Tips to Style Kolhapuri Chappal for Men

Kolhapuri chappal for men is one the most raging footwear given the fact that they are sturdy and durable. Crafted mostly by hand, this footwear can last for a really long time when taken good care of. Kolhapuris present an undying love for India’s culture, which is why it remains so evergreen even today.

Earlier, Kolhapuri chappals were mainly worn by people in villages, but given the changing times and how the Kolhapuris have evolved in accordance with the raging trend, even millennials are wearing them on a regular basis. 

Known for their pleasing looks and flattering fits, the Kolhapuris are gaining a sudden resurgence with youngsters today because they are so versatile that men can pair them with almost every outfit. The best part about buying Kolhapuri chappal for men today is that the traditional T-strap has evolved to more strappy styles, appealing to the current generation. The broad upper band has also been toned down, making the overall design more minimal, sustainable, and modern. 

While leather was the only fabric that Kolhapuris were made from, today brands have switched to vegan leather, made from fruit and vegetable waste, giving the footwear a leather-like finish. 

There are several different ways to style your Kolhapuri chappal so you can pull off a suave and smart look irrespective of the occasion.

Keep it Simple

The most basic yet cliched way to style your Kolhapuris is to pair it with your kurta and pyjamas, thus, keeping your overall look simple yet classy. If you’re attending a low-key event such as a puja, this look should be your choice. You can opt for basic colors of Kolhapuris such as tan or black and brown.

Take Things Up by a Notch

It’s hard to skip any wedding invites when you’re an Indian. To make a stylish appearance at your loved ones’ weddings, you can put on a nice embroidered sherwani and slip into a trendy pair of Kolhapuri chappals. To make the look even more festive you can invest in a pair that features a pompom design on the top of the strap.

kolhapuri chappal on kurta
Nail Your Office Look

Going to the office every day can be a daunting task. If you wear shoes to work and often complain about your feet not being able to breathe, you can always switch your formal shoes for Kolhapuri chappals. Yes, Kolhapuri chappal for men is formal enough to be worn with your regular shirt and trousers on regular basis.

Keep it Casual

If you are in a funky mood today, how about swapping your sneakers or flip-flops for Kolhapuri chappals? If you’re going on a day out with your friends, you can wear Kolhapuri chappals with your jeans and T-shirt. A short casual kurta and distressed denim are also another cool look that you can carry with your Kolhapuri chappal. 

With these looks to pair your Kolhapuris with, you can wear them on a regular basis. Just a little maintenance will make sure your Kolhapuris will go a long way.

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