Make Cotton Sarees Your Best Friend This Monsoon

Cotton Sarees

Sarees, which were originally strict traditional wear for women have changed its fact in recent times because women prefer to wear them for almost any given occasion. Be it formal, informal, or traditional occasions, sarees are the ultimate fashion choice for women. 

From fabrics such as silk, crepe, and nylon to organza, sarees are available in different kinds of fabrics, but the most trusted ones are cotton sarees. The cotton fabric makes these sarees such comfortable wear because they are so light in weight and also don’t cling to your body. 

If you are looking for sarees that are easy to wear and can be handled easily, especially if you’re a first-time wearer, you can stick to cotton sarees. If you live in a country with harsh weather such as scorching heat during the summers and pouring crazy during the monsoon, these sarees are the perfect kind to opt for. 

Who said that cotton sarees have to be boring? If you think so, you clearly haven’t explored the latest collection. There are numerous varieties available in cotton sarees these days and if you have one of each then let us tell you that you’re sorted for almost all of the upcoming occasions. So let us check out the types of cotton sarees available these days.

1) Sambalpuri Saree

If you are looking for a minimalistic saree, which is comfortable yet stylish, this is the one to opt for. The threads are first dyed and later woven into fabric form, adding richness to the whole saree.

2) Tant Saree 

This is by far the most common type of cotton saree you will see on women. This Bengali saree is comfortable and classy and let us not get started on the intricate designs and prints featured on them. These make for an absolute choice for summer weddings.

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3) Khadi Saree 

If you love to wear handloom fabrics, khadi saree should be on your list. These sarees are made using traditional handlooms and the fabric is also breathable. These are an ideal choice during the summer because they will allow your skin to breathe and even during monsoon, considering how quickly they will dry after a wash.

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4) Chanderi Saree

If you like wearing tiny prints, chanderi sarees are good to go because they feature these tiny traditional coin prints, floral arts, geometric prints, and even peacocks. 

5) Dhakai Saree

Originally made in Dhaka, Bangladesh, these sarees are easy to identify due to the golden thread work. These sarees are crisp, which means they won’t cling to your body but will give you a rich look. You can wear them at low-key traditional events such as a get-together to make a classy statement. 

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6) Chikankari Saree

If you have an hourglass figure that you’d love to flaunt, opt for chikankari sarees because they are sheer and feature intricate white thread work that makes the saree stand out. The best part is that these sarees are super light in weight and available in a range of colors.

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These are the best cotton sarees that you can buy to upgrade your style statement.

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