7 Types of Watches Every Man Must Own in 2022

What kind of watches should men wear?

Watches for men speak volumes when it comes to their style and personality. Dressing up to the nines and complementing your outfit with the right watch can add charm to your presence at important events. When you go ahead to shake hands with somebody, the kind of timepiece you wear will make the very first impression. 

So, the reason to settle for the right watch is a no-brainer. Since not all watches are made equal, you need to figure out which type of watch tunes in with your needs and personal style. Although it’s a bit tricky to understand the technicalities of different timepieces, it’s not difficult to distinguish between available styles. Here is a rundown of different types of watches every guy must own. If you think your collection is a mighty thing, make sure to add these valuable accessories to your drawer. 

1. Dress Watch

Made to offer a well-groomed look, dress watches for men are perfect to make them a part of your fashion ensemble. These watches are generally characterized by a high gloss black leather strap, a round dial, and rectangular or square steel. Although the details of a dress watch are minimal, they can garner attention at a first glance. Even though it lends a dressy feel, you can make it your best buddy even when you don’t want an OTT look. 

Style Tip: A dress watch looks perfect with suits and tuxedos as well as casual outfits. 

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2. Diver Watch

From originally designed for divers to lending a unique look to all sorts of outfits, diver watches have come a long way. These versatile, water-proof fashion accessories can lend an aesthetic look to your casual as well as formal clothes. So, whether you wear a diver watch with a denim jacket, activewear, or professional suits, this timepiece can refine your look in no time.

Well, diver watches have tons of attractive features. Besides being waterproof, these watches have a crown to adjust the time and bezels that work as a timer. Since diver watches are highly durable and can withstand extreme pressure underwater, they are great for the outdoors. 

Style Tip: Pair your diver watch with a tee, denim, and sneakers.

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3. Field Watch

There was a time when field watches were built to serve the military. Today, they have become fashion accessories and fit most seasonal outfits. Known for high readability on the dial even during the daytime, a field watch comes with canvas and leather straps. They are low maintenance and perfect for active work. 

Style Tip: A field watch blends well with half sleeve tees and joggers. 

4. Smartwatch

The most popular addition to your collection can be a high-end smartwatch. Exuding unique charm through their one-of-a-kind design, smartwatches are hailed for their functionality. With these watches, you can send an urgent message, turn on music, measure heart rate, and check calorie count at a click of a button. Simply give commands to these user-friendly timepieces and be confident on the go.

Style Tip: Wear a smartwatch with gym wear or activewear. A smartwatch also looks perfect with casual outfits as well as party wear. 

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5. Luxury Watch

Exuding sheer luxury and class, a luxury watch is a hallmark of prestige. This classic timepiece has a status symbol and an unparalleled class which makes them a head-turner. Luxury watches such as Rolex watches are rendered with an innovative dial, stylish chronograph, and breathtaking strap design. Some Rolex watches are even adorned with precious jewels and stones, making them a must-have for guys who fancy watches. Watch connoisseurs can invest in a luxury Rolex watch and add a distinct flavor to their outfits. 

Style Tip: Pair your Rolex watch with business suits or tuxedos and dress shoes. 

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6. Chronograph Watch

The popularity of a chronograph watch is driven by its multifaceted dial, distinctive layout, and quirky styling. It acts as a stopwatch, allowing one to keep a tab on their lap times. Unlike dress watches and field watches, a chronograph watch has multiple built-in systems to keep track of different sets of time. So, don’t be surprised if we say this timepiece can keep track of two events at the same time. You can also measure your heart rate and average speed with this classic timepiece. 

Style Tip: Pair a chronograph watch with your cargo pants and t-shirt for a sleek sporty look.

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7. Digital Watch

As their name implies, digital watches flash digits to tell time. Designed to work pretty quickly, these timepieces are tech-savvy and modish at the same time. A digital watch looks sporty and even makes for an ideal companion for casual outfits. It is the least expensive and can even tell you the time when it’s dark. 

Style Tip: Complement a digital watch with denim jeans and a tee for a casual look.

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Guys out there! Change your wrist game and leave a lasting impression with these watches!


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