How To Make Your Thin Hair Look 3x Thicker (7 Tricks)

How To Make Your Thin Hair Look Thicker

Thick, bouncy, and luscious hair appear to live up to the term “crowning glory,” but not everyone is privileged to have this glory. Some people are born with thin hair, and there’s not much they can do about it. In addition, as people grow old, their bodies change, which includes the thinning of hair. 

Thin hair appears flat and limp without proper care and styling. Fine hair is also more prone to damage and breakage. People with thin hair have to be careful when using heated equipment because of their delicate hair. Because of this, they doubt or opt not to rely heavily on hair products, as they can cause damage. 

All these are part of biology and life. But that doesn’t mean people with thin hair have to live with flat and limp hair. Here are seven hair care tips to add volume to hair to make it appear three times thicker:

1. Get the Right Haircut

Believe it or not, your haircut has a way of making your hair look thicker or thinner. Long hair is heavier, pulling down the weight of your hair. This will make it look thin and flat. 

If you have thin hair, short hair is the best cut for you. Consider a chin or shoulder-length haircut. Layers add volume to your hair as well. At the salon, ask your stylist about the best haircut for you. They will know what to do to boost hair volume.


2. Curls and Waves

They say there aren’t many hairstyles available for thin hair, but that shouldn’t steer people away from styling their hair. Besides, super straight hair appears to be flat and makes your hair look flat right away. Curls and waves add volume to the hair, so your hair looks bouncy.

Take bigger chunks of hair and curl them with an iron. This will give you lighter curls, just enough to provide the perfect bounce. Then, brush the curled portions to let out the natural waves. Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant before using a curling iron because thin hair is prone to damage.

3. Highlights

Play around with hair color to add dimension to your hair. Colors, highlights, and shadows play an important role in creating illusions, and you can use that to your advantage. A few streaks of light-colored hair that compliment your natural hair color gives the impression of thicker hair. Plus, peroxide from hair dye does the trick to your cuticle, giving your more volume than normal. 

4. Use Hair Volumizing Products

Don’t worry—you don’t have to do all the volumizing on your own. There are a lot of hair products that can help you. Volumizing hair products are specifically formulated to add body and bounce to thin hair. Here are products you can use:

Shampoo: Volumizing shampoos wash-off products, oil, and residue that could be pulling your hair down. They also contain ingredients that lift or stiffen your hair to add more volume from the root.
Mousse: Mousse adds a little more body to your hair. Aside from their volumizing effect, some mousses serve as heat protectants. They also prevent hair from frizzing and getting damaged from sun exposure.
Spray: Instead of using a regular hair spray, add more body and volume to your hair by choosing a volumizing one. They also contain benefits to prevent hair damage from styling, and they carry vitamins and antioxidants as well.

Be sure to read the label when using these products. Volumizing hair care products contain ingredients such as polymers to swell the cuticle and add volume. The instructions also help you achieve the desired outcome, mainly because mousse and sprays could lead to sticky hair when not applied properly.

5. Upside Down Blow Drying

Yes, this is not the most graceful way to do it, but it’s the most effective when it comes to adding volume. Flip your hair and position the blow-drying 90 degrees from the roots of your hair. This dries the roots first as opposed to focusing the heat on the rest of your hair. The roots will make your hair bouncier and more lifted.

Blow drying is essential when you’re planning to use hair products before heading out. If you apply products while your hair is completely wet, chances are you’re going to end up dealing with sticky and heavy hair. Blow-dry your hair until it’s about 80% dry. Then, apply the products as said on their label.

Blow Drying

6. Apply Dry Shampoo

Oils are natural, but they weigh your hair down, especially when you’ve gone a few days without using shampoo. Dry shampoo will help you solve this problem. While oil can be a bit icky, dry shampoo is a lightweight surfactant that cleanses the hair. So, you get rid of the oiliness without worrying about adding more stuff to your hair that can make it look limp.

7. Use Powder

This is another way of getting rid of oily hair. The powder absorbs the oil and mattifies your hair adds friction. When the powder rubs together, they create friction that adds to your hair’s volume. Also, be careful with application because you don’t have to end up looking like you have gray roots. Make sure to apply the powder evenly and only as needed.

Thicker Hair is Just a Few Products and Styling Techniques Away

Hairstyling can be a risk when your hair is prone to damage, but there are many hair care tips to prevent that. Using volumizing products gives your hair the right amount of body and bounce while also nourishing and protecting it. 

On no-shampoo days, dry shampoo and powders are your friends to keep oil from accumulating and weighing down your hair. Try out different hairstyles as well. You’ll be surprised by the options people with thin hair actually have.

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