How to Choose the Right Thermals for Men

Choose the Right Thermal

Thermals are a winter essential. The right pair of thermals keep you warm and makes you feel comfortable when you are out experiencing extreme cold weather. It traps the body heat and provides insulation. Since it is the base clothing layer, worn closest to the body, choosing the right pair is imperative. Here is what you need to consider before buying thermals.

Things to Look for When Buying Thermals

1) The Right Fit

Thermals function as the second skin, creating an insulation layer between your body and the fabric. So, the right fit is super crucial when picking one. If the thermals you wear are too loose or tight, they will not do their job right and can cause discomfort. Opt for a snug fit, as it will keep you warm and allow you to wear layers over it comfortably. Also, check the outer surface of the thermal. Choose one with a slick surface so that the other clothing piece does not get stuck on it.

Right Fit

2) Fabrics & Materials

Not all thermals are the same. Nor do they provide the same level of comfort and warmth. The fabric used is the difference. So, when buying thermals, weight and material are two components you should check for a better pick. The first component (weight) will help you comprehend the level of warmth it will provide. The heavier it is, the better it will be for cooler climates. Likewise, with material, the denser the weave and plusher, the warmer the thermal will be. Besides, make sure the fabric is soft, resilient, and skin-friendly. Below are some common materials for thermals:

•  Synthetic fabric: Thermals made of synthetic fabrics are ideally suitable for extreme cold. Synthetic fabrics combine natural fibers with polyester, spandex, lycra, and nylon to provide moisture-wicking and heat-retention properties.
•  Woollen fabric: Thermals are also available in woolen fabrics. They balance your body temperature and provide great moisture management.
•  Cotton fabric: Unlike other fabric options, cotton retains perspiration better. It leaves the wearer feeling chilled, wet, and clammy. For the right pick, you may choose super combed cotton-rich ones as offered by Jockey India.

3) Weight

Another thing to consider when buying thermals is weight. Each fabric offers different levels of warmth depending on its weight. Thermals with different weights are suited for various cold conditions. Here is a general guide for picking the right weight for the best thermal.

•  Ultra-lightweight thermals: They are micro-light in weight and suitable for mild to cool conditions.
•  Lightweight thermals: You may choose to buy these thermals when the weather is moderately cool. Such thermals are also ideal for high-level aerobic activities.
•  Mid-weight thermals: Mid-weight fabrics are versatile and preferable for moderately cold to cold weather conditions. You may pick them for various recreational and sports activities.
•  Heavyweight thermals: When the weather is overly cold and more warmth is needed to regulate the body temperature, heavyweight thermals are the ones you should wear. They are ideal for winter sports in the snow.

The Purpose of Buying Thermal Underwear

Thermals can be specific to purposes, meaning that you may need them to keep the body warm, support the freedom of movement during sports activities, or conserve body heat to combat frigid temperatures. Picking the wrong style could restrict your body movement and cause unwanted discomfort.

Moisture-Wicking Properties

Since thermals are meant to keep the body warm and dry, moisture wicking is critical when buying thermal underwear. Moisture-wicking properties absorb sweat and reduce wetness through external moisture, keeping you dry all day.


Selecting the right style is also crucial when buying thermals. You may choose from long-sleeve vests, short-sleeve vests, and long john, based on your choice.

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