10 Celebrity Inspired Gym Looks in 2023 to Pull Off

celebrities in gym clothes

If you are regularly hitting the gym, you are probably sticking to the classic - simple leggings and an oversized t-shirt. Well, it's just one combination you could try out - why not spice it up a bit and motivate yourself with cool gym outfits inspired by celebrities?

Some celebrities are as creative in picking out gym clothing as any other outfit. You should do the same - stay stylish and original even when you're breaking a sweat in the gym. Don't think you couldn't pull off the same outfit as Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid - try it and see for yourself how a great gym outfit could make you work out even harder. And let's not forget what else celebrities are introducing to the world - they are wearing gym wear as daywear. 

In other words, crop tops, leggings, trainers, hoodies - they all don't get to shine just at the gym or on the way to the gym. Celebrities are now wearing them any time of the day and many times they don't have their workout planned.

Comfortable fashion is making its way again in 2023 but this time it doesn't have to exclude style and even luxury. 

1. Black and tight

Black elegance works for every occasion - jogging included. To copy Bella Hadid jogging through the streets of New York, get a black sports bra, black leggings, and a cropped black sweatshirt, and then complete this sporty and elegant look with a black baseball cap and stunning white sneakers. Fabulous and powerful!

celebrity gym outfits
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2. Show your legs

Sometimes it's fun to switch it a bit - instead of leggings, why not show off your toned legs in printed running shorts and sneakers while covering your arms with a simple grey long-sleeved hoodie? It's comfy and cool at the same time. 

Show your legs
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3. Denim jacket forever

Street style scene cannot go wrong without an oversized denim jacket, and that goes for the gym outfit as well. Simple leggings and a T-shirt completed with an oversized denim jacket and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses are the ultimate cool and stylish gym wear.

Denim jacket forever
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4. Muted colors

Sometimes it's mostly about the color palette you chose for your gym outfit. You can keep it cool with minimal cut pieces and muted colors - just combine a plain sports bra and leggings and cover your shoulders with an oversized shearling hoodie (in some grayed shade as well) to boost the effect.

celebrity gym wear
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5. Back to the 90s

The 90s have their bright moments, and Bella Hadid enjoys reminding us of all of them.
Just like her, you can go back to the 90s just for a while by wearing colorful track pants that look as they have just arrived from the 90s shop window and matching them with chunky sneakers. Make sure the top is tight and simple so that you don't look like a bad copy of the 90s style.

celebrity gym look
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6. Enjoy the pink

Bright pink is one of the best colors you can opt for when you want to get noticed and feel feminine - the same goes for your gym outfit.

You don't have to go overboard with pink but instead, add pink details to your black outfit. Your black leggings and jacket can go to a whole new level of cool if you add pink trainers to the combination, along with a bright pink T-shirt and a patterned pink beanie. These instances of pink are what make this outfit unique.

Enjoy the pink
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7. Layers, layers

Layers look cool if you combine them smartly. Supermodel Gigi Hadid knows how to do it, so you can simply copy one of her great gym outfits:

Wear a cropped sweatshirt over the sports bra (of course, the sports bra have to show at least a bit), and then add more layers to it - wear a cropped jacket over it and tie a sweatshirt around your waist - just for the looks of it, of course.

You can always tie a sweatshirt around your waist as an additional layer when you are wearing a leather jacket over a T-shirt, as well.

celebrity gym style
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8. Cool cycling outfit

Windbreakers are an excellent piece of clothing if you love jogging outside or cycling no matter the weather. You need your upper body to be well-protected, especially if it's raining.

So try out this stylish option - wear a retro-inspired windbreaker in a bright hue like orange or yellow and tone it down with black leggings or cycling shorts. Complete your look by choosing from the best women's bikes that look powerful and come in a strong hue - you will definitely get noticed while cycling along the streets or the park. 

Cool cycling outfit
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9. Monochromatic coolness

Black and white never cease to awe, so try it out by combining a black crop top with white-hot leggings. This monochromatic look is then accented more with a black-and-white printed jacket, black sneakers that go great with a black tote. And of course, finish it magnificently with black round sunglasses.

celebrities gym outfits
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10. Lady-like details

Anne Hathway is great at adding elegance to everything, so she was equally successful at it by combining an oversize soft gray sweater and navy blue sunglasses with navy blue leggings. You can wear black sneakers with that and add an oversized leather bag to create a unique mix of sporty and elegant.

Lady-like details
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Bottom line

Gym outfit can give you tons of ideas to remain unique and playful when it comes to style at all times. Celebrities know how to mix style with fitness, so you better follow their lead and pick what suits your gym and street style best. Hope you've found this article on celebrity gym looks for 2023 insightful. If so, do let us know. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1) Why should you wear a sports bra when working out?

When doing an intense physical exercise, your breasts bounce up and down and if you don't wear a sports bra while exercising or running, it may cause stretch and tear of ligaments surrounding the breast region resulting in soreness, pain, and sagging. Sports bras are designed to reduce the movement of your breast when working out. It is important every woman should wear it no matter what size she has. 

2) How can I look attractive and cute in gym workout clothes? 

If you want to look cute in your gym workout clothes, you must know what to wear with your gym leggings, shorts, or pants. In this article, we've shared a lookbook to help you pull off celeb-inspired gym looks without going bankrupt. 

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