6 Tips to Make Saree Styling Effortless

The weather is getting hotter and the fabrics are getting lighter. It is also the right season to up your style quotient! Six yards of pure elegance in feathery cotton sarees are going to be your best friend this summer.

The many types of artisanal and handloom cotton sarees truly expand the beautiful permutations and combinations one can explore. Unleash creativity while getting dressed, because there is a cotton saree that suits any event even in summer!

Wondering how to get started? These tips are easy to follow and will make your styling effortless this summer. 

1. Play With Colors

Cotton sarees have rich tints that are unmatched. Start with colour blocking! Pair a light colour with a darker colour. Wear pastels together for a soft look. Go monochrome by pairing a saree and a blouse from the same colour family, such as a light purple saree with a dark purple blouse. The options are endless!

2. Prints and Patterns to the Rescue

Choose from fancy and modern cotton sarees or classic Chettinad or Kanchi sarees, the playground is set for innovative combinations. Indian fabrics have rich artwork and handwork embedded in them. Print on print is a very bold trend. To begin with, Ikat, Kalamkari, Chanderi, ajrakh block prints and even digital prints work very well on plain sarees.

3. Keep the Blouse Creative

Have a crop-top lying around? Give the simple cotton saree a modern twist by pairing it with a stylish readymade blouse or crop top, a peplum or flared sleeve for a plain cotton saree or even a printed floral t-shirt that is cropped can work well. Experiment with different neck designs, sleeve patterns, cutwork, mirror work, embroidery and more to give it a zing!

4. Add Glitz With Jewelry

Depending on the occasion, jewellery can make the cotton saree look simple or grand. The most popular pairing is oxidised silver jewellery. Add earrings, a long necklace, and a bracelet to enhance the look. To keep the look simple, skip the necklace and add only big earrings and a dainty wristwatch. Terracotta jewellery adds an earthy feel to the grounded cotton fabric. Find a mix that looks the best!

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5. Mix and Match 

When it comes to styling cotton sarees, blouses play a big role. Pair a kanchi cotton saree with a brocade chanderi with pleated sleeves blouse or a chettinad cotton saree with a hand-embroidered blouse, which makes a unique combination of designs and styles. This not only brings the colour effect of the saree but takes it a notch higher when we make myriad combinations of blouses and sarees. 

6. Distinctive Draping Styles

Wear a pant-style saree with soft cotton sarees. Pleat the pallu for a crisp look or leave it open for a casual feel. Make broad pleats for a lazy pallu that exudes comfort and convenience or wear the pallu more casual with a crop top. These daring options are undoubtedly rivalled by elegant and charming simple options.

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Who said cotton sarees cannot create an exquisite look? With these creative styling ideas and pairing tips, it is easy to take your look to a whole new level of beauty.

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