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signs and symptoms of depression

One in 20 adults in India are in depression, and yet it is something that can’t be figured out quickly. Especially since the advent of COVID-19, the number of people needing mental health assistance has grown significantly. According to a recent study, 43% of Indians are suffering from depression since the pandemic hit the nation. It's great how we talk more about mental health and therapy than ever before. 

However, most of the people in depression try to conceal it and put up a happy face for their loved ones. They won’t be happy to acknowledge their troubles with depression, irrespective of the problem's severity level. They fear judgment, and they try to deal with it on their own and solve the issue. Yes, this is one way to get rid of depression but that doesn't work for everyone. In most cases, it will only increase rather than solving the issue. 

Dealing with it can be very troublesome, and concealing it may worsen the situation. This may also be about them not bothering their loved ones with their problems. Even though they are masking their problems, we shouldn’t pursue them to tell but help them in our way. As they don’t want to reveal, it is a better idea not to persuade them. If you do so, there are chances for them to completely avoid you to conceal themselves.

If you wonder or doubt that if someone is facing a mental health problem and not sure of the signs and symptoms of depression, here's what you can look out for. 

What are the Warning Signs of a Mental Breakdown (Depression)?

1) Change in the sleeping and eating patterns and drinking habits

If a person changes their usual habits, it is a sign of something wrong is happening. When sleep is intact, it resembles good physical and mental health. The change can be about either sleeping for only a few hours or longer hours; both of them are because of hidden depression. 

Some people will turn towards food and alcohol. They try to fill up their emotionally empty inside space by overeating. And similarly, drinking will be covering up the sadness and loneliness feelings. In other cases, a person can completely lose interest in food and drinking. 

Change in the sleeping habits

2) Forced Happy Face 

They try to make up a forced smile just because of their loved ones. They don’t let others know about their depression. Along with the time the mask may wear off, it is the reason many people will try to avoid spending longer times. They will give quick and ready-made excuses to avoid hanging out or in social gatherings. 

It is very hard to break that mask quickly, and making them spend longer with you will take a lot of effort. But you can catch a glimpse of it in a small moment; you need to catch up and dig up slowly.

Forced Happy Face I Fake Smile
3) Philosophical Talks 

When you get some time to talk with a depressed person, they will come up with philosophical talks. They usually do not speak on these topics. These talks might have life meaning and what all they faced during their journey. During the conversation, there can be some slip-ups about their present thoughts. They can talk about hurting themselves and ending life or finding happiness in their life. You need to handle things properly and let them speak to you more. They are struggling with internal thoughts and waiting for guidance to fight with them. 

Philosophical Talks

4) Struggling to keep up the Mask 

One day they will open up about their struggles. Take an appointment with a doctor or talk with their friends and family immediately. They are ready to open up and get rid of depression. But at the same time, the next day, they think of handling everything on their own. They don’t want to admit their depression at all. But taking help is the right thing. 

5) Intense Feelings 

When a person is feeling depressed, they will automatically feel more emotions than normal times. Even though the person is not someone who cries over a series or movie, they may now. Not just emotionally low, they can be high too. Getting angry during small incidents or getting irritated in the daily traffics and delay programmings. A sudden change of plans and expressions from others will definitely stir up many other emotions. While trying to bottle up the depression, other emotions won’t have any place. 

Intense Feelings

6) Less Optimistic Point of View 

Normal people will see their surroundings more optimistically. But depressed people will have a realistic idea about their surroundings and the impact of any changes. 

The change in attitude will definitely show the traits of depression. It is tough to cover up all the time. In some situations, instead of looking out for positive output, they will be getting a negative one even after trying their best. This can be because of failing to get success several times. Lack of confidence and interests will not allow them to participate in anything actively. 

Less Optimistic


These are some of the most common warning signs and symptoms of depression. People will try their best to hide depression. This can be because of two reasons: 

● They don’t want their loved ones to be bothered by their problems.
● Not being open to their loved ones, as either the other person doesn’t care or understand. 

In one case, they are protecting others. In other cases, they are trying to protect themselves from others. They want to come out of the depression but are afraid that sharing it might hurt themselves more. If anyone in your surroundings is suffering from depression, try to help them. It is a bit complicated, but it is worth it. When they come out of depression, there will be a change in their nature and behavior. 

If you are in depression, talk to your loved ones. Do not worry, it is not something that cannot be cured. You can book an appointment with a professional and take help. If you want to deal with it yourself then you can try opting for a new lifestyle. For example, you can start something organic or change your clothing or anything small or big that will help you cope with it. Acknowledging your problem is the first step towards finding a solution for it. Do you also know some common warning signs of a mental breakdown (depression)? If yes, let us know in the comments. 

Depression or Suicide Prevention Helpline Numbers In India

1) ICALL (Run by Tata Institute of Social Sciences)

Contact Numbers: +91-9152987821 or 022-25521111
Hours: Available: Mon-Sat, 8 AM—10 PM
Languages: English, Hindi


Contact Numbers: 080-25497777 , 9886444075 
Timings : Monday to saturday : 10am to 5.30pm (Verified ) 
Language : English , Tamil , Kannada 

3) HITGUJ Helpline ( MUMBAI )

Contact Numbers: 022-24131212
Timings: 24X7 

4) Aasra

Free Helpline Number: +91-98204 66726
Timings: 24X7 

5) Vandrevala Foundation

Contact Numbers: +91-730 459 9836, +91-730 459 9837, and 1860 2662 345
Timings: 24X7 

Author Bio (Guest Author)

I am Andrea, a renowned counselor in Australia. I am also working for Tiny Twig, an organic clothing brand as a designer. I believe mental health is as important as physical health and there has to be more awareness. My blogs are from my personal experiences and encounters that will help people understand mental health and it's aspects better. 

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