How To Trim A Beard (6 Simple Steps) Best Grooming Tips

How To Trim A Beard (6 Simple Steps) Best Grooming Tips

If you are wondering how to trim a beard neckline, this post is for you. Whether you like to keep a long beard or a short one, you need to trim it to perfection. You cannot get a perfect looking beard unless you trim it properly and that too often. That is why it is important for you to have the best beard trimmer, to achieve a perfect look. Most of the people are in lockdown due to Covid-19 for a considerable period of time. It doesn’t seem like people will be able to go out on a regular basis anytime soon, so they try and experiment with their looks. 

Some people try to grow out their beard while others try to perfect their stubble beard at home using a trimmer for men's grooming. Even if you are growing your beard, you need to trim so that it grows in shape and doesn’t spread out unevenly. It is the best thing a person can do while staying at home and learning to trim can benefit in the future as well. You will surely be able to save a couple of bucks as you won’t have to visit the barbershop often. By religiously following our tips along with the top 5 essential fashion tips for men will make you look wonderful. 

Most of the time guys ignore facial hair grooming thinking that they need to let the beard grow completely first, but that is wrong. It is best to practice the DIY skills of trimming and add some style and class to it. DIY takes time to perfect and you need to have the right equipment for it to get the best results. It is similar to a girl styling her hair, which takes a long time and proper care. If you just want to maintain the beard, doing touch-ups is much easier compared to styling the beard. In order to keep the beard in particular, you need to trim it every couple of days. Keeping the facial hair in check will ensure that you feel confident and your personality oozes charisma. 

Here are some simple steps that you can follow to get a perfect beard using your DIY skills at home. 

Step 1: Preparing the beard

Even when you visit a salon to get your beard shaved or trimmed, they ask you if you want to get the beard washed first. The answer to that should always be yes and you should do the same when you are about to DIY at home. It is not suitable to trim a dry and dirty beard for obvious reasons. It is best to get it cleaned using a beard shampoo and conditioner before you trim the beard. It makes the beard clean and soft which is perfect to trim and makes the process a lot smoother.  

Preparing the beard

Step 2: Brush the beard

After you wash the beard, you need to let it dry as a wet beard cannot be trimmed perfectly. Once the beard is dry, you need to run a brush against it so that the hair will get aligned and the beard will be in shape. It will make trimming the beard much easier and help identify the places with inconsistencies and uneven hair.

Brush the beard

Step 3: Trimming the beard

Use clippers to measure the length and set it to the length you want to trim. Try and choose a bigger guard which will allow you to trim a bit freely as a small one can lead to accidental cutting of the beard. If you are looking for a simple look or a stubble beard with even length, it is much easier. But if you want to ignore the basics and try something advanced such as a Goatee, Balbo, or Van Dyke, it needs some practice to perfect. 

Trimming the beard

There are different ways people opt to shape the beard. But the most commonly used method is the flattering one. In this method, the beard on the chin area is a bit longer and it gets shorter as you come around the chin area towards the jaw. The length used for trimming here should be 3mm for the temples, and 4mm or 5mm for the goatee and outer area.

Step 4: Trimming the moustache

It is simpler to deal with the beard than the mustache as they are much denser. You can use the clippers and run them on the moustache widthwise to trim the upper lip. A pair of scissors will come in really handy when you are dealing with the moustache. There are no fixed lengths here that you can choose to trim. It depends on how you like it and how it looks with the beard. Some men like to have a clear mustache with a gap in the middle while others prefer to let it hang all over the upper lip. This process requires you to adjust as required according to your liking. 

Trimming the moustache

Step 5: Getting the perfect neckline

The most important part of trimming a beard is getting the perfect neckline. It is also the most tricky part and if anything goes wrong here, the whole look gets messed up. Even if you miss by a few millimeters, the beard is going to get ruined. The right way to do it is to stop near the jaw bone as it will allow you to form or draw an imaginary line which will ease the shaping process. Don’t get it to show or up to the jawline, at first, let it lie low and then slowly move towards the mark. 

If you want to pay it safe, trim the hair below Adam's apple, but first, draw a line where you want the neckline to be. The neckline varies according to personal preferences as some guys have long necks while others have shorter ones. In the end, you just have to keep adjusting to reach the right length and then give it an upside-down “U” shape cut. It will help you wrap the beard around the jawline and the chin, but it is really tricky and risky so you need to be really focused while getting it done.

Getting the perfect neckline

What makes it difficult is to manage the shape on both sides equally. Try and trim from one side to the other and avoid trimming randomly. Tapering the beard requires closer guards so that you can reach the bare skin. Getting a perfect looking beard can be considered a piece of art.

If you want to get something basic done, it is much easier as you don’t have to trim so high and can leave it lower where there is not much risk and not so difficult to trim. If you still have worries that you might get it wrong, you can check out the video (at the end of this post) or visit a barbershop to get the beard shaped and learn from them while getting it done. 

Step 6: Aftercare

Once you are done trimming the beard wash the face properly and apply beard oil on it to keep it moisturized. It will help keep the facial hair in shape and make them feel smoother. Use a comb to style the beard, but be gentle with it and distribute the oil. Once you feel like the beard oil has spread well, you can style the beard normally again and check if there are any strays. You can deal with them immediately using scissors. 



Trimming the beard to achieve a perfect look at home is totally possible. All you need to do is be careful and practice a couple of times to perfect the skill. Try and leave it a bit longer than you like so if you mess it up, you can get it adjusted. Make sure that you have the complete beard grooming kit so that you can trim and maintain the beard perfectly at home during such times. 


Watch this quick video on how to trim your beard neckline (best grooming tips) presented by 'Gillette'. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How often should you wash your beard? 

For oily skin people, we advise you to wash it daily. If you have dry skin, we recommend you wash your beard twice or thrice a week. 

#2 How often should I oil my beard?

If you are wondering how many times a week should you oil your beard, then we would like to tell you that you should use beard oil twice a day (morning & night). The best time to apply oil to your beard is after taking a warm shower at night before bed.  

#3 How do I apply beard oil?

When it comes to using beard oil, always remember that a little goes a long way. Just take 2-4 drops of beard oil considering the length of your hair in your palm and rub it gently to evenly spread the oil between your palms, and then apply it in an upward direction. 

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