8 Biggest Bathroom Blunders to Avoid in 2024

common bathroom mistakes to avoid

The bathroom is one of the most underrated rooms in any household. We unknowingly spend up to 92 days of our lifetime on toilet seats. Also, the average person will start and finish their day in a bathroom. 

Whether you are building your house or renovating your old bathroom there are certain things to consider. These vary from seemingly obvious stuff to some complex things that need to be researched. 

However, it is crucial to remember that it is costly and tiring to rebuild a bathroom. Therefore, one should be keen on doing it right. Things that you should avoid when constructing your bathroom are:

1) Using a Poor layout

It is common knowledge that failing to plan is equal to planning to fail. However, nobody talks about the relationship between wrong planning and failing.  Having a poor layout is just as bad as failing to plan your layout. When designing your bathroom, you should have the size of the room in mind.

Planning your layout will help you pick fittings and fixtures that will best suit your space. The space available should help make decisions for example if you can put a bathtub or you will have to settle for a shower. There are also industry secrets that you need to know. The tips include things such as the positioning of the toilet; it should not be immediately across the door.

Using a Poor layout

2) Poor Ventilation

Ventilation in bathrooms is vital since the room is in constant contact with water and is often humid. If you have a poorly ventilated bathroom the chances of having mold growing are very high. The chances of water damage will also increase. 

You should, therefore, ensure that you have a proper ventilation system to dry your bathroom in short periods and keep it fresh. If natural means do not work, you can always purchase an extractor fan to de-steam your room.

3) Lack of Storage Space

It is good to keep your bathroom clutter-free to keep it aesthetically pleasing but, you also need some items in the bathroom. Toiletries, make-up, clean towels, and cleaning agents need space in the bathroom. We all know how embarrassing it can be to ask for toilet paper or a clean towel while in the bathroom, right?

Storage baskets, shelves, drawers, and racks are great for managing bathroom storage. They can be positioned in a way to leave space in the room. It is also advisable to use vertical spaces for small bathrooms.

Lack of Storage Space

4) Disposing of a Bathtub

If space allows, always go for a bathtub. The fact that people often prefer homes with bathtubs works well if you plan on selling your home. If you prefer a shower, you can always get clawfoot tubs with showers instead. These are bathtubs with claw feet that also come with a showerhead.

The bathtubs will not only give you a compromise but also give your home a classy look. The look will significantly increase your property value and keep your guests and prospective buyers in awe.

5) Using Unsuitable Materials

When choosing materials to use, we have to keep in mind the nature of the environment and how easy to clean they are. Maintenance is the main issue. It is not wise to use wooden finishes because of the constant exposure to moisture and humidity. 

Porcelain and ceramic, on the other hand, are great options. They are easy to clean, glossy, and long-lasting. These qualities make them ideal for wall tiles and countertops. For floors, pick slightly textured tiles and preferably in large sizes. This will give you an easy time layering the tiles for a neat finish and also make cleaning easier. 

You should also consider the aging of the materials you use. For example, acrylic clawfoot tubs are more durable than fiberglass tubs because they chip and crack less.

6) Poor Drainage and Piping Systems

The drainage in a bathroom is as core as the ventilation. The piping system should also not be disregarded. It is vital to have logically thought-out piping plans when building to make maintenance easier.

When redesigning your bathroom, you must make sure the old systems can accommodate your new layout without costing you a lot. The piping should be concealed in the wall to avoid ruining your bathroom design. 

7) Poor Lighting

Lighting is prime in any room of the house.  The perfect lighting can help create a space to unwind, as every bathroom should. Lighting is also associated with cleanliness. Dark places are often considered unclean, and in truth, bacteria grow best in dark areas. Let us not forget about the moist and warm conditions of bathrooms.

Aim to have a naturally well-lit bathroom. If that is not possible, you can install a combination of ambient and warm lights. These are great for doing make-up and other tasks.

Poor Lighting

8) Not budgeting

Construction or renovation of bathrooms is not cheap. The average cost of remodeling a bathroom ranges from $6200 to $15,250. With those prices, you can’t do this as often as you would like. Therefore, it is wise to come up with a budget and stick to it.

To help you save on costs you should:

Do your research and get estimates of quality materials available
Get a qualified workforce
Take advantage of sales and discounts
Be assertive when making decisions.

Creating a budget will help you plan out your project and make sure you have enough funds to see it through. Budgeting will save you from unnecessarily cutting costs mid-project. Cutting costs can be the downfall of your project if done wrongly. You might have to re-do the entire project because you hired unqualified plumbers that left your bathroom prone to leaks.


When building your bathroom take your time and get things done the right way. It is quite an expensive process. Keep in mind the sanitation of your bathroom. Bathrooms can be a dangerous place when it comes to bacteria. Therefore, ventilation, drainage, and cleaning should be taken into account when planning.

If finances allow, you should make your bathroom as remarkable as you possibly can. A simple way is having a modern bathtub, a well-positioned vanity, and good lighting. This will make you and your guests enjoy your trips to the bathroom.

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