The Ultimate Guide on Anklet Etiquettes

Anklet Guide

Anklets often referred to as ankle bracelets, remain popular with women today. Women, and some men, wear them during the summer months when their legs are bare and the anklet can easily be seen. They love how they look and enjoy drawing attention to this part of the body. People wear the anklet with traditional clothing or casual wear, depending on the outfit and their mood.  However, certain things need to be avoided when a person is wearing an ankle bracelet. 

The History of the Ankle Bracelet

During certain periods of history, women were to keep their bodies covered. Allowing others to see her ankle was considered forward and could get a woman reprimanded. Times have changed. Women in India have been wearing ankle bracelets for centuries, combining this piece with a sari and toe rings. This trend didn't take off in the United States, however, until the late 20th century, and anklets remain popular today. When you need to find an anklet to compliment an outfit you own, know when and how this jewelry should be worn. 

Few Rules

First, very few rules exist when it comes to wearing an ankle bracelet. It depends on the person's style and taste and what they feel comfortable with. Some ladies choose to wear their ankle bracelets 12 months of the year, but other women only pull them out during the summer months. They feel it isn't appropriate for the rest of the year. Nevertheless, whether a woman wears it three months a year or 12, she needs to follow some basic etiquette guidelines. 

Choosing an Outfit

Women need to pair their ankle bracelets with gorgeous shoes. The anklet shouldn't clash with the footwear but serve as a complement to what is being worn on the feet. Take the time to get a pedicure before wearing the bracelet, as it will draw attention to the feet. You want to ensure they look their best, as polished toes help to highlight the beauty of the anklet being worn. 

Consider pairing the ankle bracelet with cropped jeans and a cute top for an afternoon with friends. For a night on the town, put on a casual dress, comfortable shoes, and an ankle bracelet. The bracelet helps to dress up an outfit that may otherwise seem overly casual. Obviously, the bracelet goes great with bathing suits on the beach. That's where many people first started wearing them, and women continue to do so today. 

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The Workplace

Women should avoid wearing their ankle bracelets in the workplace unless they work at a trendy clothing retailer, a nightclub, or something of that nature. Anklets aren't appropriate for professional settings, such as a law firm or physician's office. However, those aren't the only places where wearing an ankle bracelet isn't appropriate. Women need to avoid any jewelry that makes noise when they are in a public quiet place, like when visiting a library or attending a community play. Bells or chimes on jewelry become a distraction in these situations because they make noise when the woman moves. 

Wearing Anklets in Public

Although the anklet is off-limits in some workplaces and quiet public places, women find they can wear it in numerous other places. Wear it at the beach, when relaxing by the pool, at a backyard barbecue, or when on vacation. Women may consider wearing them anywhere they wear shorts or a short skirt. Pair them with a pedicure and the latest footwear for a style other people will admire. 

Which Ankle Should You Wear an Anklet on?

Although there is nothing that says an anklet should be worn on one ankle or the other, most women choose to wear it on their right side. Some people worry that they send a message when they put it on a particular ankle, but there is no truth to that. The one thing experts do advise is never to wear the anklet with pantyhose. This look is one that no person admires. Anklets need to be reserved for bare legs. Some women do choose to wear their ankle bracelets under their jeans or pants. Doing so is perfectly fine, although nobody else will be able to see it when you do. 

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How to Wear Anklets?

Next, women wonder how they are supposed to wear the anklet. Should it be loose on the ankle or fit snugly? This remains a matter of preference, but women do need to purchase the correct size. Using a measuring tape, wrap the ankle in the location where the bracelet will be worn. Add 1/2" to this measurement to determine the correct size for the anklet. Many women find they need a 10" bracelet, while women with a smaller ankle can get away with a 9" one. 

Choosing a Bracelet

Age plays a role in which ankle bracelets should be worn. Older women need to go with delicate chains, while younger women can get away with bolder styles. Ladies who love a bohemian look should find an anklet that features beads or tassels, while someone who spends a great deal of time outdoors engaging in sports might find a leather anklet serves as a better option. It will hold up to her active lifestyle. 

Dress up an outfit with an anklet that features gemstones, or choose a beaded bracelet for a hippie look. Homemade anklets remain popular with younger children, and people love getting this item as a gift. The options are truly endless today, so spend time browsing different options to find the one that is right for you. 

Every woman can wear an anklet. Some people feel this isn't appropriate jewelry, but that simply isn't true. If you love the anklet and feel comfortable putting it on, don't let the opinions of others hold you back. The key is to choose an anklet that matches the outfit, the occasion, and your personal style. If you follow this one guideline, you'll find you fall in love with your anklet and want to wear it more often. With so many styles to choose from today, a woman can have a different anklet for every day of the week. 

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