8 Tips To Keep Your Skin Radiant Amidst Pandemic

How to Take Care Of Your Skin During Pandemic Lockdown

Have you ever thought of having that bright and beautiful skin all your life? Some may say that only rich people can afford beauty, but that’s not entirely true. Professional treatments may be the best and the quickest way to achieve it, but there are still many ways to achieve radiant, gorgeous skin without the need for expensive treatments and procedures. 

This pandemic has affected everyone’s source of income, as most establishments closed down, which is why people cannot spend money like they used to. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to achieve radiant skin during this pandemic without spending too much money. Check them out!

1. Avoid stress at all costs

Many studies have proven that stress causes acne, but aside from that, stress can also make your skin look dull. Stress has never been good for us, yet it has always been a part of our lives. It may be impossible to get rid of everything that will stress us out, but limiting ourselves to the stress we deal with can benefit our overall health.

2. Use gentle products on your face

Getting that natural healthy glow has never been easy, but it is not impossible. You might get deceived by popular brands advertising their products to be gentle and nourishing for the skin, but you might be surprised by how many of these products are not beneficial. An excellent option would be Korean beauty products, as most of their makeup and skincare products are made with gentle and natural ingredients.

Koreans are known for their flawless and naturally glowing skin. Learning Koreans’ beauty secrets for glowing skin has never been easy during this time, and it might just be the perfect time for you to achieve your skin goals. Just be mindful of some misleading information that can do your skin more harm than good.

3. Exfoliate your skin, but be gentle

Exfoliating too much and too hard is one of the most common mistakes people make when exfoliating. Do remember that you do not need to exfoliate daily, although some skin type or skin issues might be encouraged to do it. Exfoliating is the most effective process in encouraging your skin to develop new healthy skin cells, making your skin look younger and revitalized.

However, once you over-exfoliate, your skin might go through some painful issues relating to sensitivity and irritation. You should always opt for gentler exfoliants, may it be physical or chemical exfoliators. You can also go for other skincare products infused with exfoliants like toners. 

Exfoliate your skin

4. Establish a healthier lifestyle

You might have seen this healthy lifestyle recommended by any blog you see, but it is a golden trick that works wonders. Eating healthy, working out, and getting enough sleep should be our daily routine, but we fail to provide our bodies the proper nourishment it needs due to busy schedules and work deadlines. 

This pandemic has given us more time to focus on ourselves, as many of us shifted to work-from-home setups. Keep in mind that our skin only reflects what is happening inside our body, so your skin will likely naturally glow if you are in good health.

5. Learn to take care of your skin during the new normal

During this pandemic, we are required to wear face masks wherever we go. Unfortunately, wearing face masks can increase our skin’s risk from an acne breakout. It is crucial to know how to protect your skin while using a face mask to prevent any skin issues from arising. Especially now that some industries are starting to operate on-site, you might be required to wear masks the whole day. 

6. Pamper your skin when your skin needs it

Think of our skin like a sponge; there’s only too much it can absorb. Pampering your skin only when it needs it is the best way to save your skin from stress. For example, if you go overboard in moisturizing your skin, you are teaching and encouraging your skin to be lazy. A few years after that, your skin will stop producing moisture by itself, and you will be left with dry, flaky skin. Do everything in moderation, even in your daily skincare routine.

7. Let sunscreens do their work

The most common reason for lackluster skin is sun damage. Both sun rays, UVA and UVB, can make your skin dull, pigmented, and lifeless. Also, it can speed up your skin’s aging process by 90%, the 10% is from genetics, lifestyle, and other factors, so having broad-spectrum sunscreens should be one of your priorities in achieving radiant skin. You can also provide yourself additional protection by using umbrellas or wearing hats under the heat.

Let sunscreens do their work

8. Do not hesitate to visit a dermatologist

If you are experiencing any skin problems that you feel are worse than usual, always seek professional help as soon as you can. Having flawless, radiant skin without a professional consultation can be fulfilling, but do not think twice about visiting your dermatologist once you experience pain, discomfort, or swelling that does not go away. Once you are there, you will know what’s good for your skin and what is not. Remember, every skin is different, and it is vital to understand how to handle your own skin.

Key Takeaway

Achieving glowing skin can be challenging, even for most experts, but there are numerous ways to get that beautiful, radiant skin without complex methods during a pandemic. By avoiding stress as much as possible, living a healthier lifestyle, and learning how to take care of your skin during the pandemic are just some of the ways you can achieve your beauty goal. We hope you give these effective ways a try so that you can get one step closer to your skin goal!

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