10 Best Smartwatches For Women + Review

Best Smartwatches For Women + Review (Updated 2020)

We are living in a technological-based world where everything is technologically oriented. Technologies are not only in the field of industries but they have infiltrated our life and are changing for good. 

These technologies are certainly proving themselves to be a necessity in our life. Especially for the ladies out there. Companies have come up with some best smartwatch that can monitor your menstrual cycle, heart rate, calories and burn, and much more. And the best part of these smartwatches is that it can easily fit on your small wrists.

Unlike many men smartwatches that have a definite style, the women’s smartwatches have several designs, colors, styles, finishes, etc.

Top 10 Smartwatch for Women in India 2020

Looking back at the evolution of the smartwatches, the earlier watches were made only for the men. The design was made to be liked by the men.

And to sell these products to women, the only changes you would have seen were the colors of the smartwatches. However, there was a huge problem with the smartwatches meant for the women. The size of the smartwatches seems to not fit on the wrist of the majority of the women.

But today this is not the case. Brands are working hard to improve their products and are launching smartwatches exclusively for women. And the result was massive. Today, you will be able to see several brands in the market launching smartwatches for women integrating features meant for the women.

In this article, I will discuss some of the latest women smartwatches + review of each one of them.

1) Galaxy Watch Active 2 

We all know how Samsung is ruling the smartphone industry. But what if I say that there are galaxy smartwatches in the market. yes, you heard me right. Samsung has launched Galaxy watch active 2 this year.

It is one of the most stylish smartwatches that you can get in the market. It comes with GPS, accelerometer, a full set of health tracking features, and long battery backup.

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2) Apple Watch Series 5 

If you are an Apple lover, here is good news for you all. Apple has launched a new smartwatch, Apple Watch Series 5. Apple has made some noticeable changes in their new product. One of the most awaited upgrades will be always on display. 

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3) Fossil Gen 5 Juliana 

Gen 4 watches by Fossil are one of the best women smartwatches that you can get in the market.  But if you want to have an improved version of that then fossils have certainly heard your wishes. Recently Fossil has launched gen 5 with the improved features that have taken forward the legacy of gen 4.

Fossil gen 5 comes with improved RAM, intriguing design, water-resistance features, and much more. It is also some third-party smartphone application that can easily be controlled by your smartwatches.

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4) Fossil Gen 4 Venture

 Fossil gen 4 is the predecessor of the fossil gen 5. If you can compromise some of the features for a reasonable and affordable price then you might find that gen 4 is powered by the outdated processor and lacks an external; speaker, but hey affordable prices come with some sacrifices.

Apart from the speakers, you will find that every other feature in Fossil gen 4. It even supports all the third-party applications that gen 5 support.

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5) Michael Kors Access Runaway 

If you are not fond of affordable things and like premium products then you might find your heaven in Michael Kors access Runaway. It caters to the best design (exclusively for women), thorn party application support system, and user-friendly user interface.

It comes with a full set of fitness trackers and allows its user to set fitness goals. This wide range of features is what makes these smartwatches stand at the top of the food chain.

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6) Michael Kors Access Sofie 

Sofie’s smartwatches are exclusively designed for women. You will see sparkling stones embedded with the design as if diamonds are implanted. This smartphone is more about looks rather than what features it caters to. And believe me, the look itself has become the selling property of these smartwatches.

You will find only the basic features of the smartwatches. There are no GPS, Heart rate monitors, or Google pay. But it is not a bad trade-off if you are a lady who likes dazzling smartwatches.

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7) Kate Spade Scallop 2

Kate spade 2 has really turned the tables around. Unlike its predecessor, you will find this smartwatch is embedded with smart features like GPS, Google Pay, Heart rate monitor, etc. The design is also meant for the ladies only with fashionable color forms like gold, rose, pink, and white. This smartwatch comes with google assistance that helps you with all the notifications, music, and much more. 

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8) Fitbit Versa 2

The Fitbit versa 2 is not exactly a lady’s watch but it has passed the test of being one of the best women smartwatches with flying colors. The best part of the Fitbit Versa 2 is that it caters to a full set of health tracking features and comes with multiple straps to suit different types of uses. It is embedded with Alexa; hence you will be able to use your smartphone with just a voice command.

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9) Skagen Falster 3 

If you want to have stylish smartwatches that are slim, sleek, compact and there are no trade-offs with the features, then you will be in good hands with Skagen Falster 3.

Skagen Falster 3 boasts of having some of the best straps among the top smartwatches. It has an aesthetic design but at the same time, it is also subtle for the people who love to stick with the traditional timepiece.

10) Apple Series 4 

As I have already mentioned above, I will add only those smartwatches that are designed especially for women. However, I still added Apple series 4. The reason for this is very simple, this market watch is meant for both the gender and has no flaws whatsoever.

The apple series 4 comes with 2 sizes: 40mm and 44mm. And have all the features that you can hope for in your smartwatches.

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With that being said, now you know the top smartwatches for women. Every smartwatch on the list has a minimum of standard features and some extra features that are exclusive to the companies. Hence, go through the smartwatches carefully to make your buying decision. 

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