Top Japanese & Korean Beauty Secrets Every Girl Should Know

Top Japanese & Korean Beauty Secrets Every Girl Should Know

Do you know that Japanese and Korean women are known for their unsurpassed beauty? Their skin is like fine porcelain, their make up looks great and their hair are perfect and shiny, whatever the time of day it is? The Japanese and Korean gain their beauty through their unique and innovative techniques and routines. Today, Tashiara comes up with some of those unique tricks of Japanese & Korean beauty. So, get ready to take a look.

They Stay Out Of The Sun: The Japanese & Korean women are well aware about the damaging effects of sun. Surprisingly, they don’t use sunscreen creams or lotions. Instead of this, they wear hats, aviators and carry umbrellas to protect their skin from the UV rays.

They Stay Out Of The Sun

They Exfoliate Their Face Regularly: Japanese & Korean women exfoliate their face regularly using gentle water-based exfoliators. This removes the dirt from their face and keeps their skin soft, smooth and radiant.

They Exfoliate Their Face Regularly

Japanese & Koreans Don’t Apply Anything On Their Skin That They Couldn’t Eat: They simply follow a basic rule when it comes to skin care products- If it isn’t edible then wouldn’t apply it on their skin. That’s why most of the Japanese cosmetic products contain natural ingredients.

Japanese & Koreans Don’t Apply Anything On Their Skin That They Couldn’t Eat

They Use Oil On Their Face: Japanese & Koreans know that if you use the right oil, it will improve the skin texture and stop breakouts. They use natural oils to cleanse their face.

They Use Oil On Their Face

They Love Green Tea: Green tea is enriched with powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The Japanese & Koreans drink lots of green tea.

They Love Green Tea

Bathing Is Their Daily Ritual: Bathing is not a choice for them. They relax themselves in a hot water bath which is infused with aromatic oils, herbs and green tea. This helps in tightening the skin pores, softens the skin cells and retains the moisture.

Bathing Is Their Daily Ritual

They Follow A Healthy Diet: The Japanese and Koreans are not fond of western fast food. They prefer to eat fresh vegetables, fish and rice.

They Follow A Healthy Diet

They Use Very Little Makeup: The Japanese & Koreans pay more attention in caring their skin rather than hiding their imperfections. They always check the ingredients before buying any cosmetic product.

They Use Very Little Makeup

If you also know some beauty secrets of Japanese & Korean women, please don’t forget to share with us. Your comments will be appreciated.  


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