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Weight Loss Diet

The new year has arrived and many people have made this resolution to lose excess belly fat. Experts recommend that when it comes to weight loss or gain diet plays a major and foremost role. It's also more important than exercise. People who lose weight successfully focus more on their suitable diet than exercise. Diet majorly drives weight loss. And there are plenty of diets present, one has to sort them out according to needs and preferences and should stick to them. After covid-19 many people are looking for a good nutrient-rich diet that is sustainable. 

Here are some recommendations by dieticians to consider for weight loss in 2024: 

Which Weight-Loss Diet Should I Follow?

There are thousands of weight-loss diets that promise effective weight loss results. And choosing that one suitable diet can be quite a tedious and overwhelming process. And the truth is that no diet is suitable for all. Some diets aim to reduce appetite and reduce average food intake while some restrict the consumption of some healthy food intake. But with this, one shouldn't forget that exercise and dieting go hand in hand. Thus, following only a body slimming diet without any physical activity won’t help. 

Below are some of the proven and widely accepted weight-loss diets which are also recommended by most registered dieticians: 

1) Paleo Diet

This diet majorly takes you back to the ancestral period which emphasizes seafood, lean meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and many more. It is considered best for weight loss because it is high in protein, low in carbs, and unhealthy fats. It is favorable in case of weight loss but it can also cause individuals at risk for Vitamin D and calcium deficiency, said Kathy J. Shattler, MS, RDN. Most of the foods include fish, lean meat, non-starchy veggies such as asparagus, onions, and pumpkin, nuts including almonds and cashews. Numerous studies suggest that it helps in reducing harmful excess body fat but it also restricts some healthy food groups too.  


This diet is rich in nutrient-dense foods which is a good choice for most people. 
Moreover, it also helps to eliminate sugary and highly processed foods and drinks.
Promotes heart health and longevity. Furthermore, it also helps to prevent diabetes and other chronic diseases. 


With proven benefits, it also causes a risk of iodine deficiency in some people. 
Hard to maintain in the long term. It gets boring over time. 
The Paleo diet can also be expensive as foods are organically grown which typically costs more. 

Paleo Diet
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Summary: Overall the paleo diet is a great way to learn about food quality and this diet can be a great approach to high-quality nutrition as it focuses more on whole foods which encourages weight loss. But as it restricts various healthy food groups, one should check if it is a good fit or not.

2) Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean diet is considered best for weight loss and is widely accepted. It includes lots of traditional cuisines of various countries including Greece, Spain, France, and Italy. It is high in plant-based foods such as veggies, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. It involves more plant-based foods and relatively fewer or no animal products. Rich in several flavorful ingredients, the Mediterranean diet is equally delicious, mouth-watering, and more nutritious. 


It allows losing weight faster without adopting any kind of other strategies. 
It is exceptionally healthy and lowers the risk of many chronic diseases. 
Apart from weight loss it also helps in improving brain power, promotes better heart health, and normalizes blood sugar levels. 
It is also associated with cancer prevention and provides mental and physical benefits. Thus, it is full of loads of potential health benefits. 


Mediterranean diet has a very less negative effect on weight loss. 
The only cons it includes is that it is relatively time-consuming and foods under this are costly. 
Also, more guidance is necessary. Other than these, this diet is quite recognized for weight loss. 

Mediterranean Diet
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Summary: No doubt the Mediterranean diet has a long-standing reputation worldwide. And this diet is specifically based on traditional diets and patterns which helps to promote healthier eating patterns. Thus, following this diet, will not only increase the weight loss process but also promote other health benefits for a longer time.

3) Ketogenic Diet (Keto Diet)

The ketogenic diet or keto diet is another buzzword in weight loss diets as it is widely promoted to provide quick weight loss results. It gives drastic results in a short period of time. This diet is very low in carbs and high in fats which includes mainly eggs, fish, meat, healthy oils, and more low-carb veggies. Due to this, the body undergoes ketosis which helps in burning the extra stored fat in the body, leading to weight loss. This diet was originally designed as a tool for treating neurological diseases such as epilepsy. 


It promotes quick weight loss and boosts satiety. 
Obesity, which is a major health problem, can be saily treated by consuming a keto diet
Reduces abdominal fat
Also contributes to overall well-being and provides endurance. 
It is considered great for diabetic patients. 


Under this, giving up on whole grains and many nutrients can cause many deficiencies & constipation
It includes short-term side effects such as fatigue, sleepiness, headache, and stomachache.  
The healthiest version of the keto diet can be inaccessible and deficient. 

Keto Diet
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Summary: They are considered more effective in terms of weight loss than any other low-carb diet. It is quite moderate in protein and burns body fat quickly. It also improves insulin sensitivity in the body. It may lead to some reduction in daily appetite but overall it has far more food results. 


Though there is no special diet for anyone, it totally depends on the body’s metabolic responses and also that suits one’s lifestyle. A diet that works for one individual might not work for another so it's better to consult a dietician before optioning any diet. The key to successful weight loss is a combination of a good sustainable diet and regular physical activity. Dietary supplements may also be considered to support the progress, according to HealthCanal professionals. The diets mentioned above have proven results and promote weight loss effectively. Diets can be tailored according to one’s needs and lifestyle preferences but what matters is sticking to it in the longer run.

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