8 Kitchen Organizing Mistakes & How To Fix (2023)

Kitchen Organizing Mistakes - How to Avoid Them

If the kitchen is the gathering area and hangout point of your home, keeping order in this room is like a never-ending battle. But despite doing your best, there always seems to be more appliances, cooking tools, and dishes to clean. Keeping the kitchen organized is difficult enough, especially if you have kids or roommates. That said, here are 8 common kitchen organizing mistakes you should avoid making in 2023: 

Mistake 1: Putting Too Many Appliances on the Counter

Of course, you love your instant pot to pieces. But appliances can pile up on the countertop and leave your kitchen feeling smaller than it is. That said, it would be best to keep your large, less often used appliances in a cupboard or shelf. Doing so prevents them from taking away counter space, making your kitchen look less crowded.

Putting Too Many Appliances on the Counter
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Mistake 2: Not Using Vertical Storage

It is a common complaint that a small kitchen does not have enough cabinet space. But it is possible that you are not taking advantage of it. One reason is that you do not know how to use hard-to-reach upper shelves. Here's a tip: Keep items that you do not often use, like serving platters, on the top shelf. Another option is to use it to store supply overflow or extra cleaning supplies. The key here is identifying what kitchen items you use daily. And then place them on the lowest shelves.

Not Using Vertical Storage
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Mistake 3: Organizing Without Decluttering

You may have fancy organizers and storage bins, but it is less likely to function if you do not declutter. The first step to cleaning your kitchen is to pare down your belongings. Do you need to keep the sippy cup when your kids are all grown up? Also, paring down your kitchen items enables you to know what you already have. This makes it easier for you to organize your kitchen stuff like a pro. The best part? You might be able to save money by buying organizers and bins.

Mistake 4: Storing Non-kitchen Items

One of the common kitchen organizing mistakes is not considering its functionality. Imagine having a magazine rack in the kitchen. We do not encourage this because we believe that the kitchen is where families often spend time together. When organizing your kitchen, try this exercise: Walk through your routine. That way, you can figure out how you function in your space. It will also allow you to determine what items you need. Moreover, it lets you know whether you arranged your items to help you be effective and efficient in the kitchen.

Mistake 5: Leaving Big Appliances Out

Be honest: When was the last time you used your food processor? If you have not used any big appliances for the past month or two, it means you need to get it out of the kitchen counter. That way, it is not taking precious real estate. What you can do instead is put them on a shelf. The less often you use the item, the higher their shelf should be. Even better, consider selling them if you have not used them at all.

Leaving Big Appliances Out
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Mistake 6: Prioritizing Aesthetic Before Organizing

While Pinterest can be a great starting point in organizing your kitchen, these photos do not always show real life. It is mostly about the aesthetics and end results.

It does not always show the hard work involved in organizing. This includes the following:

Paring down your items
Throwing away expired food
Selling or giving away unused appliances
Updating your cabinets
Cleaning your pantry

Moreover, focusing on aesthetics can expensive. Hence, start with organizing your kitchen first before beautifying it.

Mistake 7: Collecting the Same Kitchenware

Do you notice that your kitchen drawers are overflowing? It is probably because you have too many kitchenware. That said, take stock of which items you use daily, frequently, or occasionally. And see if there is one item that can do both. For instance, a heavy-duty blender can replace a food processor. Doing so allows you to pare down your belongings. It also ensures that you are not crowding your cupboards and drawers with unnecessary items.

Mistake 8: Sticking Things Over the Fridge

It may exist behind closed doors, but organizing your refrigerator can provide a significant return on investment. The view of a super-organized fridge can soothe your soul on the most desperate mornings. Plus, the food won't spoil inside just because you can't see it. 

When it comes to keeping your refrigerator organized, visibility is vital. Use transparent, stackable containers to store leftovers. It will also help if you implement clear, labeled bins. That way, you can easily see what you have. This includes leftovers and food that are close to expiration. That way, you will not be surprised to know that you have moldy bread inside your fridge.

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Here's the thing: A clean kitchen can make your space beautiful. It also makes the room spacious and less crowded. Moreover, it ensures that your appliances and kitchen items are in the best shape.

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