meet. The results can be traumatizing as you can get disciplined due to lateness in work submission or presenting poor quality work. Negotiate for the right working hours, and always try to deliver before time.

#7 Be Polite

It will not cost you anything to be polite to everyone in your workplace, and the benefits are many. When you use a calming and neutral language to everyone, you help reduce the already existing anxiety. In case of an argument or disagreement, it becomes effortless to ease the situation. People give in to the polite language and are always eager to listen.

Be Polite at work

#8 Keep in Touch

One way people discover you've abandoned them is by cutting off contact. Not many can take this aspect lightly. In return, they try to get back at you. As a result, it may cause a lot of anxiety. To avoid such situations, try to always keep in touch with your workmates. You can contact them via any means. For example, write an email once in a while, give a call, chat, or visit them at their work areas or home. Inquire about how they’re fairing on, their health, and families. In return, your colleagues will feel cared for and loved, and they will react by doing the same.

#9 Don't Bring Others Down

Jealousy can lead to unthinkable acts. You may find yourself telling lies about a colleague to have them dismissed or demoted. Such actions will only lead to disputes, which may cause a lot of anxiety and stress. Even when someone has made a mistake, avoid telling on them. It would help if you tried correcting the person. Avoid joining others in activities or talks that bring people down, and that way, you'll evade too much anxiety.

Don't Bring Others Down

#10 Always Stand on Facts

If you want to manage your anxiety, deal with the facts. Don't react based on people's words and actions, but the truth. In case of a problem, don’t keep it to yourself. Instead, speak up and ask people for help, opinions, and views. When sorting an issue, stick to the facts and the present situation. Avoid pulling in things from the past despite their relevancy. If you want to lower your anxiety, then you must accept to solve the issue.

#11 Accept the Available Help

When faced with work anxiety, accept help from the sources available. Avoid being choosy because what you want may not be available. Take advantage of the counseling services provided in your workplace. Some employers offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), while others can organize mental health resources to help deal with your anxiety. Such initiatives and programs are essential. 


Work anxiety may be inevitable, but you can do things to manage it, as discussed above. Good communication, stable relationships, and the courage to ask for help are some of the many ways to prevent anxiety at work. Never let stress take a toll on your life. Instead, use the above tips to curb it. But if you are already undergoing a severe work anxiety attack, seek assistance from a professional.

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Sara Anderson is the writer at Ezcare clinic, which is a medical center that provides world-class health care to those people who are suffering from mental health. She is a specialized person in health care and medical content with 10+ years of experience in the health care industry.

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